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How to Choose Best Snake and Ladder Game Development Company

Game Development
Oct 12, 2021
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Snake & Ladder Game Development

Snakes and ladders have always been a scintillating indoor game since our childhood. How can we forget those days, when we used to play snakes and ladders games with our siblings and friends.

However, in this fast-paced digital generation, things have changed completely, now we have smartphones and fast-speed internet to play snake and ladder with anyone and anytime. 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the snakes and ladders app was the highest-grossing business segment in the mobile gaming industry.

 As a result, Entrepreneurs are keenly looking for top snake and ladder game development companies that can combine the fun and thrill of snakes and ladders with the technological advantages of today’s generation. 

If you’re also looking to step into the online board game industry then developing an online snake and ladder game app is a must. 

This blog will help you to tackle all queries and doubts related to the selection of a reliable snakes and ladders online game development company.

  1. Make a list of the market’s most active snake and ladder board game development companies

    Reputed game development companies never sit idle, always conduct in-depth market research about the snake and ladder board game development companies that are most active on the Google search engine results page.

    You can also look at user review data platforms like GoodFirms or Clutch that show unbiased data about such companies based on factors like rating, rate, country or number of employees, etc.

    These portals monitor each review carefully to determine the data-driven authority of each listed company. Hence, no company can post any self-made or custom praising reviews there.

    As soon as you have compiled a list of the most active game development companies, check their websites and track the information regarding the work areas for which you need to hire them.

    These steps will help you to determine whether the company’s values and work ethics are relevant to your project expectations or not.

  2. Company’s work Portfolio

    A company’s work portfolio is one of the best tactics to learn about its work progress and competencies. A snake and ladder app development company with years of experience in the board game development industry determines that they have developed a wide array of gaming software.

    The work portfolio will help you to learn about the technical skills, business goals, successful projects, creativity, graphic work, and capabilities of the game development company. If you do not choose a company with a high potential portfolio, your money will go in vain.

    However, keep in mind that the portfolio does not portray information about every project on which the company has worked. 

    A company can mention the project in one condition i.e only when the client has permitted that. Most projects in the board game development industry are imposed with a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits the company from sharing them with site visitors.

  3. Company’s Workforce

    A reputable snake and ladder game development company have an onboard team of at least 20 professionals. However, depending on the company size, the number of professionals may vary from at least 20 to 1,000+.

    Game development is not a single-handed process, it requires good knowledge, a lot of hard work, and a well-versed team of experienced game professionals. If you’re planning to develop a successful board game then limiting the human resource shouldn’t be your parameter.

    Following are the professionals that you’ll require for snake and ladder app development

    • Art director,
    • Artists,
    • Designers,
    • Animators,
    • Programmers,
    • QA specialists,
    • Project manager, etc.


    In most cases, the team should be flexible according to the needs of the project. Therefore, look for a game development team that is proficient to meet your business vision and cater to the project requirement. 

    Moreover, one should also learn about the technical expertise of the company’s workforce. Usually, you can find such data in the relevant sections of the website, or you can ask about it from the company representatives.

  4. Technology Stack

    The features and performance of an online snake and ladder game depend on the choice of the technology stack. Selecting the wrong SDK can make hurdles in the job of developers and as well as it can also jeopardize the quality of the whole project.

    Therefore, always study the technology stack before finalizing a board game app development company.

  5. Development Process

    Always try to analyze the work process of the snake and ladder app development company, it will help you to determine their proficiency and whether the development phase is going correctly or not.

    An experienced board game app development company should follow the following development process.

    • Discussion of the game concept
    • Selection of the right technology stack
    • Game designing, animation, and background
    • Development of the game mechanics
    • UI designing
    • Addition of in-app elements
    • Game testing
    • Game registration on the app store
    • Release of the online board game


    The company structure will help you to learn about their working style. However, the relationship between the positions at the various levels must be clearly defined before assigning the project. 

    For example, BR Softech is organized into a corroborating sequence of smaller teams (graphic designers, board game developers, marketing managers, etc).  The management of these resources is done on a horizontal basis in order to allocate them according to the project requirement.

  6. Real-time communication

    Before outsourcing the project to a snake and ladder app development company try to analyze their communication practices. Invite the game development team of the company and communicate with the representatives from each department such as project managers, game developers, business analysts, and graphic designers.

    Don’t fall prey to the pitch of sales managers that claims about complete communication, specialization of the company, and other professional etiquettes. Always check for real-time communication to ensure a complete understanding of the work process.

  7. Software Maintenance Plans

    Bugs are an inevitable part of snake and ladder game development and this is where software testing comes into play. Before hiring a software development company always check for their software maintenance plans. Although bug fixing is much cheaper than the development of a board game app like snakes and ladders. However, few companies charge unjustifiable costs for the mere task of bug testing. Therefore, always examine the software maintenance agreement before hiring the software development company.

    What Is The Cost To Develop A Snake And Ladder App?

    The cost to develop a snake and ladder app depends on a lot of factors like developer cost, designer cost, developer’s country, and a lot more.   
    Let’s follow the given table to understand the cost estimate of snake and ladder app development with standard features.

    Get the Quotation for Snake and Ladder App




    $20,000 to $30,000


    $25,000 to $40,000

    Why Choose BR Softech For Snake And Ladder Board Game Development?

    BR Softech is a leading snake and ladder app development company with over 10 years of experience. They have worked on numerous board game projects for 200+ global clients. 

    Here you’ll get board game development services from experienced developers that boast exceptional coding skills and years of industry experience. Our game designers follow a creative approach to design board game apps with realistic graphics and stunning user interfaces. 

    By working with BR Softech, you will get advantages of professional etiquette like complete project transparency, real-time communication, on-time project delivery, and a lot more.

    For any queries and discussions, feel free to reach out to us!

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