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Smart Device Development Using IoT And Machine Learning

Jun 22, 2020
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Smart Device Development Using IoT And Machine Learning

Smart devices are the future of lifestyle. The time is not far away when everything we come across is supported by the smartly designed machines. The consistent efforts of developers in building technically driven devices that assess human behavior and recognize patterns to make smart decisions gifted smart devices for homes to us.

The innovative minds working at home during these tough months when the world is unitedly fighting against the deadly coronavirus surprised the world with their unique lineup of smart home solutions. 

This article covers some of the popular smart devices for the home that can keep you engaged for long, killing your boredom. Moreover, you will come across the concept of IoT and machine learning and how it can help in benefitting your business in terms of productivity and security.

The experts at BR Softech holds a long experience in developing smart device software based on IoT and machine learning.   

Trending Smart Devices In 2020

Smart devices have swiftly made its place in households and offices. Not only the gadgets have made our life more comfortable but also secure. The below listed smart devices crafted with the help of IoT and machine learning will inspire you to fulfil your goal of launching a smart device-

Nest Learning Thermostat 

If constantly adjusting the temperature troubles you, then this device can be an ideal choice. The smart device eases up the atmosphere and your bills by adjusting the temperature. Its automated temperature adjustment is appreciated by both the lazy and the super busy. 

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus is an all-rounder smart device that assists the user by recognizing the voice commands. From playing music to operating light bulbs or managing smart locks, the device is capable of most of all and smoothly connects other smart devices to make you feel like the real boss of the house.

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Kasa Smart Plug

If you are really serious about saving your electricity bills, consider the Kasa Smart Plug. The smart plug effectively controls the outlet’s power by connecting your smartphone with the smart device with the help of a mobile app

Pure Enrichment Air Purifier

Give yourself a fresh breath with the smart air purifier. Pure Enrichment Air Purifier senses the air quality and cleans it for a refreshed feel. Also, the filter reset indicator alerts you when the time comes to replace the carbon/air filter.

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower

Worried about cutting the growing grass in your backyard? Worry not! The smart lawnmower comes to your rescue. The robotic lawn mower evenly cuts the long grass by smartly avoiding any corners or walls.

The smart devices list does not end here but has many devices in its lineup. BR Softech and its team of IT experts can help you in developing smart home solutions that can flourish the business in no time looking at the high demand for smart devices. 

Need for smart home solutions

Following the trend of smart home solutions, the efforts are made towards making in-home experience robotized and convenient. This urges for the need of smart devices Alexa and many others. 

Smart devices analyze and capture human behavior to automate the functioning and eliminate the need for human input. The ultimate goal behind the smart home solution is to achieve an environment where the requirement of human effort comes wholly or close to 0. 

IoT and machine learning together make the foundation of these smart devices. Let us have a look at some of the applications of home automation appliances followed by discovering the concept of IoT and machine learning.

Application Of Smart Home Solutions

Application Of Smart Home Solutions

Smart home solutions with the help of IoT and machine learning are capable of performing various tasks that aids in our day to day functioning. Scroll down to know more about these applications.   

Face recognition: Face recognition has found its place majorly in security systems. Inculcation of this AI-powered advanced technology allows the user to receive real-time updates in case of any suspected activity.

Biometric access control: Another application that most of us come across daily is the biometric operated locks. It captures your fingerprints and stores it for future recognition for unlocking and granting entry. 

Natural language processing: Another feature that empowers smart home devices is natural language processing. It recognizes the user’s voice and follows instructions. Siri and Alexa are two of the most famous examples of natural language processing. 

The applications, as mentioned above of the smart device software are not only motivating for the developers to learn and develop something new but also transforming the way a layman used to live.

Let us peek into the modern technologies, i.e. IoT and machine learning to expand your horizon about the smart devices for the home.

Introduction: Internet of things

The Internet of things refers to the interconnection of various digital devices via high-speed Internet on a shared network. The course of the Internet of things has witnessed evolution since its launch with the integration of many other advanced technologies such as machine learning, real-time analytics etc.

As the devices are interconnected with the help of the Internet, it poses a severe threat of being intervened by foreign elements like hackers or cybercriminals.

IoT gained momentum in 1982 when a soft drink vending machine was connected to the Internet to interpret the inventory and mention the status of the temperature of the cold drink.

Now the concept has further evolved with its modern applications stated below.

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Applications of Internet of things

IoT has found its application for many purposes, including personal and industrial.

Personal applications: A large chunk of devices that are powered by the Internet of things are developed for personal use. With the help of IoT, users can connect their vehicles to the Internet to obtain desired output, automate home appliances, and build wearable technologically advanced devices.

Industrial applications: IoT has a practical application for industrial purposes. The technology helps the user to receive real-time information about the connected device and conduct monitoring.

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Introduction: Machine learning

Machine learning involves the implication of dedicated algorithms that improve its functioning over time. Machine learning works on training data that is a mathematical model which is based on sample data. 

Machine learning has found its application for purposes like email filtering. However, when combined with IoT, machine learning provides the user an optimized experience.

Combining IoT and Machine learning

IoT and Machine learning

IoT can be said to be new interlinking technology, and the future of IoT has tremendous potential to simplify the way we live. From lifestyle products to commercial devices, everything nowadays is powered by the Internet. 

No doubt IoT is the new age technology, it certainly has some limitations. The smart devices powered by the Internet of things lookout for manual inputs to function. However, these hard encodings work in a predefined manner and hence limits its functionality. 

Also, the IoT driven devices are too basic in nature to boast massive storage, making room for enriching the device with a strong security network. This limitation provides the chance for the potential hackers to breach in the network and infect the system. 

Once the network gets compromised, it allows more serious malicious activity to take place on the network. The inability of IoT devices to protect themselves from the cyber-attacks demands the need for advanced platforms to integrate for enhancing the potential as well as the security. Machine learning is one such technology that aids the purpose.  

Machine learning can be an ideal choice to optimize smart devices. Machine learning tends to rectify the limitations of these IoT powered smart devices. It can get a precise insight into the actual pattern of usage and recognize a human’s behavior pattern. This way, smart devices will be able to act as assistants. 

Moreover, with the help of machine learning, the data emitted from the smart devices can be collected, precisely monitored and enhance the capabilities of the device, customer service experience and also saves the energy and cost of consumption. 

Smart Device Developer call to action

Machine learning can help to assess the general usage pattern of a device that can help in identifying any suspected activity that takes place on the network. 

Dojo-Labs Evaluation

A tech company, Dojo Labs, stated that IoT devices are restricted when it comes to their functioning. IoT devices are designed in a way to execute limited functions. Machine learning can be an effective technology in determining if the devices are functioning as usual or any unusual activity is identified. 

Dojo labs use metadata to determine this abnormal behavior. The data that is collected at endpoints of devices monitors and alerts when a suspicious element is circulated in the network. 

This way, IoT and machine learning, together hold great importance in the digitally optimized world. 

Final words

The promising nature of machine learning does not make it complete and still has many scopes unexplored. However, smart device development has caught fire, and the experts are finding new possibilities to increase the IoT devices capability. 

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd has succeeded in developing advanced solutions optimized for clients’ needs with the help of IoT and machine learning.

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