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Metaverse Social Media Platform Development: How is it Revolutionizing Social Media

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Jan 18, 2023
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Metaverse Social Media Platform Development

Social media has always been an integral part of our lives. However, soon after the advancement of technology, it has become more than just a part. Metaverse being the latest tech trend revolutionized every other sector, domain and industry in a manner like none other. Social media is not an exception when it comes to metaverse solutions. Contemporary technologies like AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, and NFTs are transforming the social media platform to the next level. 

Metaverse has become mainstream today as it has already entered the social media platforms by making it much more connected, streamlined and engaged. Moreover, the concept of metaverse social media platform development has enticed many global social media investors to grow their user base and profit margins. Today, many social media companies from online dating to video sharing are leveraging the power of the metaverse and its set of technologies to make their platform highly profitable, decentralized and credible. 

If you are interested in metaverse development for social media platforms, here is the guide for you! In this blog, we will discuss all the aspects related to the topic such as cost, benefits, process and much more. 

What is Metaverse? 


Metaverse is a virtual platform where one can interact, move, work and engage with each other using technologies like AR, VR, AI, and Blockchain. All you need to do is just have a stable internet connection and VR headset to get connected from the comfort of your home. Metaverse development is not a new concept today as leading brands from across the globe are leveraging metaverse to lead the market in a manner like none other. Global brands like Nike, Zara, Gucci, and Roblox are making the most of the metaverse to tap a wider audience and generate next-level revenues. 

How is Metaverse Transforming Social Media? 

Social media has become more than just a platform as it evolved as a robust digital media medium it allows users to interact and share their thoughts and views virtually. However, the growth of social media platforms has become manifold as various brands have started building their ecosystems having billions of users. Having said that, the metaverse is also contributing to the growth of social media by increasing its user base, and opportunities for revenue sources. 

By leveraging the metaverse social media platform, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and next-level cybersecurity. Moreover, this will make your application or site much safer, more advanced and streamlined. By leveraging our metaverse development services, you will get to experience high-level safety standards, and data protection policies. As a result, social media networking as a business will see massive growth and stability in the future

Why Invest in Metaverse Social Media Platforms? 

The demand for metaverse development is reaching new heights of success, so investing in the metaverse social media platform would be the right and profitable option for your business. With the metaverse social media network, you will not only be able to reach a massive user base but also be able to generate next-level revenues. Having said that, BUD, a social media app has gained $60 billion in a very short period of time by leveraging the next-generation technology metaverse. The app was launched as a free-to-use platform where users can create their own digital avatars and move freely with the use of tech trends like AR, VR, and blockchain. 

The app gradually became one of the top 10 social apps in almost 40 countries. This was a massive change that everyone noticed. Soon after that, many brands incorporated metaverse to make a difference. But the metaverse social media platform development is not an overnight task and hence requires expert advice. Therefore, one must hire an experienced development company for end-to-end metaverse development services.

Today with the rising demand for metaverse development, many investors are interested in developing their metaverse tokens to get ownership of their digital assets. If you want to know more about the same, here is the guide for you! 

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Benefits of Metaverse Social Media Network

Social networking is a medium through which users can engage, share and interact with each other digitally without having any physical visits. With the implementation of the metaverse, you can do wonders with unique deliverables, increasing your user base, and a wide range of monetization opportunities. Here is the list of advantages that you can get from metaverse social media networks. 

Metaverse Social Media Network

1. Interoperability

Metaverse solution can save a lot of your costs because of its interoperable nature. The USP of metaverse interoperability, which allows users to share data and interact across different and independent social media spaces. 

2. Real-time Experience 

With metaverse, users can enjoy the real-time experience from the comfort of their homes. The metaverse special media platform allows users to get personalized and convenient methods to connect and communicate with others. 

3. Data Privacy 

Metaverse being a decentralized system keeps all the user information and data encrypted in a safe and secure manner. This means the data you share via different social media platforms are safely handled in precision. 

4. Compatibility and Connectivity 

People highly appreciate a platform that provides seamless compatibility and connectivity when it comes to communication and collaboration. Metaverse social media platform allows users to connect with each other in a seamless manner. 

5. Digital Learning 

After the pandemic, social media apps and platforms are highly used as tutoring platforms. Even during the pandemic when people were forced to remain under their roofs, online platforms emerged as the most popular platform to learn things. Youtube and Zoom meetings became integral parts of their lives. Metaverse social media networks can take your online education venture to the next level. 

6. High Reach 

Metaverse is a highly competitive and emerging concept that has grabbed the attention of investors from different parts of the world. By integrating metaverse technology into your social media apps you can easily enhance and augment your user base in an effortless way. 

7. Multiple Monetization Strategies 

Metaverse developers can help you create a social media platform that can promote your unique collectables and items in a systematic manner. Social media networks allow you to leverage multiple monetization strategies such as affiliate marketing, Youtube marketing, Email marketing, content marketing, and advertising. 

Now that you know the benefits of metaverse development, you must be wondering about how to develop a metaverse business. Fret not, here is the guide for you! 

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How To Develop Metaverse Social Media Platform Development 

Metaverse development is a hard nut to crack as it requires the collaborative efforts of designers, developers, marketing professionals and testing experts. Here is the set of stages that will help you develop a best-in-class social media platform that has the capability to reach a massive population in the shortest period of time. 

Develop Metaverse Social Media Platform Development

A. Select a Metaverse Architecture 

The first and foremost step is to choose a metaverse architecture or platform on which you have to build your app or website. You can take inspiration from the existing social media metaverse platform such as Facebook Meta. you can also create a metaverse platform from scratch while incorporating unique features. There are various types of metaverse platforms that are available in the market such as Decentraland, the Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Roblox, and Sorare. While you can take help from an experienced metaverse development company that can provide you with tech-enabled and end-to-end metaverse development services. 

B. Create The Metaspace 

The second step is to successfully develop a metaspace. A metaspace is generally a platform that generally consists of a software application, a virtually simulated meeting room, a projection screen, a digital center, etc. A meta space is a virtual platform that allows users to interact and communicate with each other within the ecosystem. 

C. Establish an Immersive Element 

A metaspace without an interactive element will look like a sea without water. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you incorporate interactive and engaging elements within that ecosystem. These elements will include accessibility restrictions, customer capabilities, customer communication methods and navigation handles. 

D. Constrict an Open-Source Framework 

Open source framework solves half of the problem of metaverse developers by cutting off a lot of effort, time, energy and event expenditures. Building an interoperable system will help you facilitate data exchange and dissemination across the different platforms in one go. The compatibility of this framework is to provide users flexibility to acquire information and assets independently. The ecosystem also supports the free flow of money and transactions that maintain the confidentiality of users’ data and financial details. With the optimization of blockchain technology, the framework supports open, safe and decentralized activities. 

If you are interested in developing a metaverse game development, make sure to check out this guide. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Metaverse Social Media Platform? 

It is nearly impossible to define the exact cost of the metaverse social media network platform until and unless we don’t know the exact project specification and details. Metaverse solutions are in high demand and because of rising demand, the cost to develop a metaverse ecosystem is relatively higher than ever before. On average, the cost to develop a metaverse social media platform with basic features and functionalities will be around $35,000 to $45,000. The cost may shoot up to $55,000 and more depending on the complexity and advancement of your platform. 

Here is the idea of cost estimation of different development phases that you must take care of to set a budget in advance.

Development ProcessDevelopment Cost 
UX/UI Design$8,000-$10,000
Native Platform Development$5,000-$6,000
Backend Development$8,000-$10,000
Admin Panel for Web Development$6,000-$10,000
Testing & Q/A$8,000-$10,000
Final Cost$35,000-$45,000

There are different factors affecting the overall cost of metaverse social media platform development. These factors are as follows: 

  • The complexity of the features 
  • Level of the graphics 
  • The location of the developers 
  • Tech stack 
  • Customer support 
  • Marketing

Why Choose BR Softech as a Metaverse Social Media Platform Development? 

Being a pioneer in the metaverse development industry, BR Softech has a team of certified and experienced developers who can take your business to the next level. We aim to optimize the latest tech stack and trends to design, develop and deploy metaverse game development that is of high value and scalable, reliable, and credible. Our developers have helped ‘N’ number of clients to deliver metaverse development services, including metaverse video games, metaverse token development and metaverse-backed app development. Choose us to get: 

  • Customizable services 
  • On-time delivery of the project 
  • Latest tech stack 
  • Professional team of developers 
  • Affordable metaverse solutions 
  • Innovative UX/UI aspects of the platform 

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Final Words 

As per the stats, it is clearly visible that metaverse has created a great impact on almost every sector, industry and domain. Social media has also seen a great change with the advent of technology and metaverse solutions. Metaverse social media platform development has revolutionized the entire function of social interaction and communication by making it much more flawless, instant and streamlined. If you are fascinated by the metaverse world and want to leverage its power, make sure to hire a renowned metaverse game development company, having years of experience in developing metaverse platforms. Choose BR Softech to get innovation and excellence at its best. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How long does it take to develop a metaverse social media platform?

It takes around 2 to 3 months to develop and deliver end-to-end metaverse development service

Q.2 What are the key features of metaverse solutions?

Our metaverse developers at BR Softech incorporate high-end features such as safe payment integrations, multi-currency support, multi-lingual, and customer support.

Q.3 What is so unique about metaverse-backed social media platforms?

 Metaverse social media platform development allows users to interact, communicate and disseminate information in a flexible way. The unique thing about metaverse social media platforms is that they are open, decentralized systems that keep user data and information safe and secure. Read More

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