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How To Make A PUBG Live Stream App?

written by Harshita Khangarot | Apr 25, 2020
PUBG Live Stream App development

The craze of open-world survival games has drastically increased in the past few years. Free for all battle royale games are not new, however, with the launch of PUBG, i.e. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground the developers have provided the next-level gaming experience to the enthusiasts.

With the booming trend of PUBG gamers investing their time playing the game, it has opened new doors for earning money in a fun way. Gamers are organizing tournaments with attractive prize money. This way, the open-world survival game is becoming a profession for many rather than being a medium of timepass.  

The gaming platform has provided the base for other apps to come into the mainstream. Live streaming app is an example that lies in this category. The lesser-known app once is now in demand. PUBG players are projecting their screen live using the live stream applications and earning money by attracting audiences.

You can also invest in PUBG live stream mobile app for android and earn money by allowing the gaming enthusiasts to project their screen for diverging traffic on your application. An IT and software solution company like BR Softech will help you to achieve your goal using the best Unreal game development techniques that can easily attract the attention of millions

PUBG Live Stream 

The concept of PUBG has not only provided an idea to the developers for investing in the development of games that share a similar platform but also the gamers are earning money by streaming their gameplay live on online video streaming websites. The concept of live streaming is trending simultaneously with the popularity of these battle royale games as most Unity game development are making it an ideal choice for game enthusiasts.

Live streaming means recording and broadcasting of a video simultaneously. Many mobile applications in the market offer the gamer a platform to broadcast the video on a real-time basis and earn money. 

The concept of live streaming is revolutionary as there has been a gradual transformation of amateur gamers to become professional gamers. Gaming is now seen as a full-time profession, and live streaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry. 

The major players like Amazon, Facebook and YouTube have put their stakes in this sector, and the gamers are projecting their gameplay on the dedicated channels and attaining millions of views.

To develop a PUBG live stream app for android, you should know about the appropriate technological stack that will help you to strategize your business and estimate the budget. Technical stack depends on the feature and platform of your product. It can include technology, platform, framework as well as the languages.

Before investing in the development of the application and initiating the process, it is vital to determine what features will be the essentials of your app. Let us have a look at some essential features mentioned below.

How to make a PUBG live stream app

PUBG Live Stream AppThe development of the PUBG live stream app is not confined to a single process. From planning the features to outlying the updates and knowing its process, development of a live streaming app is divided into many stages. We shall cover them one by one as you proceed through this article.

Essential Features of a PUBG live stream app

Features of PUBG live stream app

  • User profile: The registration process will be the first gateway that the user needs to proceed through. Users should register the account and create a user profile to be distinctive from other users using the application.
  • Personal data: The user should be able to enter their personal data such as country/state, gender, age and additional information. It will help in organizing the users and also determine the demography.
  • Comments: The user should be able to add comments. Also, the audience streaming your channel and particularly the session should be able to comment. In short, the app should support comments to make the sessions interactive and exciting. Make your own pubg mobile custom room live and make it worth playing
  • Save option: Users streaming the live videos should get the feature to save it. The user may wish to discontinue the video in several cases or replay it. Save option will add convenience to watch it later.
  • User interface: Due emphasis should be given in designing the user interface. The user interface should not only be simple in design but also allow the user to navigate smoothly. The user should be able to quickly sync the live stream app with the gaming app for fast streaming. A cumbersome user interface might hinder the success of the PUBG live streaming app. 
  • Geotagging: There should be an in-built geotagging option available for the users. This will allow users to create/join chat rooms or access the videos based on their location.

The features discussed above should be incorporated in the initial phase of the live streaming app development. However, with the increasing traffic and popularity of the application, the app should support frequent updates with advanced functions. Discussing the advancement of the app will help you create a rough picture and strategize the further development of your PUBG live stream app for android.

Upgrade in PUBG Live stream app

  • Design improvements: The app should be designed on such a platform that allows easy alterations to support improvements in the interface.
  • Video Resolution: Users accessing the live stream app should be able to adjust the screen resolution that allows smooth operation of the app/video on their device.
  • Integration with social media: A large chunk of users tends to post their achievements/gameplay on social media platforms. Thus, the live stream app should allow easy integration of their social media accounts with the application so that they can conveniently share the links of their channels or upload any recorded (live stream) videos on their Facebook/Instagram accounts.

How does the PUBG live steam app work?

How does the PUBG live steam app work?

Let us uncover the technical aspect of the streaming app before the users enjoy the PUBG room match live. We will unfold it in stages one by one.

  • As soon as you start the recording, the live stream app starts capturing the video and audio playing on your device.
  • The captured video/audio is encoded and converted into stream ready formats, that is H.264 or MP3 etc.
  • Encoded video and audio are then stored into media containers such as FLV, MP4 etc.
  • Lastly, the transport protocol gets into work, and the content is delivered to the viewers for live streaming.

You can deliver the platform for the users to create the PUBG custom room live with the help of an experienced developer company. BR Softech has a team of over 250 developers that will help you give your business the push it requires to enter the industry of live-streaming apps. Hurry!! Hire Mobile game developer that can help you to create a game of market needs at an affordable price.

After learning about the basics of live streaming, let us have a look at some of the most popular applications that are used for live streaming by PUBG enthusiasts. 

PUBG live stream apps  

Many apps have created the buzz in the live streaming of multiplayer games. Also, they have further spiked the thrill of playing these action games by the capability to gather a broad audience or say, spectators. They play an equally important role as the attention to detailing in the video game development does for the success of the business idea.

Let us discuss some of the applications that have ignited the fire in the developers focusing on these apps and made the world familiar about the role of live streaming. These apps not only promote the game but also provide earning to the gamers. 

  • Omlet Arcade: It is one of the largest live stream platforms that the gamers are using to power their channels by projecting their screen live for the audience. 

The application also allows users to connect with each other and chat. Squad up with new gamers and make them your buddy to take your gaming skills to the next level with the help of this live stream app.

  • Twitch: The leading live stream platform has successfully connected gamers globally. Twitch allows the user to connect and chat with other players for free. Along with PUBG, the application supports many other multiplayer games to be broadcasted online. 

Launched in June 2011, Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon (a famous and leading e-commerce brand). The app supports a free and a paid version. Users can also access the benefits of the paid version with the help of their Amazon prime.

  • Streamlabs: The cloud-based application, Streamlabs is based on Open Broadcast Software. Streamlabs is owned by Logitech that is a renowned brand in computer peripherals and software.
  • YouTube Gaming: An interesting platform for gaming enthusiasts, YouTube gaming allows the user to view content in a matter of seconds. Easily record the PUBG sessions on your android platform for live-streaming with the help of this app.
  • Mobcrush: Mobcrush provides the platform for the gaming enthusiast to live stream their performances and flaunt your shooting skills. Show the world your outstanding teamwork, making your way for the chicken dinner with the help of this live streaming platform. It supports to broadcast the PUBG gameplay for various devices that includes android, iPad, iPhone and tablets. 

Cost for live stream app development

Live stream app development Cost

There are a lot of factors that decide the budget or say estimate the cost incurred in the development of the live streaming game. The features that you include, the platform app is developed for, the script used, charges of the developer and even the location matters. However, the revenue generated from the broadcasting app is worth the investment. With the increasing number of gamers worldwide, you can invest in an app that is not dedicated to one game but supports broadcasting of multiple games. 

You can get a PUBG live stream app that costs as low as $2000 or in between the range of $2000 to $20000. However, the estimate is not precise and may vary with the developer you approach and the features you want to include in the mobile application as discussed above.

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BR Softech and its technical team that specializes in software development deals in development of live stream apps from a decade. You can get the optimal app at a competitive price by approaching the software solution hub. 


This article covers everything that you need to know about the live streaming of games. Everyone is well versed about the hype that PUBG has created. A game that is renowned globally for its exceptional graphics, immersive gameplay has provided the gamers all over the world one common platform to showcase their skills. 

The popularity of PUBG motivated the developers to provide a platform that allows gamers to connect worldwide and watch each other playing. With further advancement, the broadcasting platform featured the element of commenting that enriched the experience. 

A mobile game development company can help you develop a game similar to PUBG that supports broadcasting elements. BR Softech is a company that has expertise in game development as well as live stream app development that can assist you in fulfilling your dream and making a wildcard entry into this industry. You can earn high revenues with this platform even during this crucial time of lockdown.

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