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Develop PUBG Online Game Tournament Website and Mobile App

written by Nidhi Sharma | Nov 21, 2019
PUBG online Tournament

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is an epic most played game worldwide. This fascinating game provides with realistic gaming experience till the last man standing wins the match. Its officially released in September 2018 with a battle royale concept by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. This enthralling game has captured the attention of game enthusiasts worldwide through Online PUBG tournaments. 

PUBG tournament offers intense gameplay with extraordinary adventure and unpredictable battle royal challenges. This game became famous as soon as it made its appearance online and offered players a battle royal field to engage in fights to the death. Compete with your opponents to survive in this game of battle and save yourself by being in the radius from explosions. In this majestic game, survival is more important than winning. Collect every possible weapon that can save you in this diplomatic game and bring you closer to winning.

PUBG Tournament Website and Mobile App Development Company

Be the PUBG tournament organizer with BR Softech and get the opportunity to earn a fortune. With the team of skilled professionals, we help you provide striking PUBG tournament script using advanced technologies with a comprehensive range of services. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Software and Mobile App Development Company. We help you create a PUBG tournament website with distinct features and stunning graphics. 

From theme to costumes, we strive to provide top-notch quality using a high dynamic range bringing brighter and real-life experience. Our PUBG tournament website script is incorporated with advance lucrative features. Our team of skilled PUBG tournament app developers excels in developing an excellent gaming app offering the most exceptional battle game experience.  

Our PUBG tournament app set up is used to organize and manage real-time PUBG tournament. It drives the market opportunity for game PUBG mobile developers around the world while acquiring targeted market attention. 

Our PUBG Game Tournament Services​

  • Help you develop the most exceptional poker tournament service with a team of highly skilled developers.
  • We develop appealing PUBG game tournaments with skilled developers, programmers, and the team of designers
  • Experience our gaming expertise for engaging user experience and enthralling gameplay.
  • Online PUBG tournament comes with game refresh capabilities with quick turnover.
  • It covers all the features like Dropping, Looting, Positioning, Consumables, Weapons, and blue zone for fantastic results.

PUBG Game Tournament App/Web Functionality

To make your PUBG Game Tournament App and Website work smoothly, we help you provide two panels. 

                        1. Admin Panel
                        2. User Panel 

Both these panels work on advanced functionality. We help you integrate these functionalities into your app and website, keeping recent trends and technologies in mind while understanding user requirements. Here we have listed all the functionalities these panels consist of:

Admin Panel 

Create Multiple Tournaments (Solo, Duo, and Squad)

Set entry type in Free, Paid, Sponsored By, Giveaway By

Set different types of fees (Entry Fee, Per Kill Prize, and Chicken Dinner)

Create numerous tournaments (As per date & time)

Direct access to several players joined each tournament 

Create and share game room details before starting PUBG tournaments

Update winner list once the tournament completed 

Payment details get updated automatically 

Access Withdrawal request with accepting and reject option

Complete access to payment gateway transition history

Can access all the registered user’s details

Block any user if needed

Add money to users account directly 

Sent push notification to all the users

Track user refer information 

User Panel

Option to Login/Register for tournament 

Access to the latest tournament with Admin details

Access to refer summery with users promo code

Join any tournament paying fees

Make payment using an e-wallet

Get game room details before starting of the tournament

Get game room details before starting of the tournament

Access to dashboard for tournament results 

Update Profile

Access to all the updates

Players get money as per their list & chicken dinner winner 

Check winning amount instantly 

Update password anytime 

Direct access to PlayCoins

How to Create PUBG Tournament?

Create PUBG Tournament

Create PUBG Tournament

From the dashboard, one can easily create a PUBG tournament below mention steps. 

Configure the Match Format

Once you have created the tournament, set the match format settings, under-setting menu advanced game will be selected by default. You can change it according to your preference or can keep the same. 

Create FFA Stage

FFA Stage consists of both Simple Stage and Bracket type FFA Stages. With up to 100 players, PUBG requires these both; it helps you create the one need in the structured menu. With the help of these, you can name your stage, set its size, you create a PUBG tournament. One can also use an alternative format if required. 

Open Registration

For participants to register themselves, one needs to open registration keeping the potential participants in mind. You can check the players’ in-game names and other relevant information in custom fields after starting the registration process. 

Promote your Tournament

Success of any tournament depends on its visibility in the market and marketing. Hence publish your tournament capturing the right audience, increasing the chance that people will participate in your tournament. 

Validate Participation

Once you have received the participation request from players, do not forget to validate it. Effective participation boosts the player’s spirit and allows them to play the game with the utmost ease. 

Announce Result

Once the tournament gets finishes to declare the results, one must publish it on the dashboard. Enter the result of the game, and each time you save new information, ranking and the display will automatically get updated for both organizers and players. 

How PUBG Tournament Works?

PUBG Tournaments Works Process

PUBG is one of the most loved games globally with its dominating charts. According to Statista, Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games on Steam and had a peak of over 660 thousand concurrent players in the last recorded month, September 2019. It has earned a devoted fan base in such a short span with incredible growth.

Its a true reflection of real-time event management of PUBG game. It seamlessly manages organizes the PUBG game event and takes care of the entry of players to the winner till the game gets completed. Our PUBG tournament API helps you track the location of players around the globe and allows you to check their information with ease.

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Final Thought

PUBG tournament app development has been a great success seeing recent trends. PUBG players can expect a lot of PUBG tournaments coming in 2020 with players around the world who find this game entertaining and addictive. If you want to come up with the next big PUBG tournament, contact our team of experts, and they will help you develop an advance PUBG tournament app considering all the recommendations. 

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This online multiplayer battle royal game consists of top-rated features, and by following the market-driven approach, one can grab the opportunity to make an immense amount of money. Run a successful PUBG tournament app and seize the opportunity to mark your presence in the gaming world. 

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