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How to Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers in your Budget?

Blockchain Development
Nov 10, 2020
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Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is now a popular technology that is known and used by various top development companies. With Blockchain technology, you can have a distributed ledger that is immutable and safe that can’t be tampered with or altered by any third party. This kind of technology attracts many geeky minded developers to code in it but to find the best out of many; you require a lot of research and hard work. 

Whether you are finding a blockchain development company or a blockchain developer, there are various things to consider while hiring blockchain developers. In this blog, we will go through many points briefly that will help you choose the best and dedicated professionals by keeping in mind Blockchain technology’s dynamics

Python and Solidity R are the top programming languages that are being used in Blockchain development. You require developers to work particularly in those languages for this kind of implementation to make it done. 

Technologies Used by Blockchain Developer

To develop an appropriate software project, a good blockchain developer uses every possible and best technology to make the project work successfully.  When they apply these necessary technologies to the project, there are chances for the project’s increased cost. Although, it can also vary as per the experience of the developer and different verticals. Have a look at these below tables to understand it more- 

The  Cost Of Blockchain App Development  

Skill Level In-House Agency
Beginner $500,000 $1,50,000 to $2,50,000
Expert $2000,000 $2,50,000 to $5,00,000


Blockchain App Development Cost of Different Industries


Industry Cost
Healthcare $55-$100K+
On-Demand $40-$80K
Social Media $45-$100K+
Public Sector $70-$100K+15t
Finance Sector $50-$100K+


Hire Blockchain Developer

Here are 12 Steps to Follow While Hire Suitable Blockchain Developers for Your Valuable Project

These essential things will help you have a blockchain developer with individual characteristics who want to be a part of your software project. Many things affect developers’ hiring, including what you have to offer them for hiring them for your project. If the project matches the blockchain developers’ mindset, you will find the right staff easily for sure.

  • Decide the Project Scope

You have to determine your project scope first as, without it, you can’t plan to hire Blockchain professionals. Plan the scope, including all the fundamentals of Blockchain technology. And, if your project requires highly-skilled developers, then hire a project manager first. It will then be much easier to hire a dedicated developer with all the possible skills and solutions. They can help you with Ethereum and other blockchains as well.

  • Select between Company and Developers

This question can bother you as it will impact all the elements of the project. If you choose to hire between a blockchain development company or Blockchain developers, both the cases work in their way. By hiring a blockchain development company, you will have a team of developers that will provide extra services. While hiring Blockchain, developers would refer to less investment and less working potential, and it all depends on your choice and project scope.        

  • What Kind of Developers do You Want?

What kind of developers you want to hire depends upon your project scope. So, determine the project scope first and then decide to hire a freelancer blockchain developer or outsourcing the development to a skilled team. An outsourcing company for Blockchain Development Services will have a framework, optimized procedure, and a project manager for project completion as per the project needs.

  • Hiring in-house Developers

Hiring in-house developers will be an amazing opportunity for the organization. Despite the workforce, hiring new people includes diversity to the development team, giving shape to the project, and providing valuable and fresh input and opinions. The in-house developers often care and value the product and focus on providing a genuine product with high-quality.   

  • Right Blockchain Developers With Appropriate Cost

The cost of hiring Blockchain developers varies worldwide, and it is high in countries like the USA and so on. It is essential to have in-budget developers for your project, so decide the project’s budget at starting and consider whether you want to hire freelancers, or an outsource company from a country like India.

The cost of Blockchain Development Services will be around $2,000 monthly for normal development and $3,200 for an experienced one, excluding management personnel, infrastructures, copywriters, designers, DevOps specialists, and QA.

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  • Previous Work Samples or Portfolio


Although it is necessary to see the previous work or portfolio of the experienced developers, and if they are unable to show it to you, don’t get bothered. If they have the experience, certainly they have their hands on the knowledge about the technology, and that’s how you can know about their working. You also need to understand that this technology is new, and many developers can claim to do the things they have only read elsewhere. So, if possible, ask them to do it practically or how they will do it exactly.   

  • Know About the Requirements of Blockchain Developers’

Requirements of Blockchain Developers

Image Source: Edureka

Professionals with the right skills can be very different from others, even from those developers who are in the IT sector. The Blockchain Development Services was an outsider interest initially, but now it has begun to have its impact on the commercial sector. The outcome of this will be, you will have the most experienced professionals that tend to be in this field because of passion. Simultaneously, some of them are powerful candidates to enter the industry as they see various great opportunities in this field.

Blockchain enthusiasts and bitcoin in their earliest time were brought simultaneously by a shared future vision, concentrating upon cryptography and decentralization despite more standard financial means. Due to this, there are many powerful ideological forces in the Blockchain community that are into the realm of anarchism and libertarianism. 

Organizations require to consider these attitudes if they want to have the best developers for this position. They also realize that it makes specific projects easy to get off the ground. The essential thing is to hire Blockchain Developers who can fit into the company’s goals and culture. Having non-suitable professionals can produce an unproductive working relationship between employees.

  • Find At the Right Places

What is your company’s medium, or do you use to find suitable developers? Is it LinkedIn or any other social medium? Move a step ahead from these traditional methods as they will not help you find the perfect Blockchain developer. To get experienced developers, you have to apply in some unique way. Otherwise, they won’t be in your range. 

To have the most appropriate developers, you require to look out into the natural habitat. Various of them already have many on-going projects, so they don’t need new work. But that doesn’t mean they won’t accept new opportunities coming their way. 

  • What you are Offering to Them?

When you have uncovered all their hiding places, now it’s time to pounce on them. You have to consider what they are in demand, so you have to deal with it carefully. To have the best Blockchain Development Services from these developers, go and plead them to work with you. You have to do it as they have unique habits, skills, and lifestyles, and you have to search what things can tempt them to have a deal with you.

  • Opportunities They Found

Developers always look for opportunities that can help them to touch the heights. If your organization has those changes, they won’t mind working with you. For this, you have to win their trust and make them realize they will get more benefit and knowledge through your project. Or else, you can motivate them to contribute to your company. It will allow them to have their projects and provide their career with a lot of progress.

  • Maintenance/Support After the Development Process

Blockchain Development Process

After having Blockchain Development Services, the blockchain developers must provide the post-development maintenance services as well. Discuss it with the developers in the starting phase, as it would be revealed later when you will be out of money for having these services. 

Even a top Blockchain company also provides free maintenance for three months, decreasing your maintenance cost for a long time. It has another benefit of providing a lower price on the support/maintenance. Balance it well with the in-house problem to earn a maximum profit.  

    • Hold on to Those Developers

Don’t get relaxed after finding the perfect Blockchain developers as there is a high demand, and you must look after your blockchain developers if you want more services from them. It involves providing them a wonderful working environment, chances for career progression, and paying them a good salary. If they are not happy at your place, then they will try to see other career opportunities. So apply tactics and offer them something they want to hold them to go anywhere else.

Final Verdict

This blog has discussed the necessary steps to follow for hiring the right developers for Blockchain Development Services. If you are also looking to hire such dedicated developers for your firm, consider these above steps as these will help you have the best out of many. Sometimes, it can be tough to hire professionals for a new technology like Blockchain, but if you keep your mind clear about your project scope and its rising future possibilities, it will be much easier. 

BR Softech is a leading company that provides Blockchain development services by their skilled, dedicated, and experienced developers. At our company, we provide the most appropriate services to our clients as per your project requirements. We will also help you avoid complexities and make better choices, so connect with us to get our assistance.

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