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IPL Betting App Development Cost in 2024

Sports Betting
Mar 01, 2024
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IPL betting App Development

Among all other sports betting, IPL cricket betting is attracting a large number of online gamblers. Various gaming entrepreneurs are looking towards online IPL cricket Satta as an enormous business opportunity. Although, there is multiple IPL betting applications that provide best IPL app & website features for users.

As per statistics from the Mybetting website, around 140 million people are involved in online regular IPL cricket betting. The number further increases to 370 million during major sports events such as IPL, big bash league. If you are willing to invest in the IPL betting app development, then this is the right time to do so.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information such as online betting app development cost,  IPL cricket app development features, and so on.

Why Invest in IPL Betting App Development?

IPL matches are not only watched in India but are equally watched in other countries also i.e. the UK, Canada, Australia, England, the West Indies, the USA, and so forth. The following are some of the most prominent reasons which might inspire you to invest in fantasy sports app development

Why Invest in IPL Betting App Development?

Entertainment Purposes

The reason why many people get involved in the IPL fantasy development and IPL Satta application is that it brings a lot of entertainment. Watching your favourite live matches are undeniably joyful, which even gets more engaging when there is actual money involved. 

Fair Chance to Earn Money

One of the biggest reasons behind the increased popularity of IPL online betting applications is that it provides a fair chance to make money for both players and developers. Players can begin by investing as much money as they want, and at the end of the day, they will either enjoy hefty returns or at least some of their money back. 

Easy to Start

Cricket Satta applications require you to follow a set of particular rules and it will take time for you to become adept at betting and using the app. While in the case of the IPL online betting app, you need not have any financial commitment and a special set of skills. If you are aware of the live IPL cricket match, then players will not face any difficulties to make money.

Yes, you have heard it right, IPL cricket fantasy sports apps are completely legal and secure. The rising popularity of IPL fantasy development has led many countries to legalize sports betting software, and India is not an exception. IPL cricket betting has also been legalized in all states of India except Sikkim and Goa. 

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Features of IPL Cricket Betting App Development

The prime consideration while developing an online IPL betting application is the features that need to be incorporated into the application. Below are the features that make a successful app for IPL Betting. 

Features of IPL Cricket Betting App Development

User Panel Features

User OnboardingTo ensure swift account registration, developers need to keep the minimal fields. You can also add a button to log in using Gmail or social media accounts. 
Schedule ManagerUsers should have the option to manage all their IPL sports betting activities. Users can schedule which match to bet ahead of time.
Live Score UpdatesThe major highlight of the best IPL  betting app is that it provides updates and highlights of the live matches along with the functionality to place a bet.
Choose PlayersThe users have the option to choose the players against whom they want to place their bet and the players against whom they want to place the bet.
Betting TipsThe IPL betting application developed by BR Softech provides the user’s insights and tips for upcoming matches. With this information, users can precisely make their betting strategies.
Multilingual SupportMultilingual support enables users to browse the IPL cricket application in their preferred language.
Push NotificationsThe best IP betting app will send active notifications to the users regarding the match schedule, match trends, and other essential information the users.
Real-time SettlementsA reliable app for IPL betting will benefit users with instant deposit and withdrawal requests. All the withdrawal requests they made will be settled into the account instantly.
Integrated SecurityAn IPL cricket betting application should be integrated with the advanced level of security systems to prevent the users from malware attacks, and other online fraudulent activities.
24×7 Customer SupportRound the clock, customer support services will assure that all the user problems will get resolved within the minimum possible time.

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Admin Panel Features

Admin DashboardThe admin has access to the dedicated dashboard, where he can keep an eye on all operations of the IPL online betting application.
User ManagementThe admin can view and alter all the user data, including the betting amount, winning amount, behaviour, and so forth.
Bet ManagementThe admin can optimize bet-related information such as the highest bet, bet money, screen division, and so forth.
Ads ManagementThe admin can control all the advertisements featured in the IPL game app. When and where the ads will be placed is also controlled by the admin.

IPL Betting Application Development Cost

Now that we are aware of the IPL software development features, it is the right time to talk about the budget that we need to spend on developing an IPL Satta App. The following are some of the factors that can influence the overall cost of IPL Fantasy development. 

Development Platform & Techniques

There are various platforms on which you can build the best IPL betting app. The two most prominent platforms are Android and iOS. Along with the development platform, development technologies also influence the cost. Some of the most prominent game technologies are: 

  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • C#
  • Python


By database, our meaning is to stock the information used to build an online IPL betting app. As you are going to build the best IP betting app, you include a host of information in the IPL game app such as match schedules, player information, payment information, and so forth.


All the features we have mentioned earlier are the most basic and essential. In addition to these features, if you want to add some advanced features to your application, then the IPL software development cost will certainly go up. In short, the more features you add, the more cost you have to pay. 

On average, the estimated cost of developing an app for IPL betting ranges from $40,000 to $50,000 for a single platform app with basic features. However, if you want to develop a cross-platform IPL Satta app, the cost can range around $100,000. 

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Final Words

Every year people not only from India but from across the world welcome the IPL with open arms. As IPL comes every year, thereby, it is a highly profitable business. Accomplish your IPL betting app idea into reality with the aid of BR Softech’s industry-leading IPL app development solutions. Besides the IPL online betting app, BR Softech has specialization in developing apps for football, cricket betting, and horse racing betting that have become a synonym for success for many organizations. If you have an idea for the best IPL app development, then contact the experienced team of BR Softech to transform your dream idea into reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How long does it take to develop an online IPL Betting App?

It takes around 3 to 6 months to complete the full cycle development process of an IPL Betting App.

Q. Do you provide customized IPL Software Development?

Yes, we provide completely customizable IPL software development. Our customized solutions are tailored according to the client’s requirements. 

Q. Does your IPL Betting Software include welcome bonuses and promotions?

Yes, our IPL fantasy development solution is packed with welcome bonuses and promotional offers to attract audiences.

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