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Fantasy Sports

How Indian Fantasy Sports Industry Witness Revenue Growth in 2021

written by Harshita Khangarot | Feb 19, 2021

Market Overview of Fantasy Sports Business

The online fantasy has grown at a tremendous rate due to the surging usage of digital platforms. Indian fantasy apps have seen more than 160% of growth in just one year. From INR 920 crore in Financial Year 2019 to INR 2400 to Financial Year 2020.  

Due to the continuous growing growth in smartphone usage, high-speed data, and the ever-increasing fan base of these online fantasy platforms resulted in high-class features. Most millennials are taking a deep dive and pursuing a career in the fantasy business. These demands have led fantasy businesses in INDIA to double in the last four years and are expected to reach INR118.8 billion.01 by the end of 2023.  

The fantasy app is a multifunctional platform that offers a wide range of features to its users. Most leading fantasy sports app development companies are coming up with top-notch features with high-class security panels. 

The ever-increasing rise of fantasy apps owns the flexibility that proffers the potential to play with any time and anywhere as per their preference. Even one can wage while sitting at home. 

The fantasy sports market is sub-divided into three legal formats. This sub-classification includes:

  • Cricket/ Football/ Hockey and Many More
  • Rummy / Poker
  • Quizzing

If the player has performed well and ends up winning the game can earn a good amount of money or other enticing rewards.

What is Fantasy Sports?

The fantasy business is now enjoying its success, as these industries are at their peak. It is an online fantasy game where game enthusiasts can form their team virtually of real players who are actually playing the game in the stadium and win real money. 

It is ideal for those who want to develop a fantasy sports app to hire the best fantasy sports app development that provides a wide range of features at affordable pricing.

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Why is Fantasy Sports the Key to Success in India?

Fantasy markets in India have gained huge momentum since its launch. We can also say that the fantasy business in India has captured every game enthusiast’s traction. Over the period of time and advancement of innovative technologies, fantasy business has successfully integrated most of the popular tournaments like English Premier League, Indian Premier League, Kabaddi league and other tournaments. They have successfully been able to manage their own tournaments with real-life tournaments.

In India, games are considered as a festival, especially when it comes to cricket. We love this game like anything, seeing this craze no one can deny to deep dive into this lucrative fantasy market business. 

It is stated by Indian Law; One cannot win the game based on their luck, every time luck cannot be worked, this game is all about skills and calculations of your mind. We can even consider this game of skills that help you to earn money by showcasing all your mental abilities. 

Fantasy Sports Indian Market Landscape

At present, the dream sports industry is at a beginning stage, with various new businesses contending to draw in the country’s 800 million game viewers. This pattern will continue as these organisations push into different gaming associations to attract sponsors, clients and financial backers. 

 Apart from Indians’ endless love for sports, particularly cricket, ease of data plans, and high penetration of cell phones have given these fantasy companies a potential valuable wager for most investors. In the course of recent years,Investors have earned around US$ ~112 million into India’s Fantasy Sports Platforms. 

Top Market Players who have captured Indian Fantasy Business

Seeing the craze of fantasy games, domestic and other exponential markets’ success had led to a new interest in foreign investors. These had risen in user engagement that led Fantasy Market to hold a great position in India. Multiple fantasy sports platforms continuously make it a user engagement momentum for sports lovers. 

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Fantasy sports is all about the presence of mind, where the user has to apply their mind after analysing all the situations.

The biggest players in the fantasy market are :

Dream 11

Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

Dream 11 is one of the world’s biggest and most trusted fantasy cricket games that offers multiple opportunities to win the cash prize. Dream 11 is exponentially growing with a more than 50 million user base and has become a favorite spot for sports lovers. The app comes with impressively rich features that make every game exciting for sports fans.

  • The user gets multiple options to choose their favorite players
  • It sharpens the mind.
  • The winning amount can be in crores.

 My Team 11

Fantasy Sports Website & App Like Dream11, MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is considered the second largest market leader in India and the most popular brand in fantasy sports. MyTeam11, which was launched in 2016, is currently acquiring a more than 15 million user base. These apps are boosting online fantasy gaming, which results in engaging sports lovers with thrilling contests and various modes of the games.

  • Easy user interface options
  • Multiple selecting teams
  • Accessing anywhere
  • Easy to use

 My Circle 11

My circle is a fantasy app that provides you the option to create a team of 11 players and battle with other teams. Players can earn real money in every match by participating in this featured league. It also comes with a Rs 500 bonus and other unique features that can be used while playing the real game. Download my circle app and explore some cricket skills.

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Hala Play

Halaplay is the most popular fantasy cricket app that offers a daily play league to its registered users. Halaplay Fantasy has a unique payout structure where users can create and edit their team players before the match starts. You can even select one captain of your choice. Register yourself for the free sign up process and start winning prize rewards by participating in this cricket league.

  • It is one of the most trusted brands.
  • Comes with rich features
  • Earn a huge amount of money

League X Fantasy App

LeagueX is a new Fantasy Cricket App that gives more chances to win real money. This app comes with some unique features as these apps allow the user to choose only Batsman or Bowlers. 

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League X has basically three types of playing modes that have gained a lot of gamer’s attractions. Now anyone with cricket knowledge can sign up and play a game in this wonderful game. You will get Rs 25 instantly when your referred person deposits for the first time.

Contribution Factors in India Towards Fantasy Sports in India

Betting, Wagering, Betting are a portion of the words that are viewed as illegal in India; however, indeed, there are a lot of fantasy applications that are 100% legitimate and authentic to play. It is a sequence of skills that assist individuals with bringing in cash by wagering on dream alliances. 

  • An expansion in cell phone penetration in the nation prompts improvement in the reputation of fantasy sports applications. 
  • With the increase in mobile prices expenses having a critical effect on digitalisation; most organisations have started to move towards online platforms. 
  • Subsequent to getting positive outcomes on My Dream 11, My Team11 and other wagering platforms. It expands the scope of reaching masses outside cricket like the Pro Kabaddi, Badminton League and much more.

Why Leverage Fantasy App Development Services? 

Even though the online fantasy sports industry is very lucrative, a fierce competition is the biggest challenge. The foremost thing a fantasy sports development company has to do is develop a unique and highly differentiated fantasy sports platform and site to thrive and stay ahead of the competitors.  

Call to Action

Custom fantasy sports app developers are providing up-to-date functionalities with a promise to enhance their gaming experience. The API-based services enable developers to add legal gaming apps where bettors can easily earn real income without any hassle. 

Why Cricket is Dominant Among other Sports

Cricket is like a religion in India, and the players are like the biggest celebrities in our country who are loved by almost all age groups. While introducing fantasy sports, businesses are getting a huge revenue out of it. The number of users is increasing at a rapid pace. The never ending love for cricket leads the fantasy cricket market in India to hold first place with more than 77% of the users. 

Following the other games, football is also emerging with great pace and holds second place with 48%. Kabaddi, Basketball and other games are in the other remaining percent. 

In the End

In the most prominent scenario to deal with, the proportion of fantasy sports buffs in India is increasing steadily. By offering high-class features and user-friendly most fantasy applications development providers offering high-class features and user-friendly while ensuring the white label fantasy sports software solutions. 

It will be imperative for e-sports companies and organisations to join hands and resolve the above challenges with the rapid growth . The e-sports and the overall online gaming space are seeing in India to ensure that growth momentum is sustained and India as a nation will look to compete in the coming years with the top global e-sports destinations.

Create an advanced and enriching solution for fantasy sports applications with expert professionals. To make predictions simple and smoother, BR Softech is a leading fantasy sports app development company that gives extra attention to data, expertise, professionalism, and modern trends. Be a part of this rapidly rising billion-dollar industry while encouraging users to play fantasy sports virtually.

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