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Top 11 Python Frameworks For Game Development

Game Development
May 01, 2023
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Python Frameworks For Game App Development

The current gaming industry is undergoing a tech transformation with the advent of technology and modern programming languages. However, have you ever wondered which programming language was used to develop some of the most popular game apps like Battlefield 2, World of Tanks, and Pirates of the Caribbean? These games have been developed using the Python programming language. 

The concept of using Python frameworks for game app development is gaining popularity worldwide and has emerged as an outstanding choice for developers to quickly build feature-rich video games. According to a survey conducted by Statista, Python ranks at the second top of the list of the most wanted programming languages among developers worldwide in 2022. This clearly suggests how the Python game development framework is making the entire gaming industry streamlined and seamless.

Here in this blog, we are going to present you with the 11 best frameworks for Python game development that you can opt for as a game development company or a gaming entrepreneur for your next project. 

What Are Python Frameworks? 

Python game frameworks are the collection of modules and packages that allows developers to write and proceed further with game development for various platforms Android, iOS, Windows mobile etc. With this, developers don’t need to take a record of details like processes, protocols, or thread management. It is of paramount importance to choose the best frameworks for game development, and it basically depends on the type and complexity of the project you are handling. 

Why Choose Python for Games Development?

Python game framework makes it easy for developers to develop games. In response to the gaming industry’s rapid growth, Python development has established itself as an excellent choice for developers seeking to develop video games quickly. Because of its clear, clean syntactic structure, it seems an easy option for game developers to begin with video game development.  

The following are some of the great benefits of using the Python framework for game development: 

  • Easy to use UI. 
  • Freely available to download. 
  • Extensive support for external libraries
  • An efficient data structure
  • Python can be easily integrated into any existing application. 
  • Reusability of code.
  • Debugging is easy.
  • Python is one of the best object-oriented game programming frameworks. 
  • Great integrated development environment
  • The portable framework offers support for pretty much all operating systems.
  • Due to Python’s open-source nature, anyone can modify it to meet their requirements.
  • Amongst other frameworks for game development such as C, Java, and Swift, Python is easy to understand and easy to code in.
  • Excellent documentation makes it easy for beginners to gain knowledge about the different features of the Python programming language. 
  • Good community support system.

There are hundreds or thousands of games built using Python programming languages. Some of the most popular games are mentioned below. 

  • EVE Online
  • Disney’s ToonTown Online
  • Battlefield2
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization IV
  • Frets on Fire
  • Freedom Force
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • World of Tanks
  • The Sims 4
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Types of Python Game Framework 

Python game frameworks are broadly classified into three categories. Here we have created a Python framework list for you: 

1. Full Stack Framework 

Full-stack development is for both front-end and back-end development. Front-end is like graphics design, User Interface & back-end is a database, security and business logic. 

2. Microframework

Micro frameworks are the definition of lightweight. We can say that a micro-framework is the opposite of a full-stack framework in some ways. In the word microframework, “micro” signifies that the framework’s “core is simple but extensible”. The component of the fundamental full-stack framework is a database management system and security measures. 

3. Asynchronous Framework

Asynchronous programs are event-driven, rather than line-by-line operational handling. In line-by-line operations, one function runs after the other. Asynchronous code is non-blocking and does not wait for one event to execute before starting others. 

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11 Best Python Game Development Frameworks

The following Python framework list represents the 11 best Python libraries that are of utmost importance for developers worldwide. They offer plentiful lucrative resources and elements that cater to the player-centric demands of the users.

1. Pygame

Pygame is an open-source Python library created with the help of C, Python, Native, and OpenGL. By using the Pygame framework multimedia video games are developed on top of the SDL library. Pygame allows the developer to build feature-packed multimedia games that offer users with uninterrupted and seamless gameplay experiences. It is highly portable and used on all platforms or operations systems.


Features of Pygame

  1. Usable with all operating systems.
  2. Multiple CPUs can be used easily
  3. Lower coding needed

2. PyKyra

PyKyra is one of the second-best Python frameworks for app development used by developers worldwide. This is the fastest game development framework for Python. Pykyra is based on both Software and Documentation Localisation (SDL) & Kyra engine. It has all the standard features and it supports MPEG Video, Sound such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wav, etc., multi-channel files, and direct images. 


Feature of PyKyra-

  1. Run on various platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, Solaris, and POSIX. 
  2. Fastest game development framework 
  3.  It supports MPEG Videos, MP3 Sound and multi-channel files, etc. 

3. Pyglet

Pyglet is another open-source, cross-platform windowing & multimedia Python library used for video game development. Pyglet is a powerful Python library. Using Python for game development,  developers can create games and other visuals on Mac, OS X, Windows, and Linux. It supports OpenGL graphics, Joysticks, User interface event handling, Loading images and video, and playing sounds and music. It runs under Python 3.5+ & works on other Python interpreters like PyPy.

Features of Pyglet- 

  1. No additional installation or dependencies required
  2. Support for Videos & Audio 
  3. Written in 100 % pure Python 
  4. It supports Python2 & Python 3 both.

4. PyOpenGL

PyOpenGL is one of the most commonly-crossed Python bindings to OpenGL & related APIs. PyOpenGL is a standard bridge between Python and OpenGL APIs. It supports multiple operating systems like X11, macOS & Windows. With the help of PyOpenGL, you can easily handle videos and audio libraries. 


Features of PyOpenGL- 

  • Built-in shaders for common use cases
  • Cross-language support
  • Dedicated cross-platform API for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. 

5. Kivy

Kivy is one of the best and cross-platform Python frameworks for mobile app development. 

It has a novel user interface like a multi-touch application. It can be run on Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. It can natively use inputs, protocols, and devices.  The framework is powered by the GPU (Graphic Technic Unit) library which is used to accelerate the speed of your development. It comes with more than 20 widgets that are highly extensible. Kivy is a very popular engine for developing mobile game applications.


Features of Kivy-

  1. A graphical library OpenGL ES 2.
  2. To design custom widgets, support multi-notch.
  3. Natural User Interface.

6. Panda3D

Panda3D is written in Python and C++. It is an open-source and completely free-to-use game engine. This is used for real-time 3D games, visualizations, simulations, experiments, and more. It supports third-party libraries like Bullet physics engine, OpenAL, FMOD sound library, and Assimp model loader. The power of graphics cards is exposed by the use of an easy-to-use API. Panda3D increases the speed of C++ with the ease of Python. Overall a good learning experience after doing Panda3D. Panda3D is the fastest downloadable free game engine among others. 

Features of Panda3D-

  1. Written in C++
  2. Asset handling is flexible 
  3. Performance profiling 
  4. Rapid Prototyping

7. Ren’Py

Ren’Py is written in Python and Cython, it’s a free and cross-platform engine for digital storytelling that makes it easy to combine with real words, images, and sounds to create visual novels and life simulations. With the help of Ren’Py, developers can work with complex logic games as it runs all operating systems.

Features of Ren’Py-

  1. Multi-language supportive
  2. Runs all operating systems
  3. Can create visual novels 

8. Python-Ogre 

It is a Python binding of a C++ library for the OGRE3D engine. It is a cross-platform Python framework for software development. Python-Ogre inherits speed and flexibility. It is written in C++ and has a 3D rendering engine. PyOgre has two libraries; the first one is Ogre3D, which is a rendering engine and the second one is GEGUi which is an embedded GUI system. 

Features of Python-Ogre –

  1. Free computer libraries 
  2. Python Libraries 
  3. Free 3-D Graphics

9. Cocos2D 

Cocos2D is an open-source cross-platform Python framework for game app development that supports 2D and 3D  game creation. This is written in Python, C++, and Objective C. Being one of the best frameworks for game development, Python is used to create a web platform like Django that can be used to build games, apps, and other cross-platform GUI-based programs. The framework makes use of a thin platform-dependent layer that can be used to build games, apps, and other cross-platform.

Features of Cocos2D-

  1. Animation 
  2. Physics system 
  3. Editor support
  4. Multiple frameworks 

10. Godot Engine

Godot engine is another add-on to our list of Python frameworks list 2023 an engine for 2D & 3D game development. Due to its pixel-based measurement system, the Godot shines when it comes to 2D. It is an incredibly versatile engine for 3D game development. The node-based interface is helpful and new. 

Features of Godot-

  1. Innovative design 
  2. Gorgeous graphic design 
  3. Animate everything 
  4. Debug & Optimize 
  5. Can create 2-D games with ease 

11. PySoy

PySoy is a cross-platform Python framework for game development that enables developers to build and deploy games on the cloud. This is designed for OpenGL ES 2.0 to run virtually. PySoy is the best game engine for Python.

Features of PySoy

  • Easy syntax and less code required
  • Can be used with machine learning/artificial intelligence

Which Framework Is Best For Python Beginners?

Pygame is the perfect game programming framework for Python beginners. This is an open-source library, which is used for developing multimedia applications, including games. Pygame framework games are on top of an excellent SDL library. SDL library is a combination of C, Python, Native, and OpenGL. Pygame framework is highly portable and runs on all operating systems and is easy to code and implement. 

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How Do You Create A Framework?

If you want to develop a Python framework, it is necessary that you are aware of what it consists of. A framework mainly consists of URL, routing, 3D modules & templates. You have to understand all sections and indeed learn. After developing all sections, join or add them. Once when all the components are in an operating situation, please create a project and test it. After successful testing, upload it to PyPI. 

Is Pygame Best Python framework-

Yes, Pygame is the best Python framework to develop a game app. It is an open-source Python library, which is easy to code, easily usable, and can be operated on all operating systems. 

Final Words 

Developers have been using Python for game development for the last few years. Its outstanding interface, unmatched features and innovative support system are what make it highly preferable among developers worldwide. Games like Battlefield 2, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Freedom Force, and World of Tanks are developed with Python frameworks. Unlike other frameworks for game development, the Python programming framework is easy to code, freely available to download, and features reusable codes that offer convenience to developers. 

If you are fascinated by the concept of using Python frameworks for game development, contact BR Softech, the best mobile game development company offering top-notch game development services using Python as the main programming language. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Why Choose Python Game Framework? 

Here is a list of using Python for game development 
1. Reliable 
2. Flexible and versatile 
3. Easy to learn and use 
4. High performance 
5. Large community use 

Q.2 What Are The Most Common Python Game Engines? 

Unity, unreal and Godot are the most common Python game engines in 2023. 

Q.3 What Are The Most Popular Programming Languages In 2023? 

The most famous programming language in 2023 are: 
1. Python 
2. Javascript 
3. C
4. C++

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