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Ludo Tournament App Development – A Complete Guide

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Nov 03, 2023
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Ludo Tournament App Development

Being one of the most popular and widely played board games in the world, ludo is known for its immersive, engaging, and attractive user interface. With digital advances, the latest tech trends, and the rising adoption of next-gen technologies, the ludo tournament app development is opted for by sports entrepreneurs worldwide. Gone are the days when people played ludo merely for fun at family gatherings and events. Nowadays, online ludo has become a source of earning revenue both for entrepreneurs and players. 

Ludo apps are grabbing attention because of the rising craze for board games like Ludo. The game is played between two to four players, and in the end, they can earn a lot of points and rewards as a result of winning. The industry is quite promising and lucrative which can help investors take their businesses to the next level. This type of board game is also famous because it allows players to take part in tournaments wherein they can play and compete against each other to win real cash prizes. 

Now you must be wondering about how ludo tournament software development can be beneficial for your business. Fret not, here in this blog, we will explain each and every aspect of a ludo board game. 

What is Ludo Fantasy Game Software? 

Ludo Fantasy is a multiplayer version of a classic board game involving money and cash transactions. In the Ludo fantasy app, players can play in different modes by competing against each other and placing bets to win the game and earn exciting rewards. Enjoy the virtual gaming experience from the comfort of your home by playing ludo fantasy. 

As a ludo tournament app development company, we at BR Softech strive to focus on customer-centricity, and satisfaction to design and develop solutions from scratch. We are highly known for our best fantasy board game software that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Our team use ultra-modern technologies like Unity and high-quality features to develop end-to-end board game solutions that are of high value and are scalable and reliable. 

Start your own ludo gaming business with simple steps. Want to know how? Read this guide! 

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Features of Ludo Tournament App  

Features of Ludo Tournament App

Features decide the success of any board game app as players worldwide appreciate seamless and safe gameplay experiences. Here is the list of features that you must be aware of when developing your own Ludo game tournament software. 

1. Daily bonus 

The objective behind this feature is to attract and hook players on the ludo gaming platform. Whenever players log in to their accounts daily, they are rewarded with a daily bonus. It can be a certain amount of coins or points that can be optimized to purchase in-game elements and start their earnings for the day. 

2. Private Room 

This feature helps users to create a private ludo room so that a certain group of people can play and compete against each other. This helps in keeping the information of the players secure and confidential. 

3. Live Chat 

This feature increases the interaction and engagement among players. Using this, they can interact with each other using texts, and emojis. In short, live chat enhances the motivation of the players towards the platform by making it fun and immersive. 

4. Private Table 

Ludo tournament app developers never fail to provide personalization when it comes to board games. They make sure to incorporate this feature to offer players a customized gameplay experience in the most engaging manner. 

5. Multiplayer Support 

We strive to implement multiplayer features when it comes to ludo tournament real money game app . This is one of the most crucial and integral components of the best fantasy board game software which allows multiple players to connect, play and compete against each other.

6. Play and Earn 

By incorporating exciting rewards, points and bonuses, we strive to provide our players with a play-to-earn model via which they can earn real money with the use of their gameplay skills. Tournament ludo board game software is designed in such a manner that it integrates multiple competitions and tournaments which are joined by various teams and individuals, and in the end, winners are rewarded with cash prizes. 

7. Social Media Integration 

Players get a chance to integrate their social media handles with the Ludo game app. If you are planning to invest in the ludo tournament real money Android app, then don’t think twice as the industry is thriving and rising in a manner like none other. But, make sure to integrate this feature to increase your market reach and lead. 

8. Multi-lingual Support 

Ludo tournaments or fantasy apps are used by people worldwide. Therefore, do not forget to include multi-lingual support to offer a global community of players the flexibility and convenience to understand everything in their own native language. 

9. Safe Payment Gateways 

We highly appreciate providing safety and security for the users in all aspects when it comes to developing a Ludo tournament app. Hence, we offer users highly encrypted payment methods that ensure the confidentiality of the users. 

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Why Invest in Ludo Tournament App Development in 2024? 

Ludo Gaming Tournament App & Website Development is not an overnight task, and hence requires a lot of market research, planning, brainstorming and analysis. But you must be wondering why to invest in Ludo game tournament software. Let us tell you that it is one of the ideal business ideas that can take your profit margins to the next level. 

Here is the list of reasons explaining all the reasons why fantasy Ludo board game is beneficial for you! 

1. High Reach 

Being one of the famous board games, ludo is played across the different parts of the world as a favourite pass time. Besides that, the game is highly secure and is based on an RNG system that allows no room for bias or manipulation. This means, with the Ludo tournament app, you can reach millions of users by providing them with an interactive, safe and engaging gameplay experience. 

2. Multiple Monetization Strategy 

Our Online Ludo Fantasy App Solutions allows investors to integrate multiple monetization strategies within their platform to make extra income. Some of the best strategies they can leverage are in-app purchases, ads, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, participation charges, and subscription charges. 

3. Next-level ROI 

With Ludo Fantasy game apps, you can take your profits or ROI To the next level. The simple reason behind this is the fact that the ludo game is widely played and accessed by a global community of players. So, if more and more people download your app, the more you will earn. 

4. Low Cost 

Unlike other board games, Ludo Fantasy game software is cheaper as it is developed in the most cost-effective manner using economical strategies. There are a lot of ludo game providers in the market, so select the ideal one that can help you convert your imagination into reality in the most professional and affordable way. 

Ludo multiplayer games attracted investors and players. If you want to know more about the same, here is the guide for you! 

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Cost Of Ludo Game Tournament Software

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Ludo Fantasy app software providers available in the market. It is nearly impossible to define the exact cost of tournament ludo game software until and unless we don’t know the type, features and specifications of your project. On average, the ludo tournament app cost ranges from $30,000 to $35,000 for a single platform and basic features and functionalities. However, the cost we have mentioned is not fixed as there are different factors and aspects affecting it. 

The cost to develop Ludo tournament apps may shoot up to $50,000 and even more if you want to add advanced features, the latest trends and specifications that are trending in the market. So basically, the cost depends on how advanced you want your application to be. 

Factors Affecting the Ludo Tournament App Development Cost 

  • The location of the developers 
  • The complexity of the features
  • The level of graphics 
  • Testing & QA 
  • Marketing & Branding 

If you want to know in-depth insights on the development cost of Ludo game, make sure to read this blog!

Final Words 

As more and more people love to play Ludo, the demand for the Ludo tournament-earning app is rising at an alarming rate. The market share of Ludo fantasy apps is increasing because most people prefer to play online board games with their friends and family. We hope you might have got all your answers when it comes to the Ludo tournament apps. So if you are planning to invest your money, hire ludo app developers to get everything ready-made at your convenience and under your budget. 

As the best mobile game software company, we can help you reach the top ladders of success via customized ludo gaming solutions. Contact our in-house team of certified and professional designers and developers today to get a quote today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 How Long Does It Take To Develop A Ludo Fantasy App? 

We strive to provide projects before clients set deadlines. On average, it takes around two to three months to develop a ludo fantasy app from scratch.

Q.2 What Are The Benefits Of Ludo Fantasy Apps? 

The ludo fantasy apps offers plentiful benefits to investors. The major benefits contributing are high ROI, Wide reach, multiple monetization strategies and low cost. Moreover, the real money ludo tournament app source code allows people to use the platform without any boundaries or restrictions. Read More

Q.3 What Is The Best Fantasy Board Game Software? 

There are generally two types of tournament ludo board game software, including white-label and turnkey software solutions. So, if you want to launch your ludo platform in a budget-friendly manner within a few weeks, opt for white-label software. Whereas, opt for turnkey software, if you don’t have budget issues and want to have full control over features and specifications. Read More 

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