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Pay-to-Play Games Vs Play-to-Earn Games: An In-Depth Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Feb 06, 2023
pay tp play and play to earn

When you think about video games, the first and foremost thing that comes to the mind of players is how interactive and immersive they are. Who doesn’t love virtual games where they can do almost anything to make their own mark? We bet no one does! There are mainly two types of metaverse games that are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry, including pay-to-play Vs play-to-earn games. These metaverse Pay to Play Games have their own share of advantages and disadvantages that one must take care of when developing metaverse game models for their business. 

The emergence of metaverse gaming models has made the gameplay experience interactive and engaging, and thus players take part in pay-to-Play Vs play-to-earn games to improvise their gaming skills, knowledge and expertise. Most eSports game industry leaders are interested in developing their own metaverse game platform to keep up with the expectations of gamers and beat the rising competition of rising gaming platforms. 

If you want to create your own platform but are confused between metaverse gaming models, here is the guide showcasing Pay to play games Vs Play to earn games. 

What is Pay To Play Games? 

Pay-to-play games are the type of video game, wherein players need to pay money to access the gaming platform. They need to buy a gaming console and monthly or yearly subscriptions to the gaming platform. Apart from the accessibility of the game, gamers are required to purchase additional in-game elements like in-game currency and virtual elements and assets. 

These types of games often offer a realistic feel via visually-appealing graphics, seamless animation, and excellent sound effects. The platform features free-to-play games, which means you only need to invest once when you purchase the game accessibility. Some of the most successful pay-to-play games are the Call of Duty series, FIFA17, Grand Theft Auto V, and Overwatch. 

Most gamers invest handsome amounts of money to access the realistic gameplay experience via P2P games. So, if you are interested in entering the eSports game industry, hire an experienced game development company that can help you provide feature-rich P2P games that can help you make a fortune through multiple monetization strategies. 

What are Play-To-Earn Games? 

Play-to-earn or P2E games have a unique metaverse gaming model that combines the elements of both entertainment and rewards. These types of games leverage blockchain technology to enable players to interact within the gaming platform and earn real rewards in the form of digital currency like cryptocurrency and bitcoin. 

Players earn a variety of rewards by completing various in-game challenges such as tournaments, competitions, tasks, and daily missions. The rewards that gamers earn within the virtual world remain valid and authentic in the real world. 

The most successful Play to earn games are Spells of Genesis, CryptoKitties, and Steem Monsters.

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Impact of P2P and P2E Games On the Gaming Industry 

Pay-to-play and pay-to-earn business models have created a major impact on the gaming industry. Some gamers love to play games to increase their gameplay skills and entertainment. However, others play games to earn real cash rewards and exciting coupons. These rewards can be exchanged for cryptocurrency and real money. This trend is currently driving more and more people towards playing such games to polish their knowledge and skills and earn real money.

Impact of P2P and P2E Games On the Gaming Industry

Moreover, P2P and P2E games have made the eSports game industry more accessible, interesting, and exciting. Gamers love to enjoy the gameplay experience of the play to earn games as they involve slight or no money expenditure. These types of games are free to play and attract a lot of players who don’t have money to invest in getting traditional consoles and titles. 

Pay to play and play to earn game developers generate a lot of revenue from the metaverse game development. The main reason behind this is the growing craze for virtual and metaverse games wherein players can interact with each other using digital avatars and virtual in-game characters and elements. The developers work hard toward making the gaming platform more responsive, engaged, and interactive. 

The most successful example of metaverse games is P2E games which are becoming quite mainstream because of the increased engagement, interaction, and monetization. 

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Pay To Play Games Vs Play to Earn Games – The Key Difference

If you are planning to hire a metaverse game development company for your future gaming project, but are confused about what to choose between P2P and P2E games. To make things clear for you, here we have listed a clear difference between pay-to-play VS play-to-earn games: 

Pay To Play Games Vs Play to Earn Games - The Key Difference

1. Game Accessibility or Ownership 

The basic difference between P2P and P2E games is based on game ownership. In the pay-to-play game, players need to purchase a digital or physical copy of the game to get accessibility to that platform. You can purchase the accessibility in the form of short-term membership, including monthly and yearly plans. 

On the other hand, play-to-earn games are quite beneficial for players as they don’t have to spend a single penny to get access to the game platform. Moreover, they get an opportunity to earn real rewards that can be exchanged for real money or digital currency. 

2. Reward System 

Gamers need to purchase additional game content or the game itself to play the pay-to-play games. While play to earn games are not only free to play but also involve an exciting reward system via which players can make a fortune in real life.

3. Game Value 

Pay-to-play games offer gamers a high value via realistic graphics, outstanding features, and seamless animation. While the USP of play-to-earn games is that they offer players a chance to monetize their gameplay skills and knowledge and earn real cash rewards. 

4. Asset Optimization 

Gamers require to invest money to get access to pay-to-play games before they get to showcase their gameplay skills. Whereas, play-to-earn allows players’ game assets to make the go-ahead and purchase in-game assets or elements. This means, through P2E games, players don’t need to invest their own money to acquire in-game assets. 

5. Gameplay Experience

Pay-to-play games tend to offer an immersive and hard-to-find gameplay experience as these games feature the most outstanding and creative elements that are only accessible via purchase. While play to earn games are more casual and basic as players don’t need to make a purchase to access the platform. P2E games offer players a more relaxed, basic, and interactive platform to have fun. 

6. Tech Stack 

The main difference behind pay-to-play games Vs play to earn games is based on the tech stack optimized in the development process. P2P games are more advanced and tech-equipped, offering players an interesting and complex virtual world to explore. 

On the other hand, the play-to-earn business model makes the best use of blockchain technology, which is decentralized in nature, offering players to own digital assets within the game. 

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The Cost of Game Development: P2P Vs P2E Games 

There are no particular criteria by which we can give you the exact development cost of P2P Vs P2E games. There are different factors affecting the cost of game development. Usually, pay-to-play games are quite expensive and complex compared to play-to-earn games. Sports investors highly opt for pay-to-play games to generate huge amounts of revenue and optimize a wide range of monetization strategies. 

On average, the cost to develop pay-to-play games ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. However, the cost may shoot up to $60,000 and even more depending on the complexity of the features and type of the project. The cost to develop play-to-earn games ranges from $25,000 to $30,000 and may even go up to $40,000 depending on the seriousness or complexity of your project. 

There are different factors affecting the overall cost of game development, irrespective of the Pay-to-play Vs play-to-earn business models. 

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Game Development

  • The Location Of The Developers 
  • The Complexity Of The Features 
  • Advancement Of The Tech Stack 
  • Experience In The Game Development Company 
  • Type Metaverse Gaming Models
  • Size And Type Of Application 

Final Words 

People are often curious about Pay to Play Games Vs Play to Earn Games. There are multiple differences between P2P and P2E Games based on the specification, reward, and asset optimization systems they offer. They both offer players a different set of experiences and offerings that are quite distinguished from each other. In P2P games, players need to make an investment to play and enjoy the immersive and interesting gameplay experience. While P2E games are free-to-play games, built on the concept of blockchain game development, allowing players to earn huge rewards via playing and competing with others. 

If you are interested in developing metaverse gaming models like P2P and P2E, hire BR Softech, a leading metaverse game development company, offering solutions at your convenience and under your budget. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How long does it take to create a play-to-earn game? 

It takes around 2 to 3 months for our play to earn game developers to make a gaming app from the scratch. Read More

Q.2 Do you develop NFT-based Games? 

Yes, as a leading NFT game development company, we develop P2P and P2E games that include NFTs and digital currency. Read More 

Q.3 Do you provide customized metaverse gaming models? 

Yes, we provide customized metaverse gaming models that offer users a seamless, interesting and interactive gameplay experience. Read More 

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