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Face Recognition & AI-Based Smart Attendance Management System for Schools

Jan 18, 2022
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Face Recognition & AI-Based Smart Attendance Management System for Schools

Facial recognition is one of the most popular biometric technologies. Several benefits can be derived from facial recognition technology, including authentication, monitoring, access control, Smart Attendance Management System, indexing, and maintaining surveillance systems.

Typically, facial recognition software is used for biometric authentication through ID verification services to verify a person’s identity based on their facial features. Using machine learning algorithms, it searches, captures, and analyses facial contours and compares them with an existing database.

Multimedia information access control has become advanced thanks to face recognition systems. Face recognition can also improve human-computer interaction by making it virtually impossible for hackers to steal a user’s password. Smart Attendance Management System, which records attendance using face recognition, is becoming increasingly popular.

This article will examine the scope and benefits of face recognition attendance systems or smart attendance management systems for schools.

Face Recognition School Smart Attendance System: What is It?

Face Recognition  School Smart Attendance System: What is It?

Nowadays, almost all top schools use the face recognition school smart attendance management system. Face recognition school attendance is an essential system in schools or companies to be identified, verified, and recorded as being present. 

Smart attendance management systems using fingerprint or smart card attendance systems have almost become the standard. Still, a recent pandemic outbreak has brought to light the problem of solutions that require physical contact. Artificial Intelligence-based attendance systems are contactless technologies that eliminate any material connection between the machine and the person because they use smart attendance systems using face recognition. We can better understand how a smart attendance management system can improve the safety and efficiency of buildings, schools, etc. when we know how the technology works.

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Facial Recognition or AI-Based Smart Attendance System: How Does It Work?

Facial Recognition or AI-Based Smart Attendance System: How Does It Work?

Using AI-based smart attendance system software, individuals can be identified and verified by comparing patterns on their faces. Despite the complexity of the underlying system, there are three general steps of face recognition based smart attendance marking system:-

  1. Finding human faces in real-time is crucial in a smart student attendance system.
  2. After the analogue facial image is captured, the captured data or vectors are transformed into data or vectors based on the person’s facial characteristics.
  3. For verification, the face recognition based smart attendance marking system compares the data above with the data in the database.

Face recognition-based attendance marking software is being driven by virtually every major tech company, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco. Many advantages are associated with machine learning technology.

The Advantages of Using a Face Recognition Based Smart Attendance System

The Advantages of Using a Face Recognition Based Smart Attendance System

These systems provide unparalleled benefits, including efficiency, self-management, and scalability.

1. An Automated Timekeeping System

With facial recognition attendance systems, the monitoring of entry and exit times can be completely automated. The system can locate and identify faces using advanced algorithms without human intervention or physical verification. Facial recognition automates employee timekeeping.

2. Cost-Efficient

A smart office attendance system can save businesses resources by automatically tracking employee time. Small and medium businesses can use BR Softech provided attendance apps on mobile devices, making this solution more affordable. A smart office attendance system software of this type can be used regardless of the size of the business.

  • 10% increase in employee productivity
  • 5%-10% reduction in administrative costs
  • Help supervisors control attendance and save 15% of supervision time

Using a face recognition-based employee attendance system results in more cost savings as the data is real-time and accurate.

3. Signing in by Touchless: A Post-Pandemic Necessity

Pandemics such as Covid 19 can be better managed if physical contact is minimized in public and work environments. Contactless technologies have seen an increase in demand and adoption following the pandemic. Face recognition student attendance systems such as those provided by BR Softech have been well accepted by the industry. It is possible to minimize the risk of virus spread in multi-tenant environments and workplaces by reducing the frequency of contact between individuals by them.

4. Ageing and Accessories for Facial Recognition

Attendance systems that use face recognition are not dependent on a few facial features but rely on multiple data points to identify the face. Therefore, in these systems, It is possible to screen for face masks and identify people without removing the cover or changing anything about their facial features such as beards, specs, etc. 

5. Worker Attendance is More Accurate and More Reliable

The fraud of industrial floor time is standard worldwide, and it is one of the most common violations of work ethics. Even if most workers are honest, there is no way to rule out buddy punching. Some workers skip work and get paid by tactfully working with staff members or security personnel. Fraudulent timesheets are harmful to companies as well as unfair to disciplined employees.

6. The Prevalence of Cameras on Mobile Devices

Face-recognition mobile app and attendance systems, such as BR Softech, utilize mobile devices. A front-facing camera is built into nearly all smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This implies that facial recognition attendance systems do not require any additional hardware. 

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7. Ease of Management

Attendance systems based on artificial intelligence are much more automated than manual ones. Records are stored and updated in real-time by these systems. From maintaining daily attendance to preparing high-accurate timesheets of individual employees, facial recognition attendance systems are programmed to handle it on a considerable scale. 

8. Integrating Smartly

Any HRMS or payroll system can be integrated with a face recognition attendance system. Due to the highly customizable and modular nature, the time-in, time-out, and date formats can be adapted to match other systems already in place in an organization. It simplifies data organization. If you’re still using a manual system, it’s time to upgrade your manual attendance system to a facial recognition attendance system.


In the post-pandemic era, a face recognition-based smart attendance system is a modern convenience needed even today. By tracking employee and student attendance accurately, these systems save employers and schools money. Adding such a system to the workplace and schools would also add a layer of security. Using facial recognition-based smart systems is today’s most effective solution.

A renowned transportation app development company, BR Softech designs, develops, and tests logistic and transportation apps from scratch according to market requirements. Moreover, we develop AI-based face recognition systems for schools and offices and we develop transportation apps as well. You can communicate with us, and we’ll help you turn your ideas into reality.

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