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Top programming languages for mobile app development

App Development
Nov 26, 2016
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Development of industry-specific mobile applications is all the rage these days. But every mobile application developer ponders over as to which is the best programming language for mobile app development which urges the user to download and install the app to use it on the trendy smart phone screen. Since the smart phone users are going on increasing at a rapid pace and so the mobile phone application development is advancing with the new and recent technological advancement coming up.

Well, there are multifarious programming languages but you must know about what language are ios apps written in and what language are android apps are written in. This will make your mobile app development process quite hassle- free.

In the current scenario, every person and every business needs to stay ahead of the competition to reach new heights. Majority of people around the globe are moving towards the mobile apps from the websites. This is because mobile apps are quite easy to use and very simple to download and install with few taps on the smart phone screen. As the top-rated mobile web development company in India, we have the skilled team of developers who provide industry-specific IT solutions to the clients aroudn the globe by development of high-functioning mobile apps on the leading operating systems, Android and ios.

It is very important for the mobile app developer to make use of the best programming language for app development because the success or the failure of a mobile app solely depends on the programming language itself.

4 best programming languages for mobile app development:

There are various kinds of mobile application development platforms by which you an unleash the experience of mobile app development. Here is the amazing list of 4 best programming language:

#1 Language Java for developing apps:

There are various mobile application development tools available for the mobile app developer. If programming manage is concerned, Java is the highly favored programming language for the app developers. The benefit of using this Java language is that the Java code file can be run for various operating domains but it excels for the Android. This particular language has been developed at the Sun Microsystems, which was obtained by Oracle. Around 9 million developers make use of this amazing programming language for developing the apps. This language works wonders if you desire to develop an app for the enterprise with a specific budget. The frequently used programming language for Android based apps, it can be run in 2 different ways, either in browser window or in the virtual machine without any kind of browser requirement. The application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by Java works best for development of the apps. An app developer can also re-use the code in this programming language while updating the software. The icing on the cake is that the integrated development environments (IDEs) provided by the Java language are ment for decreasing the errors in app development. Java can be quite helpful for mobile app development across platforms and cross platform apps too. It is best language used for Android’s SDK and most loved by the programmers.

#2 Cocoa Touch and Cocoa constructed on language Swift

Swift is the top-rated ios app development language which is being used by iphone app developers and programmers. Hire dedicated iPhone developer who have prowess in developing different kinds of fully functional industry-specific ios apps. It is the apt ios app development language. The recent Application Programming Interface for the Apple’s Cocoa Touch and the Cocoa are being programmed by making use of teh language Swift. The Objective C have a limitation that it leaves the device security in danger. For reducing this risk Apple used the language Swift to work along with Objective-C. Apple officials say that this particular language will turn out to be hot cake. So, if you desire to start with developing quality-oriented ios mobile apps then start with Swift which will take your mobile app development experience to the next level.

#3 Objective C Language:

The giant company Apple embraced Objective C as the chief programming language for the ios platform which serves best for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacOS framework. Alike C++, the Objective C language is also top- notch language for ios app development. Objective C language comes into picture for the classy display, interface and graphics of the mobile app. It is the per-eminent language used for all the apple phones and Macs development.

#4 HTML 5:

This particular language is highly favored for browser oriented app development. The developers finds it plain sailing to add different data types, justifying input parameters, for the best performance across various screen sizes and works smoothly across all the browsers. The best part of using HTML 5 language is that it does not drain the pockets of the developers for development of mobile apps. It provides enhances features for the video, audio, etc for the developers and programmers.

Programming Languages for Mobile App Development Conclusion :

So, the above listed are the top-rated programming languages for mobile app development. So, it can also be said that these languages have turned a huge hit in tech-oriented world where the mobile apps are the need of the hour.

Well, other than the above listed programming language there is also a C# language which is used for mobile application development.

BR Softech offers mobile app development for Android, ios platform by making use of the recent technological trends which provides 100% satisfaction to the clients that leads to increased revenues. Even the Apple is advancing its platform for the worldwide community and all the programming languages are expanding which provides best feature for the app developers to re-use the codes by which the apps can be developed quite faster and swiftly and this certainly reduces the development cost of apps.

Well, every programming language have its own merits and demerits but if you veer towards developing the apps for leading 2 operating systems, then the Java and Swift are best to use. Whichever programming language you opt for, you should make optimum use of free resources available that helps in app development process.

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