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Game Development

Indie Game Development- A Complete Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Jul 22, 2022
Indie Game Development - A complete Guide


Indie game development is a characteristic of the condition for creating a game. If you have an idea but do not have any funding or a team, you can incline towards indie game development to help you reach your goals. According to statistical data, more than 2.7 billion gamers worldwide and 48% of the gaming studios work on VR/AR games. Moreover, on average, 25 new games are released on stream every day. 

Game development is the next big thing globally, and people will focus more on learning about gaming development. Games are not using the game as a fun activity now; people also perceive them as carriers. 

You know the importance of game development through these facts and statistics; now, let’s slowly dive into the guided process involved in indie game development. 

It’s important to understand that indie games aren’t genres, classes, or even types. In terms of their creation, these conditions are rather typical. A conditional division of the gaming world can be made as follows:

  • Publishing and investment-sponsored entertainment products created exclusively for commercial purposes.
  • A game that puts the idea before profits, without such financial support.

So How do you define an indie game? Developed by independent developers, these are projects. Indie game developers also create their own games.

Defining Indie Game Development

India is not the source of the word indie, as some might think. In short, it means “independent”. Developing an independent game without the support of large publishers is referred to as indie game development.

A lot of ideas are not funded by investors who are willing to fund indie developers. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and CrowdFunder are the most common platforms for raising development money. Patrons of indie developers can view backstage videos and exclusive materials during the game’s creation.

You need to accept that indie is not a kind of class, genre, or a type of game, whereas it is a characteristic associated with creating games. BR Softech offers mobile game development services that help you turn your idea into virtual reality. The indie game, which stands for independent games, is a video game created by individuals or smaller development teams without any technical or financial support from large gaming companies. 

You can consider an indie game developer as a freelancer that can work on your idea and convert it into reality using the proper programming and gaming skills. The indie game development market is evolving today because these developers are more efficient, flexible, and easily fit into your budget. 

Some examples of Indie Games

Minecraft is the most famous indie game in the gaming world. Moreover, limbo is yet another famous and successful game, having estimated sales of 1,047,000. It is one of the most selling games on Xbox’s summer arcade. 

Until now, you may have a basic idea about indie game development and how it is transforming the world of gaming. Let’s quickly have an idea about Indie game developers.

Who is an Indie Developer?

Indie Game Developer

It is a person or individual who develops games independently or is a part of a small development team that creates video games for mobile and PC devices without any financial support from large companies. These developers use the best engine for Unity game development to maintain the speed of your game and keep it top-notch. 

Indie game developers are free to use fresh, new ideas and rarely follow any standards to push the limits of their creativity. These people are enthusiastic about game development and do not create a game merely to earn money. Indie game development is the most famous term among young game developers. 

Characteristics of Indie Game Developers

  • Creative: They are creative as they hardly follow any stands for developing a game; they are open to new ideas and continue to push the limits and boundaries of their thinking.
  • Highly skilled: These developers are highly skilled and young minds continually looking forward to transforming the gaming industry. The video game development industry is changing its shape every day due to the introduction of new technologies and terms by young minds into the business.
  • Experienced people: These are highly experienced people having the knowledge and experience of working in the market for the last few decades. The people who believe in innovation opt for indie game development.
  • Focus on quality: These people focus more on quality than on quality. Moreover, these individuals work for their passion, not with the only goal of earning money.
  • Use original idea: Indie game developers focus on working with an original idea and give it a shape to create a fantastic game that can rule the future. 

If you want to choose gaming as a career, an indie game developer can be an excellent option for you. If you are interested in knowing more about Indie game development, below is a guided process about indie game development.

6 Steps Guide for Indie Game Development 

6 Steps Guide for Indie Game Development

Indie game development is a trending term in the video gaming industry. It allows developers to experiment with their ideas and apply their knowledge and experience more efficiently to develop a game. Video game development is the next big career option among gaming enthusiasts worldwide. 

You need to understand the market and know gamers’ tastes before choosing indie game development as a career. Everyone wants to be independent and explore ideas without having any boundaries of rules and regulations. 

Here are six guided steps to follow for Indie game development.

  • Pick an Idea: New game developers inspire the games playing in everyday life. And you are interested in Something that is more interactive and keeps the player eagled throughout the game. Mobile game development services focus on building a more interactive game and keeping the users busy during the game. Unfortunately, game development is a complex and challenging skill that becomes perfect with time and practice.

Learning video game development is like learning a piano; initially, it feels like a complex and challenging process, but once you understand the basic idea and work, you enjoy the learning process. 

The best way to start learning game development is to start with a small idea and narrow it down to very core features it needs to be playable. You also need to have excellent imaginary skills to develop the idea and work on it with a clear vision.

  • Pick a Framework or Engine: After having a basic idea and its imagination in your neural network, it is time to select the engine and framework that you want to use. Unity game development can help you develop a game using a unity engine, a very effective and efficient gaming engine famous for its performance.

A game engine generally comes with graphic interfaces and the most built-in functionality to help you build a game that can reach more audiences and entertain them. 

Liabilities and frameworks are codes that exist in programming languages. They provide you with all the tools and functions that you need to create a game and get Something that shows up on the screen, but in contrast, they require lots of setups. 

As your game grows, it often lacks some of the complex features that are useful and more mature. However, they are more lightweight; they often need more freedom to provide structure to your code and your game as you desire. 

  • Create a prototype: This is the actual stage to start the development. Your development process aims to create a Minimum viable product (MVP). Exclude all the features that are not necessary for your core mechanic or idea. Do not worry about the sound right now or the art; use a basic square sprite for everything you need to do. 

This process helps you limit the scope of your game and provides valuable experience in learning to make a fun game. If you have a platform where all you can do is move and jump, then the fun of your game is directly tied to how good your moment and jumping mechanics feel. Covering a height of a jump or how fast the characters move or dramatically impacts how the game feels. 

Your core mechanics are always the most significant contributors to how fun your game will sound to the gamers. 

  • Find Assets: After creating a prototype, the next step is to add art and sound to your game to make it more attractive. You can create your assets if you are interested in doing so; moreover, for most people, its best to find the free assets online. Sites like OpenGameArt and have some of the most significant resources. 

In the early versions of most of the games, you will have temporary assets and prototypes, so it’s good to learn how to get the best placeholder sounds and images online. 

Experiment with different sounds and graphics to get the best experience that resembles the nature of the gamers. BR Softech provides video game development services to provide you with genuine assets to your game.

  • Turn it into a Complete Game: This stage of Indie game development helps to turn your idea into a complete package of virtual reality. Now you have a game with simple mechanics, some graphics, and a sound that brings it all together. Among all these features, the most important is the implementation of a complete game loop, including winning, losing, and starting over.

The most important part of a video game development process is finishing the game with polishing the ideas. Finishing the game means removing all the bugs and loopholes in the system and means that the whole game is there for you. 

The word complete may sound different every time and have a different effect on your game development process. Not every game will have a lose or win condition; therefore, try to give your hundred percent effort in this process. 

  • Start Something new: Start Something new after developing your first indie development game. Here developing means creating a full-fledged game that finishes and is ready to use by most users. Unity game development can be a great option while your game is developing due to its importance and effectiveness. 

What Software do Indie Game Developers Use?

Are you interested in making your own video games? Having a feeling of isolation is unnecessary.

When it comes to creating your own game, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The dream of creating one’s own game is one that millions of gamers have. What is the best game development software?

The best game-making software depends on what kind of game you’re making, and each program has its own strengths and weaknesses.

GAME TYPEMobile export?GXC export?Steam/PC export?Console export?Best for 2D or 3D?Best for?
GameMakerYESYESYESYES2DBeginners, Indie, Professionals
UnityYESnoYESYESBothBeginners, Indie, Professionals
Unreal EngineYESnoYESYES3DProfessionals
Godot EngineYESnoYESThrough third-party providersBothBeginners, Indie
RPG Maker MZYESnoYESno2DBeginners
Construct 3YESnoYESThrough third-party providers2DBeginners
StencylYESnoYESno2DMobile devs

What are the most Interesting Top 10 Indie Games?

Despite the pandemic last year being terrible, video games did very well. The success of many indie games has inspired fans to create art and even animations inspired by those games.

In 2022, indie games released some outstanding examples.

1. Spiritfarer

This indie simulator is a cozy game about death. The developers might seem to have gone too far. However, this is not the case in reality. At first, players are somewhat perplexed, even scared, but later realize the game is very beautiful, thought-provoking, and leaves a bittersweet aftertaste in their mouths.

2. Coffee Talk

Getting together with friends over coffee is exactly what Coffee Talk is all about. The feeling of cold, loneliness, and heavy thoughts are common during the middle of the night for many people. In this game, you will learn interesting stories from a variety of people and play cute mini-games that will warm your heart.

3. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 

Are there any better things in life than an extravaganza and a little bit of sanity? The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game show was inspired by Legends of the Hidden Temple. Hundreds of participants participate in a multiplayer race with obstacles and traps. This is a battle royale with a more fun message and good-natured atmosphere, where you will start with others and there will only be one winner.

4. Sable

In Growing up is an issue raised by the developers in this game. Younger generations are especially likely to be interested in the project, as they have philosophical questions about their lives, futures, hopes, plans, and destiny.

The little Sable will help the players discover an exotic desert world. 

5. Hades

Every time you play Hades, you’ll find new enemies and treasures to discover. The combat system is interesting, as are the dialogues that reveal the characters’ relationship through the use of different artifacts. Due to the opportunity to learn more about the plot, the death and return of Zagreus do not cause frustration or the desire to quit the game. Other characters marvel at Zagreus’ progress and scoff at his second death. Dialogues reveal more information about the characters and the events at hand every time they are opened.

6. Way to the Woods

In A mother deer and her baby deer will be our characters in this game. Cute creatures will get food, flee from wolves, and try to find their way home after being stranded in a world without people. The gameplay is calm, with simple puzzles and exploration. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere in the game promises to evoke a wide variety of emotions among gamers, and they will not remain indifferent to their fate.

7. Among Us

It is safe to say that 2020 is the triumphant birth of the game despite its release on Android and iOS back in 2018. Twitch and YouTube gained enormous popularity this year. Two astronaut teams repair a spacecraft, while one destroys the system and disrupts the repair process with one by one, killing the first team members. The “find the impostors” gameplay has been enjoyed by more than 500 million players.

8. Ooblets

This is a fun 3D cartoon game that simulates rural life. This is not like the classic farming games that emphasize a very sociopathic pastime and a focus on the estate. With Ooblets, you can perform daily quests, uncover secrets, and even help the mayor save his city from mysterious forces.

9. The Falconeer 

The indie world is able to embody fantastic ideas in this unusual role-playing game. In this game, you play the role of a hawk warrior, who fights enemies in the air, while taking in oceanic scenery with rocky islands. Explore new territories, join different clans, fight against them, and discover secrets lost in the deep sea.

10. 12 Minutes

Could a script be written about twelve minutes of events in a single room? Imagine making a game based on it that takes 6 hours to complete? This is possible, as it turns out. The point-and-click survival thriller 12 Minutes tells the story of a couple trapped during a romantic dinner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Indie Game Development

Before entering the world of Indie game development, you should be well aware of the pros and cons of the industry. You should avoid the cons, use the advantages for your maximum use, and efficiently use the game development process. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of Indie game development. 

Advantages Disadvantages
Unreal Ideas: It allows you to be more creative by providing freedom from the rules and regulations of the game development process. Lack of experience: Very often these independent gamers may have a lack of experience that may lead to unsatisfactory results. 
Fast feedback tracking: Indie studios are small in the beginning so it becomes easy for them to respond to the queries of customers. Limited resources: As these gaming enthusiasts work alone without any external support, they may have limited resources. 
Focus on the specific aspect: An Indie game developer focuses on the specific aspect instead of focusing on multiple aspects of a problem.An oversaturated market: The indie gamers are increasing exponentially due to this reason the market is reaching its saturation level. 
No clear deadline: The developers do not have any instructions from the publisher, no tight deadlines and no threat of fines in case of any violation. Poor Marketing: As these people are working individually so due to lack of marketing skills they may lead to poor marketing. 

Now you are fully aware of every dimension of Indie game development, let’s simply jump onto some final thoughts. 


Indie game development is the leading field in the video game development industry. It allows developers to brainstorm and create new ideas by experimenting with their theoretical knowledge. Indie game development boosts the creativity of game developers to create interactive and magical games. 

To learn more about video game development, you can visit the website BR Softech and avail yourself of services that can fit into your budget independently.

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