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Metaverse Crypto Game Development: A Comprehensive Guide

May 05, 2023
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Metaverse Crypto Game Development

You must be aware of the term metaverse as leading brands like Nike, Facebook, Gucci, etc are using it. It is a 3D space wherein people can interact, communicate and engage with each other without any boundaries or restrictions. With Metaverse crypto game development, gamers can buy in-game digital assets or NFTs without any interruptions. Play-to-earn games are grabbing the attention of players worldwide as they allow players to earn huge rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. 

Most sports entrepreneurs and investors today are interested in metaverse crypto game development to reach millions of screens and generate a high level of revenue. Metaverse games involve crypto which creates and promotes a user-oriented economy which means they can set value for their digital assets. There are a lot of metaverse gaming crypto apps available out there in the market, but only a few of them are ruling the market and the reasons are unique gameplay and interesting features. 

If you are fascinated by the concept of metaverse crypto games development, here is the guide for you! In this blog, we will highlight the features, cost and so on. 

Metaverse Gaming Market

  • The global metaverse gaming market is projected to grow from a value of $36.93 billion in 2022 to $663.8 billion by 2030. 
  • The market is rising at a CAGR of 37.85% from 2022 to 2032. 
  • The projected market volume of $5.13 billion in 2023 and most revenue is generated in the United States. 
  • User penetration is going to hit from 1.5% in 2023 to 5.3% by 2030. 
  • The number of users is expected to increase to 433.90 million by 2030. 

What is Metaverse Crypto? 

Metaverse crypto is a subset of cryptocurrencies that enable users to buy, sell and exchange virtual lands, digital avatars or real estate within the blockchain-enabled virtual worlds. Like all the crypto assets, they involve some amount of risk, therefore, you need to do thorough research before adding metaverse tokens to your crypto portfolio. It creates a digital economy wherein players can interact and communicate directly with each other and exchange digital assets within the ecosystem. 

How Does Metaverse Crypto Game Software Work? 

Metaverse crypto game software is a platform that enables a gaming site or an app to offer users a space wherein they can earn huge amounts of real-value rewards by showcasing their gameplay skills. Players can interact with each other within the gaming ecosystem using customized digital avatars and also can sell, buy and exchange digital assets created by them as NFTs. 

The platform keeps a track of every transaction and payment that is happening from both the admin and player side and therefore maintains its confidentiality of it. It is built on the concept of blockchain technology that highly promotes decentralization and transparency to the core. 

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Must-Have Features of Metaverse Gaming Crypto App 

Since the popularity of metaverse games to earn crypto is quite high these days, it becomes exemplary to understand the crucial features that make the metaverse gaming crypto app highly differentiated and preferred among users. In light of this, here is the list of features that the Metaverse crypto game development company must integrate: 

Features of Metaverse Gaming Crypto App

Metaverse Crypto Features

Metaverse Crypto Game App Features Description 
DecentralizationMetaverse crypto games have no central authority, which means players can exchange digital assets without any restrictions and at the price they want. 
Safety and Security The best metaverse gaming crypto platform is built on the concept of the blockchain network, which promotes high safety and security of the users. It keeps financial information and data secure while avoiding fraud. 
Proof of ownership Metaverse crypto game software provides users full ownership of digital assets or NFTs. This means no one can take away that ownership of your asset from you by any means. 
Interoperability Metaverse games crypto are highly interoperable which means they can now interact with other games and share digital records, databases and assets. 
Non-fungible Tokens NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets which can be exchanged within crypto-based metaverse games without any restrictions. Be it virtual land, video, audio clips or signatures; users can exchange these assets easily. 
Exciting rewards People play metaverse games to earn crypto and coins that have real value. Therefore, to create the best metaverse crypto games, you must let users earn appealing rewards that keep them hooked on the platform. 
Anti-fraud System As the best metaverse crypto game development company, we ensure to integrate this feature to keep all the fraud, and data breaches at bay. Our developers use the latest technologies and tech stacks to develop a secure metaverse crypto gaming platform. 

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Metaverse Crypto Game Development Process 

Metaverse crypto game development is not an overnight task and hence requires a lot of planning, brainstorming and research. It is not everyone’s cup of tea and hence requires expert advice from an experienced metaverse game development company, having strong in developing the best crypto metaverse games. 

Metaverse Crypto Game Development Process

Here is the list of steps that one must follow to develop high-end metaverse gaming crypto apps. 

1. Market Research 

The first and foremost thing we do is research the best crypto metaverse coins and best crypto wallet for the metaverse ecosystem to stay ahead of the curve. Since there are a lot of players in the ocean of metaverse crypto games development, it becomes important to know about the competitors, target audience and industry in general. 

Moreover, we also perform a SWOT analysis to find out potential threats and opportunities of metaverse crypto-based games. 

2. UI/UX Design 

After doing complete research, our expert team of art directors and designers work day in and day out to bring forth the best metaverse app for Android, iOS and web platforms. We ensure to integrate a unique and user-friendly interface that attracts and retains players for a prolonged period of time. 

UI/UX design is the important factor that decides the screen time of the users and the success of the Metaverse gaming crypto application. 

3. Development 

After the design, then our expert developers shift their focus to the best crypto metaverse games app development to beat the competition and create a name in the web3 gaming era. They use the latest technologies, tools, and tech stack to deliver end-to-end crypto-based metaverse game development services.

4. Testing & QA 

Our responsibilities don’t end with p2e game development, as we ensure to keep a record of the performance of the app in the most systematic and professional way. Our expert team follows multiple strategies like functional testing, integration testing and operational testing to keep all the bugs, glitches and loopholes of the platform at bay. This increases the credibility and authenticity of the metaverse game crypto. 

5. Deployment 

After the crypto-based NFT metaverse game development and testing, we ensure to deploy the platform in the respective market using high-end marketing strategies. We ensure to incorporate top-performance marketing strategies like digital marketing campaigns, content marketing, youtube marketing, email marketing etc, to promote the metaverse gaming crypto coins in the global market. This, in turn, increases brand visibility, engagement and target audience reach. 

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Metaverse Crypto Games Development Cost 

It is difficult to define the cost of metaverse crypto games development until and unless we don’t know your project details and specifications. There are multiple factors affecting the overall cost. On average, the cost of crypto metaverse games app development with basic features and functionalities ranges from $25k to $30k. However, the cost may shoot up to $40k and even more depending on the type and complexity of the features. 

Factors Affecting the Cost Of Development 

  • The location of the developers 
  • Level of graphics 
  • The complexity of the features 
  • Advanced technologies 
  • Experience of the development company 

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Final Words

In the current Web 3 era, the concept of the metaverse and gaming crypto is becoming quite mainstream today. Most blockchain and NFT gaming development companies are leveraging this trend to integrate the best crypto for the Metaverse game platform, helping players exchange NFTs using cryptocurrency. 
Metaverse gaming crypto Apps not only allow players to showcase their gameplay skills and earn real money rewards but also offer them top-notch security that keeps their financial and personal data safe and confidential. If you are fascinated by the concept of metaverse crypto game development, hire a metaverse developer that can fulfil your expectations and benchmark by creating unique and feature-packed metaverse crypto gaming apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 How Is Metaverse Related To Crypto? 

Metaverse and cryptocurrencies are linked to each other. Metaverse offers a virtual space to players by which they can exchange digital assets using virtual currency, i.e., cryptocurrency.

Q.2 What Are The Best Crypto To Invest In For Metaverse? 

Here is the metaverse games crypto list
1. ApeCoin (APE)
2. The Sandbox (SAND)
3. Decentraland (MANA)
4. Highstreet (HIGH)
5. Floki Inu (FLOKI)
6. Metahero (HERO)
7. Virtua (TVK)

Q.3 How To Create Metaverse Game?

In order to create metaverse games, one must follow a pre-defined set of stages, including: 
1. Market research 
2. UI/UX design 
3. Development 
4. Testing & QA 
5. Deployment

Q.4 How To Buy Metaverse Crypto? 

Buying metaverse crypto is the same as buying any other digital currency like Ethereum, bitcoin, etc., on the crypto exchanges. In order to buy Metaverse gaming crypto coins, one must have to sign up for the crypto exchange platform and choose payment details to buy coins of their choice. 

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