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Invest in Mobile Gaming Industry Trends and Statistics

written by Krati Khandelwal | Sep 16, 2022
Invest in Mobile Gaming Industry Statistics and Trends

A significant change has occurred in the mobile game industry due to the growth of game users. There is no doubt that this change has resulted in more revenues being generated for the industry. Thus, game developers, marketers, and other operators have a lot to invest in mobile gaming industry trends and statistics.

If you want to capitalize on this opportunity, you will benefit greatly from being informed about relevant trends and statistics. Making smart decisions and building your business will be easier when you possess these skills, along with industry knowledge. As of 2021, mobile gaming is projected to generate $93.2B, up 7.3% from last year.  Mobile gaming generates more revenue than music and film combined. To understand what gaming will look like in 2022, let’s look at more statistics and trends.

The Epidemic Drove of Mobile Gaming Industry Growth in 2022-23

Over the forecast period, 2022 – 2027, the mobile gaming market is predicted to register a CAGR of 12.5%. Global business practices have been affected by COVID-19. However, the mobile gaming industry growth has benefited from the pandemics. People were able to find relief from these challenging times through mobile gaming.

During the global quarantine, mobile games helped relieve stress, provide entertainment, and provide social connections.

Study Period2020-2027
the Base Year2022
Fastest Growing MarketAsia-Pacific
Largest MarketNorth America
CAGR12.5 %

What Is The Mobile Game Industry Statistics For 2022-23

There is another milestone for the mobile gaming market. $103.5 billion is predicted to be achieved this year. Over half of all gaming revenue will come from mobile games by 2022.

As a result, the money generated by the mobile gaming business is greater than that of the music and film industries.

 The following are some mobile game industry statistics:

  • There were 82.98 billion games downloaded in 2021.
  • Mobile games generate a total of 57% of gaming income.
  • It is the fastest-growing and most significant region for mobile games in the Asia Pacific.
  • There has been an increase in Google Play income of 19.6% compared with 13.2% in iOS App Store income.
  • Android apps account for 21% of downloads, while iOS apps account for 25%.

Augmented Reality Gaming

The concept of augmented reality gaming can be described as the combination of game visuals and audio content so users can view and interact with the game in real time. In contrast to VR gaming, AR gaming builds a playing field based on the present environment.

The headsets you need for AR systems aren’t actually specialized. Mobile gaming devices such as tablets, smartphones, and other portable gaming systems allow users to view, access, and play augmented reality games.

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming’s Ascension

It is a highly mesmerizing experience for gamers to experience VR (Virtual Reality). The VR headset allows gamers to interact with objects in a virtual environment. As time progresses, we can expect that graphic quality and VR games’ overall quality will also improve. Mobile games will be greatly impacted by VR in the future due to the global revenue generated from the sale of VR accessories, HMDs, and content.

Gaming and Artificial Intelligence

A better gaming experience is undoubtedly provided by AI models. Your game’s success or failure could be determined by AI in game development. The popularity of technologies like AR and VR has already been mentioned. Gaming will be forever changed by the combination of AR, VR, and AI.

Games based on NFTs and Blockchain

The mobile gaming industry trends are becoming increasingly dependent on blockchain and NFTs. As with cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin, NFTs are quite similar. Real estate, music, artwork, and other non-fungible assets are tokenized with these tokens. Blockchains, on the other hand, provide durability due to their consensus algorithms.

Reasons to Invest in the Mobile Gaming Industry

Reasons to Invest in the Mobile Gaming Industry

In the mobile gaming world, you should be aware of the following significant reasons to invest in mobile gaming industry statistics:

1. Earn by Playing

There have been many business models for free and paid games, but play-to-earn (P2E) is the most influential. Blockchain-based P2E games offer real-time income that can be stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. Players can even resell their assets at any time.

In contrast, players who play to earn can gain money and resources through trading. It is possible to exchange them for cryptocurrencies and convert them into real money outside the game.

2. Companies involved in gaming

The size and breadth of the game market have attracted big entertainment and tech companies to experiment with games in the last year.

Games are now available on iOS devices worldwide, even as Netflix moves away from its core business model. Moreover, social media apps like TikTok and Snapchat can be great publishing platforms.

3. Metaverse growth

During the past year, “metaverse” has become a buzzword. The metaverse for the industry is not yet clear, but most likely, it will look like this:

  • Consistent
  • Concurrent users are not restricted
  • Alive and synchronized
  • An economy that functions smoothly
  • Thousands of contributors create and manage its content and experiences
  • Data and digital assets are interoperable like never before

The question is, how? Is there anything different this time? Listed below are five reasons mobile gaming has a surprisingly bright future.

Ways to Invest In The Gaming Industry

1. Mobile gamers are more likely to play than console gamers.

Providing the mobile game becomes widespread, it may have a higher profit margin than a similar console game. What’s the reason? The reason is that almost everyone has access to a smartphone, but gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox need to be purchased exclusively to play the hobby, making them more expensive right out of the box.

Take a quick look at the mobile game industry revenue of some of the most well-known mobile games in 2021, we can gain some perspective:

A gameAmount of income in 2021
Mobile version of PUBGOver $2,8 billion
Impact of GenshinAn estimated $1.88 billion
The Pokemon Go gameAn estimated $1,2 billion
Game Crush SagaAn estimated $1.20 billion

Google Play Store downloads for these apps range from 50 million to a billion. Downloads are indeed a significant variable, but other factors are also important, like player retention, time spent in the game, and gamification levels.

2. Income from microtransactions can be recurring

Paying for mobile games is often overlooked at first glance. Mobile gaming is a big disappointment because of this. In light of the fact that 90 percent of all apps are free, people also expect mobile games to be free. There is, however, an immediate turn-off for many developers when they learn they will not get an upfront fee.

Mobile game developers are forced to follow the freemium model, wherein microtransactions are used to monetize items like outfits and weapons in the game.

3. The power of smartphones is increasing.

Furthermore, gaming phones have become increasingly popular. Some features that regular phones do not offer aren’t available on gaming phones. Dedicated gaming modes, cooling systems, shoulder triggers, and headphone jacks are all important to certain gamers, particularly competitive ones.

4. Mobile gaming advances with 5G

5G Mobile networks do not yet have a global standard. The 5G industry has much to offer, particularly to mobile gaming, even though its adoption isn’t as rapid as tech giants hoped. As a result of 5G, mobile games will have faster download speeds, lower latency, and short loading times in comparison to console games.

With 5G, you’ll have the option to try out more games before purchasing or downloading. Several titles are available as demos on the Play Store, but the selection is limited. In addition to increasing discoverability, 5G will speed up the process of finding the games you enjoy.

5. Mobile Games that Integrate AR and VR

And multiplayer experiences, 5G will make it easier to integrate augmented reality and virtual reality into mobile games. On the Play Store, there are VR apps, but they don’t show what the technology can accomplish. VR and AR cannot be properly exploited on 4G since it lacks the power required.

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How to Find the Gaming Industry For Mobile Game Development Services?

The gaming app development industry is now considering allowing external shareholders to invest in it and earn profits later on. Various investors have benefited from this; from tech giants to new entrants, there is an avenue for profit and growth. 

  • Companies that develop games are good investments

In mobile game development services should opt for this route if they have some knowledge of the market. Many companies devote a large amount of resources, time, and money to creating their own IPs. In such companies, you can invest easily since they already have a solid foundation for creating a variety of games on a variety of platforms and genres. Therefore, it is regarded as a safe and secure investment.

  • Consider investing in new kinds of games

In the event that a new game has a compelling concept, investing in it could be worth the risk. Investing in a game that has a good chance of commercial success increases the chances of investors making a handsome return on their investment.  Games can become popular even if they are ordinary if they are properly marketed; therefore, those looking for financial opportunities should always look for new ways to market games.

  • Choose well-known games

For novice investors without much gaming knowledge, this is the wrong way to invest in new game concepts. High return volumes can be consistently achieved by investing in already popular games. As a result, investments are kept in a relatively safe zone and the risk factor is reduced.

Gaming offers investors a host of opportunities and the good news is that it is still in its infancy and the revenue potential is just beginning to emerge.

Insanely Profitable Mobile Games: How to Make Them?

Profitable Mobile Games: How to Make Them?

There is a huge potential for mobile game industry revenue. Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird, etc., are just a few of the number one success stories in the gaming world today. Many have been inspired to develop mobile games and to outsource mobile games. Within one week of purchasing their smartphone, 62% of users download a game.  The market potential here is enormous.

The U.S. population of mobile phone gamers is projected to reach 213 million by 2020, according to Statista research. As a result of this data, developers have a significant opportunity to satisfy people’s demands for new entertainment options in the mobile market.

You can build a profitable gaming application by following these eight key points.

1. Storytelling

In the gaming world, stories matter a lot. Regardless of the storyline’s simplicity, your players will need a purpose to complete your mobile game. It is not difficult to create a story. It is easy to make a story for your game by answering these questions about your characters:

  • Who are the story’s heroes and villains?
  • In what ways are they solid and weak?
  • Is there a reason why they are fighting?
  • What will the hero do to win?

2. Simplicity Rules

It is very important to keep a mobile app’s user interface and engine simple, stupid when it comes to designing them. Your users shouldn’t be overwhelmed by a flood of menu items, buttons, and content during their first interaction with your product.

You should create a game app that is simple enough to be understood by a nine-year-old, regardless of the age of the target audience. Using an application again is more likely to be avoided when someone has to “work” for what they need or want. You shouldn’t make your users “work.”

3. A Great User Experience Matters a lot

If you Do not release your app if 50% of users crash on startup. If you have to tap more than three times to get to your app’s main functionality, you’ve got a UI issue that needs to be fixed. The release is not a good idea. A bad monetization strategy or unfairly pushing ads will damage your app’s monetization. The release is not a good idea. Depending on the specifics of your game, you can mess up the user experience in about a novel’s worth of ways. You should keep your design elements as light as possible. Intricate details in your game’s design could have a negative impact on its performance. While ensuring a good user experience, keep design weight to a minimum.

4. Make Your Dreams a Reality

Having a good user experience and finding a niche (which you still must do) is not enough to achieve monumental success. Put your spin on it. Transform a complex, old genre into a simple, touch-friendly one. 

5. Invest in User Acquisition

Nowadays, it is tough and complex to get pure organic growth. Formulas that work every time do not exist.

Almost everyone is online, and those who want to start an online business are looking for the secret to attracting customers.

This isn’t a trick. Hundreds of games and apps compete for your attention on the app market.

It is vital to know what players are looking for in mobile games in order to attract them to download and interact with them. It is therefore useful to collaborate with experts in game user marketing who have gained thousands of players through successful promotion of video games. It will be easier for them now that they have the road map.

6. Create a monetization strategy

The next step after your game app has been accepted by the marketplace of your choice is to monetize it.

Is it possible for your game app to earn decent profits? Here are some tips for monetizing your mobile game app.

  • Incorporate in-app purchases

Additional app revenue streams can be generated by adding in-app purchases and third-party ads. Make sure this aspect of monetization is balanced.

  • App Cross-Marketing

You can cross-market your game app with other game app developers. In exchange for their doing the same in your app, this is similar to an ad exchange program. 

  • Gaming with real money is included

Real money gaming should be included whenever possible. Although gambling with real money may not be permitted everywhere, it is undoubtedly a great source of revenue in countries where it is accepted. 

7. Utilizing social media to its full potential

Despite how cliche it may sound. When it works, social media can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Social media marketing success lies in either of two things:

 Making your games more viral.

 A good surge in downloads during your initial launch can be achieved by developing a large audience.

8. The Right Developers Should be Chosen

Developing successful mobile games requires outsourcing game developers. Your idea must be transformed into a lucrative business by a developer of a mobile game development company with the requisite skills. Your initiatives will require support from experienced developers because mobile unity 3D game development is complex.

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What are the Chances of Making Money Playing Games?

Playing games can earn you money. Gamers can make money by participating in professional gaming tournaments, creating video game content, and live streaming their gameplay.

Depending on which games you play, what content you create game app, which platforms you use, and how much time you devote to the activity, you can make a lot of money playing video games.

Games can pay gamers anywhere from $20 an hour to $200 an hour, but no average can be established. You can increase your earnings by participating in games tournaments, which often offer cash prizes and other incentives. Depending on the tournament, game tournaments can pay thousands of dollars.

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How to Start a Mobile Gaming Business?

How to Start a Mobile Gaming Business?

There are three distinct elements to a mobile game business or company: playing the game, developing the game or coding it, and running the business. Each requires a different set of skills. When starting a mobile game company, keep these things in mind:

1. There might be a need for assistance.

Despite your good skills in game development, you might need assistance. Find a partner for your small business. Defining roles and responsibilities is essential when bringing in people to help. Is a marketing person on the way? It would be best if he could focus on the creation of strategies on how you will launch your company and product if that is the case.    

2. Choose a genre.

Are you looking for a game that your grandfather enjoyed? Ensure it’s the right decision. There are about 18 categories of games on Apple’s website, while Google has more than 20. Consider entering a genre or type that isn’t overcrowded. An indicator of the market size would be how many games have been updated recently.     

3. Utilize your expertise.

There’s already too much competition in the genre, and you know what it takes to stand out. Why not engage it? Determine whether you can provide something new based on the offerings of existing games.

4. Pitch your idea.

It will be necessary for you to deliver an elevator pitch or a boardroom pitch, regardless of where you’re sitting. As you seek investors, be sure you have a clear vision, a working prototype, and a business plan.

The following few points can assist you in drafting a sound business plan.

In conclusion,

If you want to invest in the mobile gaming industry trends then you need to hire a custom game development company. However, Developers & designers from BR Softech are certified to build mobile game apps. As a prominent mobile game development company committed to mobile gaming app development, we deliver 2D to 3D interactive mobile games for both iOS and Android devices. Because we provide different gaming concepts and services compatible with all devices, we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

We offer outstanding mobile game applications that can reach millions of devices due to our extensive industry experience and access to the latest technologies. For more information, please contact us.

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