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How IoT Transforming The Gaming Industry in 2023?

Game Development
Oct 19, 2022
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IOT Transoforming gaming industry

The gaming industry has seen some massive technological advancements in the past years. From the era of 2D games to AR/VR gaming, we have experienced technologies that we never thought were possible. The Internet of Things is the new technology that is taking the gaming industry by storm. New games coupled with modern technologies provide an interactive and immersive gaming experience. IoT in the gaming industry has made gaming a social activity that can be performed with our friends and family. The advent of innovative technologies has brought a paradigm shift in the game development industry. The gaming industry is flourishing right now and with the arrival of modern technologies like IoT, AR/VR, and AI, the gaming experience has been taken to the next level. 

The gaming market worldwide is evaluated at $162.32 billion in the year 2021. Over the predicted period from 2021-2026, it is forecasted to reach the value of $295.63 billion by 2026 with a 10.5% CAGR. (Source)

Along with contributing to the growth of the sports and gaming sector, game developers are using IoT in gaming to provide a thrilling experience to players via developing and deploying new and clone game scripts of famous games. They are also creating games for varied platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows PC to reach a wide array of customers.  

By marking its presence in various industries like healthcare, agriculture, education, automation, etc., now, we can see IoT in sports, fitness and the gaming industry. 

Introduction to IoT

The internet of things (IoT) is used for connecting devices with the help of the internet by putting a computer chip into them. It works like a remote control that connects and interacts with other smart devices, whether it is your car, home PC, or smart TV. It also provides a facility for people to connect their devices to any other person at the time of gameplay to connect their consoles. 

IoT in the Gaming Industry

With the advent of IoT, the gaming industry as we know has seen a massive paradigm shift. IoT is responsible for taking the gaming industry to the next level. IoT connects multiple devices to the internet so we can remotely control them with our smartphone or external remote. However, it can also be used to connect to our friend’s consoles. It has transformed gaming from a solitary activity to a social activity. 

The use of IoT can result in games that require physical activity or it can also gamify social interactions and physical activities. No matter the result, one thing is certain IoT has completely revolutionalised gaming as we know it. 

There are a lot of advantages of IoT in gaming. IoT coupled with AR technology in mobile games has allowed gamers to have an immersive experience by fully indulging in the narrative of the game. Popular AR game apps like Pokemon GO put the gamer into the shoes of a fictional Pokemon trainer who has to catch Pokemons by viewing the real environment through their phone. 

Gamification of Physical Activities

The internet of things game mechanics has allowed for the gamification of physical activities like exercise and running. Health and fitness apps are looking to incorporate IoT technologies to make exercise a fun activity. Popular Zombies, Run! App pairs with the fitness band and smartphone of the user to make it look like they’re running from zombies while running. These interesting concepts coupled with future technology can change the whole scenario of our gaming industry. 

Diverse Devices Used in the Gaming Industry Coupled with IoT

Game developers have been trying for a long time to get more benefits of IoT in the gaming industry via experiments. And, they provided us with good outcomes, including different mechanisms and applications of IoT in sports. The big names in the gaming industry, such as Samsung, Wii, Xbox, and Apple, are also looking forward to adapting these mechanisms.

Sabertron- Video Gaming Industry

Due to the many advanced IoT devices, the gaming industry is getting an upsurge in revenue. Sabertron is also one of those innovations that are providing benefits of IoT in the gaming industry. If you are a millennial, you definitely have spent your childhood playing video games with a remote. With time, gaming technologies have advanced, and wireless gaming gear has replaced those wired remotes. 

While playing an action game, now you can use a digital sword called Sabertron. This IoT-coupled tech-laced foam sword consists of Arm multiprocessors, Bluetooth, and Zigbee wireless to identify the exact targets. You will have more thrill while playing games with its visual and audio upshots. 

Gaming Gears Integrated with Virtual Reality

Don’t you want to get rid of those boring ways of playing video games? Do you want to feel the game in reality without having a smartphone in hand? Get ready to take your game experience to the next level with these VR gaming gear. 

These will work for your smartphone as a Dock, and you just wear them to have a ride in the virtual world. It will provide you with a 360 degrees view, and the gear sensor will track your head motions. The right gear will include a touchpad for motion control while gaming. You can also enjoy movies on this to have a theater-like experience.

This innovation provides new meaning to IoT in gaming, and even some gaming industry giants like Archos, Samsung (with Oculus), and Apple have adapted it for the next gaming generation. 

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The Use of Motion Gaming

Motion gaming stepped into the gaming industry to enhance the children’s craze for games and refer to the IoT in gaming. These motion sensor uses have made the games more fun and exciting. The motion sensors will identify each body gesture and movement of the player. The entry of Sony PlayStation and Xbox, including the cloud, will provide a turning point for the gaming sector. 

Gaming Suits With Sensors

Some users want to feel the game they are playing to the core. The newly invented sensor gaming suits are for those who feel a lack of motion while playing games with the gaming remote. There is news that Oculus Rift is also bringing pseudo-VR for gamers, and this game suit can be developed for the same price. The gaming suit will make you feel the game to its core with the help of multi-sensors. 

IoT in the gaming industry has brought more advancement, but this one is unique as it has much to offer. This game suit consists of an attractive design with three sensory feedbacks, surround sound, self-stimulatory behavior, and vibrating systems that give you the real feel of the game and its sound. This suit will analyze where you are heading, and stimulation will control your body by tightening and relaxing it automatically.  

Mobile Gaming 

IoT in gaming provides advanced features and benefits via varied approaches by gamification masters. 47% of the gaming market worldwide is using IoT devices. By having real-life experience with IoT devices coupled with AI and VR, users feel more involved in the games. IoT connects more objects to the game to provide a thrilling gaming experience to users. Gone are the days of wired controllers, wired controllers have been replaced by wireless controllers. With the help of IoT, games can now sync across platforms, which means you can play the game on your computer and then go out and access the game on another device without losing your progress. Pretty Neat!

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IoT in the Casino Industry

IoT game technologies are offering physical gaming in the online casino business. By using iot, each element of the game can be monitored and improved in the coming time. Even online casinos can provide their users with these IoT devices to monitor the game procedure and improve it.  

The Use of IoT in the Sports Industry

The sports industry has been influenced by advanced technologies to make it efficient and smart. IoT in sports has massively changed the sector and technologies like smart wearable devices are being massively used for efficient training and data monitoring. Wearable devices like fitness bands fitted with various sensors are helpful in monitoring the performance of the players. These sensors are also installed in various sports pieces of equipment like bats, footballs, wickets, racquets, etc. 

These sensors also measure the vitals of the players like hydration, heat, anxiety, and heartbeat. The advantages of IoT aren’t limited to players, the use of these technologies in smart stadiums helps in providing better service to spectators. These are some of the areas where IoT is used in the sports industry. 

Benefits Delivered by the Use of IoT in the Sports Industry

Many people are still unaware of IoT, so the question frequently arises ‘What is IoT and what are the advantages of IoT in the gaming and sports industry? Here we have a detailed answer to your question that will clear the doubts about IoT uses! Take a look-

Performance Tracking

IoT has allowed for real-time performance tracking of athletes and sportspersons. The use of smart apparel has helped monitor the training sessions of the players and increase the overall performance of the entire team. Equipment used in performance tracking are:

  • Clothes embedded with sensors
  • Smart Shoes
  • Smart Sports Equipment

Object Detection and Tracking

Balls are an integral part of most sports activities. Objects move at varying speeds and directions in sports. Sensors embedded in sporting equipment like balls will allow object detection and tracking. Ball detection is widely used in games like cricket and football

Enhanced Audience Experience

IoT is being used widely in clothing apparel and stadiums to enhance customer experience. Wearablex is a company that has launched a product called ‘Jersey X’ which allows players to feel the haptic vibrations and adrenaline rush of the game. Another product called the ‘Alert Shirt’ lets spectators feel what the player is experiencing while playing the game. Technology really surprises us sometimes.

Smart Stadiums

Sports stadiums integrate digital signs, various sensors, and cameras with the advent of IoT. These stadiums will be attached to both wired & wireless networks for data gathering. The stadium’s heating, ventilation, and electronic systems can be observed and maintained through these IoT sensors. The use of IoT will help enhance the experience for spectators while watching a match in stadiums. IoT can control the electronic systems of the stadiums and with the integration of AI, the entire process can be automated.

Sports Equipment & Player’s Uniforms

Smart sports apparel is taking the sports industry by storm and taking the sports training process to the next level. With the help of IoT, clothes fitted with microchips use real-time data to monitor training progress, and biomechanics, improve training, suggest correct form, and even potential injuries. Smart shoes are also fitted with sensors like pressure sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes. These shoes are built to measure physical strain and help improve performance and prevent injuries. 

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How will the Integration of AI and IoT Revamp the Sports & Gaming Industry?

The Internet of things is used in the sports and gaming industry to connect various devices to the internet. The collected data via these devices are processed, monitored, and automated with the help of artificial intelligence.

When we mix these technologies, it creates an internet of things that connects variant devices and acts on them accordingly without human interference. AI and iOT in sports are very helpful as they come up with customized platforms compatible with tablets, mobile phones, and different betting apps. The following are more benefits-

Data Gathering

IoT collects the data based on your selected bets, and the system gathers the data when you enter the sportsbook account and put in a bet. So, AI can make more accurate predictions about the next move, and it also navigates you through your favourite games.  

Solve Your Queries

IoT in gaming, coupled with AI, can help respond to you in real-time. Suppose you have a query about a transaction, then IoT-empowered chatbots will respond to you immediately and work on solving your queries. The whole process is autonomous and no manual interference is required.  

Generating VR Games

Creating virtual worlds for gaming enthusiasts is where IoT integrated with AI helps the sports and gaming industry. These virtual environments give a real feel to the users and let them freely navigate. IoT coupled with AR/VR is going to completely revolutionalize the gaming industry. Just think about an augmented reality VR game enhanced with IoT sensors that let users navigate a simulated environment. Sounds exciting. 

Final Verdict

It will be great to adapt to IoT and AI solutions in the gaming & Sports Industry wholeheartedly. It promises great and beneficiary results and offers a thrilling experience to gaming enthusiasts. These technologies are consistently evolving every year at a high upsurge causing firms to find new solutions to attract customers. 

The current developments in IoT technology make BR Softech stand out among all the firms as we cater services as per the client’s specific requirements. We specialize in online game development and our developers are well-versed in the latest technologies, our developers use their expertise in the field to create interactive games incorporated with the latest technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is IoT?

The Internet of Things refers to a network of physical devices that are connected to the internet and collect and share data without human interference.

Q. What are the future technologies in the gaming industry?

There are many new technologies that are making headlines in the gaming industry. Some notable technologies are AR/VR, AI, IoT, Metaverse, and Blockchain gaming.

Q. How is IoT used in the sports industry?

IoT technology is used in sports apparel, sports shoes, and sports equipment. It is also used in smart stadiums to enhance the experience of the audience. 

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