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IOT Automation Solutions: Full Guide for Your Smart Home

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Oct 24, 2018
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IOT Automation Solutions The Future Of The Smart Home

The world has turned into a modern era. This contemporary time is known as a digital world, where technologies are ruling on humans, without technologies we can’t even imagine our lives. There are many mechanization which is playing the vital role in the human lives, but among them IOT Automation Solutions has made our lives easier and has become the important part of our lives and home.

What is Internet of Things ?

The term IOT refers to the Internet of things. This technology has turned our lives into modern lives and change the style of our living. As we can take out from the name itself that things connected to the internet and convert them into the smart device. Hence, once these devices are interconnected via the internet, so they can intercommunicate among each other. This process reduces the human efforts and make the daily lives working easier and enabled devices to act as per the instructions.

Growth History of Internet Of Things – Statistics of the IOT

The term Internet of things was professionally found by the Kevin Ashton in year 1999 but when scientist researched so they found the earlier predictions were held in 1926 but at that time the idea was introduced as embedded internet” or “pervasive computing.

According to the statistics, It has been declared by the experts that in 2018 – 2025 the number of the connected products will get triple and will reach to a massive 75 billion devices installed worldwide. During that time, the IOT technology itself will also get upgraded.

The market of IOT has increased worldwide and it is benefiting to the consumers at high level. Many people have stated that this technology has turned the life into luxury.

How IOT is Helpful in Our Daily Lives?

Internet Of things technology is really very helpful in our daily lives as it reduces human efforts and working has become easier. The technology has been designed in such a way that the devices are connected to the smart devices and act instantly and turn the home as a smart and advanced home. The devices include the home electrical lighting, air conditioning system, security alarms, vacuum cleaners, washers, etc. The mobile applications enabled devices when users are not at their home.

Nowadays, in every home you will get the feature of the smart home, our places have been turned into modern place and with this technology we are living our luxury lives. We can’t decline the fact our lives have become easier and this technology has reduced our efforts. Humans don’t require any specific degree or skills to handle this technology, it is very easy and simple to use.

Benefits of Internet of Things

There is a wide range of advantages.

Save time: This technology has never introduce before and it is a better facility for the home owners. This technology offers an endless possibilities, just have an example support the homeowner has to switch on the AC so as he get free from the office, he can switch on from his mobile device, so it saves the time of the owner. When the owner step into the house, so he will get the perfect temperature as his desire. It saves the time of the owners by again and again doing the chores, human can put their efforts into the valuable work.

Multiple work: The Internet of things can do the multiple home task for us and its saves time also. The work can be done by the device such as home vacuumed, plants watered or laundry, etc. With only a click on the smartphone.

Secure home: The biggest concern of the homeowners are to secure the home, especially when they are far from their homes when they are at work or on holidays. It is the biggest concern, if they have children or the elderly at home. The home automation process comes with a perfect solution as with devices owners can monitor the devices. Even the cameras can be installed in the home to get a look around. Smart locks are also introduced which act as a modern demand. They enabled to open the main doors from the workplace only the same work as a smart alarm, it works to warn homeowners about an unauthorized access. It can issue a warning against the unnecessary acts such as fire or smoke, it will help homeowner to take instant action, even it can be helpful if he/she is not present there.

Easy to handle: The devices are very easy to handle as it is not that much complicate to handle and it doesn’t require any specific skill or degree to handle the working.Anyone can handle these working.

Save resources: It saves the resources as by mistake if the owner left the light on, so with the IOT it can help to off the light immediately or the tap left un open so it can also be sort out. It saves resources at a high level. It also helps to save the power bills and it offers an Eco friendly environment to us.

Business Challenges of IOT

Business owners face a lot of challenges to deal with this technology.

  • High Market
  • Expensive appliances
  • Security alert
  • Appliance tracking
  • Integration of device
  • Energy consumption
  • Complicated technology
  • Emergency alerts.

Despite, all these challenges the biggest problem can be sorted out and that is emergency can be sorted out so this technology is really beneficial and while seeing the other home appliances, IOT Solutions is Lil bit expensive but sort various hurdles of daily lives. The investment turn into an effective investment at the EOD and this investment turn the homes into smart homes and in the future this technology will get upgraded and bring more and turn our homes into smart homes. This technology will become as a basic need of us and make us live a luxury life.

As it is modern world, so the selling of the modern product should also on a digitalised way to turn IOT market into effective there are various IOT Development Company who are offering their iot development services to the business owners for the perfect business growth. 

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