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On-Demand Logistics and Transportation App Development: Features, Cost, Benefits & More

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Oct 18, 2021
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Competition is evident across all businesses in modern times. It does not leave the logistics and transportation business untouched. Just like other industries, the logistics and transportation industry also relies on technology to stand out in the competition. A logistics and transportation app development can monitor all business activities 24*7 and allow the business to maximize the delivery volume in the minimum time possible. 

A logistic app will make it simpler for the business to track fleet, route management, driver location, and everything will be done in an organized manner. In short, the logistics and transportation app makes it simple for entrepreneurs to keep a tab on every process of the business. 

If you are a business involved in the logistics and transportation sector and want to leverage the power of technology, but wondering about the logistics and transportation app development cost, features, and how you can benefit from it? Then you’re at the correct place.

In this blog, we are going to make you aware of all the essentials of logistic mobile app development

Benefits of On-demand Logistics and Transportation App Development

Before investing in logistics app development, it is worth knowing the benefits. Here in this post, we will shed some light on the benefits. 

1. Vehicle Tracking

Accuracy goes a long way to improving the quality of a business. Vehicle tracking is one of the prominent features of the logistics application, which ensures the on-time delivery of the goods. The admin and the customer can see the real-time location of the vehicle. In the case of vehicle breakdown, GPS can be used to reach the vehicle in the minimum time. 

2. Easy Online Booking 

Now as the smartphone is accessible to a large population of the world. Having a logistics application will provide the customers with a convenient option to make the booking online.

3. Effective Fleet and Warehouse Management

A logistics and transportation business is all about effective fleet and warehouse management. A logistics and transportation application can collect all the required fleet and warehouse management information and make it present to the admin in an organized manner. Admin can utilize this information to take suitable actions to improve the productivity and the efficiency of the business. 

4. Minimal Paperwork

In the earlier days, when a customer requested the delivery of a package, the information used to be written on paper. This is quite a challenging task for large organizations where hundreds of requests are received every day. With the adaptation of logistics and transportation applications, such things can be avoided and the entire process can be streamlined. 

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Types of On-demand Logistics and Transportation Applications


1. Fleet Management

As the name predicts, such applications are used to collect fleet-related data including real-time fleet location. You can manage all your vehicles efficiently using this application. 

2. Logistics On-demand

Such an application is used to deliver the goods to the customer as per their requirement. This enables the customers to avail themselves of your business services in the way they want. 

3. Warehouse Management

Such applications are intended to simplify the traditional warehouse management process. This enables retrieving the correct information with no delay in an organized manner to ensure an effective run of a logistic business.

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4. Tracking & Monitoring 

Such an application works for both customers and businesses. With the help of a live tracking feature, customers and businesses can see the driver’s real-time location and route. 

5. All-in-one Logistics and Transportation App

The all-in-one logistics and transportation app has all the features we have explained above. Therefore, it becomes highly beneficial for the customer, business, and drivers. 

Features of the On-demand Logistics and Transportation App Development


Three panels need to be developed for the successful operation of a logistics mobile app development. Let’s take a look at them and discuss them in brief. 

User Panel

The user panel is accessible to customers and facilitates them to operate the application. 

User Registration

This is the essential feature of the logistics application. Users can register either using their email account or social media account. 

Vehicle Catalogue


Users have the option to browse through all the vehicles available to take the shipment order. This will make it easy for the user to select the preferred mode of the vehicle as per their need. 

Scheduling and Managing Booking


This feature will enable the users to see all the available vehicles and they can make bookings according to their time and date. 

Shipment Tracking

This is one of the most demanding features of logistics and transportation shipment tracking app developmentThis feature aids the users to track their consignments as soon as the consignment leaves the warehouse.

Payment Gateway


To offer a hassle-free payment method to your customer, it is mandatory to incorporate the payment gateway. The payment gateway works as a mediator between you and your customers. It will prompt the customer to make payment using their preferred mode of payment and businesses will be able to receive the payment to their bank account.

Drop-off Location


The application needs to allow the customer to set the drop-off location. They can do so, either using the Google Map or feeding the location manually. 

Real-time Notifications

Real-time notifications are a great way to keep users informed about the latest and important information. 

Estimate Fare


This feature lets the customer know the expected prices they have to pay beforehand. For this purpose, the truck app development company can integrate the fare calculator. The calculator can estimate the fare depending on the weight of the package and delivery km. 

Rating & Feedback


This feature will empower the customer to share their experience of using the application. These suggestions will provide a great scope of improvement to your application. 

Driver Panel

Driver panel is an application used by drivers. Let’s see the essential features that need to be included in the driver panel.

Driver Login/Register


Similar to the customer panel, the driver panel also needs to have the login or register features. 

Request Management

All the customer’s requests proceed to the driver. The driver can accept or decline the customer’s request depending on availability. 

Profile Management

This feature enables the driver to update their profile. Also, they can make themselves available or busy to take customers’ requests. 


Navigation features suggest the best route for the driver to reach the customer’s location to ensure on-time delivery. 

Shipment Details

All the shipment details such as freight details, customer information, the destination need to be accessible on the driver’s screen.

Admin Panel

Admin panel is the most crucial part of logistics mobile app development. It gives the business power to manage the process. 


The dashboard displays all the essential information related to the driver and customer. The admin will be able to see all completed and pending orders in real-time. 

Fleet Management

This feature will enable the admin to see the live location of all the vehicles. Also, the admin can add or remove vehicles. 

Invoice Management

This feature empowers the admin to see all the transactions happening on the application. Also, the admin can approve the payment received by the driver. 

Drivers Management

This feature has proven helpful to manage and assign duties to the driver. Also, the admin can see all the overall performance of the driver. 


The admin can send a notification to the driver anytime related to the payment, package shipping, etc. 

Additional Features

The following additional features will ensure that your logistics and transportation app development gives you an edge in the competitive market. 

In-app Chat

In-app chat makes it easy for your customers to reach you. They will be able to raise their queries and your job will be to answer their queries. 

Real-time Analytics

This feature will benefit the business in the best way to make a wise selection. The admin will be able to see information such as orders received, orders completed, pending orders, the geographical areas from where most of the orders are received, etc. This information can be utilized to improve the service and quality of the business. 

Drivers safety 

The logistics and transportation business revolves around drivers. Therefore, it is best to incorporate some driver safety features at the time of logistics mobile app development

Cost of On-demand Logistics and Transportation App Development 

There is no definitive cost of logistics and transportation app development. The cost is variable depending on factors such as development company, development hours, design, choice of platform, and so forth.

So after considering the above factors, the development cost for a logistics mobile application with basic features will land up somewhere between $20,000 to $40,000. While the development cost can go as high as $80,000 to $140,000 depending on the complexity of the application. 

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