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15 Predictions of Blockchain Technology by 2021

Blockchain Development
Nov 27, 2020
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blockchain development predictions

After successfully adopting Blockchain technology for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, this technology has become quite popular. So being an award winning blockchain development company, We are listing top 15 predictions of blockchain technology.

Blockchain development services provide various advantages, including keeping records of all the transactions of money and data between two groups in a safe, transparent, and immutable way.

Since the Blockchain has started to fetch public attention, many experts predict the future of blockchain technology. Some predict that it is a way to revolutionize traditional businesses’ procedures, and it has pros and cons.

The first blockchain prediction is: “By 2021, prominent in-industry value chains, enabled by blockchains, will have extended their digital platforms to their entire omni-experience ecosystems, thus reducing transaction costs by 35%.”

Predictions About Blockchain Technology for 2021:

Here are the major predictions of blockchain technology for 2021-

1. Blockchain Will Become Significant for the Healthcare Sector

Consent is taken for each processor for each visit in the healthcare sector. This consent is local to every provider, not at the patient’s level for all care sites throughout the patient’s lifetime.

Various startups are working on a radical alteration of the consent procedure that gathers patient consent for information privacy/exchange preferences on the Blockchain.

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So that all the stakeholders can approach the consent from a point and can fulfill the patient’s wishes. It will decrease the administrative burden and increase the experience of patient care.

2. Micropayment Migration to Blockchain

Blockchain development services are doing well in the medical field, and wellness apps development is another proof. These apps provide incentives as well for ‘doing the right thing.’ It has an easy-to-use universal payment interface to offer micropayments to all the patients while achieving results will boost the innovation.

3. Finance and Economy will Lead Blockchain Apps

Unlike other sectors and businesses, the finance and banking industry doesn’t require a complete transformation to their procedures for applying Blockchain technology. After implementing it for Cryptocurrency, financial firms start considering blockchain technology adoption for traditional banking procedures.

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It is also predicted that Blockchain can be used for executing new kinds of cryptocurrencies affected by monetary policy. That is why banks want to decrease the competitive advantage of standalone cryptocurrencies.  

4. Blockchain in Identity Management

Identity theft is one of the most current facing issues everyone is dealing with. The blockchain advancement provides high-quality solutions for major chunks to store data in encrypted data.

identification of blockchain

These encryptions can ensure safety from hackers. With the update of blockchain, data is safely cryptographic and can’t be modified or erased, accordingly.

5. Blockchain into Government Agencies

Blockchain development services are very attractive for government authorities as they have to administrate data in huge quantities. At present, every agency has its unique database, so they need constant data regarding residents from each-other. As per Gartner, more than a billion people by 2022 will have some information regarding them collected on a Blockchain without their consent. 

6. Blockchain Integration with IoT

predictions of blockchain technology

According to the IDC (international data corporation), various IoT firms adopt Blockchain technology’s execution in their advanced IoT solutions. So. IDC is expecting that most of the IoT deployments will integrate the blockchain service by 2021.

It is due to that Blockchain can offer a safe and scalable solution for interacting between IoT devices. The modern security protocols have appeared to be vulnerable while executing IoT devices, and Blockchain has approved its high refusal to cyber-attacks.

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7. High-demand of Blockchain Developers

Hire dedicated developers India is at the top of its popularity as there is a huge demand for developers from India, specifically Blockchain developers. As this technology is new, so there are limited people who have specialization in this technology.

If you are interested in the IT industry, then have some knowledge about Blockchain. So, this high-demand for Blockchain experts will be the hottest trend of 2021.   

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8. Failure of Blockchain Startups

After the successful adoption of Blockchain, there was an increase in Blockchain startups. But this technology is still immature, so we can say that all these startups are a waste of money and time.

Predictions of blockchain technology by Gartner states that various traditional businesses will consider this technology but will not take further action. So, only 10% of the firms will get radical changes by 2023.

9. Law Combined with Smart Contracts

Blockchain development services are providing us an extra benefit called smart contracts. It is used for automatic execution while conditions are fulfilled. Consider that smart contracts are decentralized and are not controlled by any authority.

Still, it is not clear how contractual conflict should be fixed. So, the law must be imposed into smart contracts in the future to eliminate all the disputes.   

10. The Arrival of National Cryptocurrencies

It is the right time when Governments have to know the advantages provided by Blockchain-derived currencies. With the advent of bitcoin, governments displayed their skepticism about specific cryptocurrencies apps. Gartner predicts that by 2022, at least five nations will issue their national cryptocurrencies.

11. Blockchain in Banking & Finance

Blockchain Technologies are giving great instances to innovate in almost every field and banking and finance industry can be the count as the leading sector for the economy.

blockchain in banking

Most blockchain development companies are providing banking services and financial platforms that help all the working processes much more efficiently and smoother while protecting important data while dealing with funds.

12. Blockchain in Gaming

While the craze of the gaming industry is increasing the demand for more enthralling games are increasing. While gaming is entered in almost every field, blockchain has also changed the passage of innovation in this lucrative gaming industry.

blockchain in gaming

With this upgrade, the blockchain improved all the major techniques in which the gaming industry was dealing. It had tremendously evolved and enrooted into industries especially the sports betting industry.

13. Blockchain in  E-commerce

With the advent of modern technology, blockchain is opening its door in the eCommerce industry.  It can be said that right now, the e-commerce industry is one of the most used platforms that every millennial is using, blockchain is entering the eCommerce business with unparalleled potential. With the help of blockchain exclusive delivery services, it helps to distribute agents by soothing their work process by eliminating complexities. 

14. Blockchain in  Insurance

Insurance is gaining a buzz with each passing day, and eventually, people are taking interest in insurance and health policies to secure their better future. Now many leading innovations like blockchain will achieve huge proficiency gains that make their faster payouts and provide cost reserve funds while securing and providing intellectual property at a lower cost at higher efficiency.

15. Blockchain in Voting

Blockchain in voting

Usually, voting requires a secure portal that keeps the voting ballot result safe. With the great implementation of blockchain-based application, people are able to get full security while keeping the faith of 100 percent transparency of their votes. These innovations somewhat decrease the total cost of hosting the nation-wide elections.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain Technology

Pros of Blockchain

  • Blockchain is kept across thousands of devices
  • Blockchain makes your entire process data secure with no alteration facility.
  • A business can provide stable, secure records of financial transactions within the business.

  • It is a Trustee System as Blockchain verifies all transactions 
  • Blockchain reduces firms transaction fees and costs and smoothen their work process.

Cons of Blockchain

  • Technology is more repetitive than centralized servers. 
  • Need a private-public cryptographic signature verification.
  • All the blockchain addresses will have a private key.
  • Blockchain technologies don’t have the capability to work along with the legacy networks.
  • All blockchain technologies come with the proper set of regulations on the network.


To conclude, we can say that Blockchain will completely revolutionize the business procedures in various industries in the future, but it needs your efforts and time.

Hire Blockchain Developer

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