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An Ultimate Guide for Starting a Multigaming Business

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 01, 2022
An Ultimate Guide for Starting a Multigaming Business

With the penetration of smartphones, advanced technology and high-speed internet, the gaming industry has reached the next level. As per the market stats, 50% of the gaming industry is acquired by mobile gaming apps. The craze for mobile game applications is increasing day-by-day among people irrespective of their age or gender. During the pandemic, when people were forced to remain indoors, earning money online multigaming platform apps like MPL, Loco, Hago, WinZo, GPL, Paytm first games, big cash, Zupee gold and Baazinow became famous worldwide. 

When multigaming platforms achieved great popularity and global reach, many investors started investing in multigaming platform development to achieve great revenues. Today also if you see around, multi gaming applications have become a centre of attraction for kids, adults and elderly people. The app store is flooded with plenty of multigaming applications offering a varied range of games on a single platform. The industry is continuously growing and is here to stay. 

In this blog, we will cover all the aspects that you need to start a multigaming business. 

What is a Multigaming Platform? 

As the name speaks for itself, a multigaming platform is just like a mall, where you can get a wide range of games on one platform. Using a multigaming platform, players can play different games on one platform without downloading them separately. With multigaming applications like MPL, Loco, and Hago, you can play fun games with friends, family members or complete strangers. 

The fun part is that you can also earn real cash rewards by playing games on multigaming channels. Whether it is a single player game, tournaments or multi-player games; a multigaming platform allows you to play different games at your convenience. 

Which Games Should be Included in Your Multigaming App?

There are plentiful games that you can include in your multigaming app. Make sure to not add many games in your app that exceeds the sufficient size of your multigaming platform. The inclusion of more games will not be feasible to your target audience. Plus, it will also increase the cost of your multigaming app development

Considering the above factors, here we have listed some of the important games that you must include in your multigaming application. 

  • Ludo Game 
  • Rummy Game 
  • Card Games 
  • Shooter Games 
  • Teen Patti Game
  • Poker 
  • Andar Bahar 

Besides the above mentioned games, you can also include games like:

  • Fantasy football 
  • Fantasy cricket 
  • Fantasy baseball 
  • Fantasy hockey 
  • Fantasy kabaddi 

How Do Multigaming Platforms Make Money? 

When it comes to starting a new business, the first thing that comes to our mind is ROI. If you are planning to start your own multigaming business, then you must be wondering about how multigaming platforms like MPL make money. Honestly, the reasons are multiple. To give you a clear picture, here we have listed some of the common elements that can help your multigaming business make fortune. 

How Do Multigaming Platforms Make Money?

In-App Advertisements

This is the most common method by which many gaming entrepreneurs are making a huge amount of money. In-app advertisement is a kind of money-making method, wherein you can earn a fortune by placing third-party advertisements on your gaming platform. However, you can charge even higher if you have a large customer base. 

You can charge not only for the promotion of the advertisement but also for lead generation. This means, if someone clicks the advertisement, you will get paid for it. Most gaming business owners like MPL use this method to generate great revenues. 

Play Game Earn Money 

The most common method to earn real money is by playing games. The users play games and earn money from them. The same technique is valid for you. 

Player Buy Coins 

The most common technique to earn money from apps is to provide players with an opportunity to buy coins. Certain games ask players to buy coins to give them access to play. In this way, multi-gaming platforms like MPL earn a great amount of money.

The Best Multi-gaming Platforms 

Multigaming platforms allow users to play a wide range of games and earn real cash rewards. Today, the app store is flooded with plentiful multi-gaming applications that are making a difference with their features, graphics, and outstanding gameplay experience. To give you a clear picture, here we have listed some of the top multi-gaming platforms that are currently ruling the current gaming industry: 

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How to Start a Multigaming Business? 

Starting a multigaming business like Winzo or MPL is not an overnight task, instead, it is a hard nut to crack. To build an interactive and feature-rich multigaming app, you need the collaborative efforts of developers, designers and programmers. For this task, you can also hire a well-experienced and renowned multi-gaming app development company.    

To make your multigaming business famous like MPL, you need an experienced team of game development developers and designers who can help you integrate stunning UI/UX Designs and high-end security measures. The team includes: 

  • A back-end developer 
  • A proficient app developer for Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform 
  • Business Analyst 
  • UI/UX Designer 
  • Project manager 
  • QA Engineer   

Tech Stack You Need To Develop A Multigaming Business 

Technology plays an important role when it comes to starting a gaming business. This is a differentiating factor that can make or break your business game. There are different types of technologies used to develop a multigaming platform. Some of the most common tech stacks are: 

  • Payment Integration
  • Google Cloud and Apple notifications services 
  • AWS 
  • SQL for Database 
  • Flutter for iOS and Android app development
  • SMS Gateway 
  • Azure Stream Analytic
  • Node.js 
  • Send Grid Mail Sender API
  • WebRTC

How to Build a Successful Multigaming Platform: Development Process 

How to Build a Successful Multigaming Platform: Development Process
  1. Market Research 

In order to start a successful business, you need to do research about the concerned market. Make sure to do a SWOT analysis before starting a business. This includes gathering information about the market’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Market research will help you identify the target audience that you want to attract for your multi-gaming platform.  

  1. Study your competitors 

If you are planning to start a multi-gaming business, then your competitors include MPL, Loco, Hago, WinZo etc. Make sure to study and research well about your competitors to define your USP. Players across the globe appreciate unique and innovative game applications, so make sure to implement the same in your multi-gaming business. 

  1. Build a team 

Multigaming platform app development is not a standalone task, it requires the efforts of a team. The team includes designers, developers, programmers and marketers. One must hire a dedicated and well-experienced multi-gaming app development agency to get efficient mobile game development services

  1. Set Budget 

Set your budget in advance to avoid extra and unnecessary expenses. Set budget for each section of the multi-gaming platform development, including promotion cost, development cost, designing cost, testing and licensing costs. 

  1. Keep Legalities in check 

To keep legalities in check, you must apply for a licence and other legal formalities required to start a gaming business. 

  1. Testing 

Testing is required when you launch a new application in the market. If you are planning to start your multi-gaming business, your application needs to pass through the testing phase. 

  1. Marketing 

A new business requires promotion and marketing. Make use of digital marketing campaigns and advertisements to launch your gaming platform in the market. 

To know more about multi-gaming business development, check out our other blog: 

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Reasons Why Your App Should Be Multigaming

Reasons Why Your App Should Be Multigaming

Enhanced visibility 

With the penetration of smartphones, people today spend most of their time on social media platforms and mobile gaming apps. Having said that, developing a multi-gaming application can be beneficial for your business. It will help you attract more customers and retain the existing ones while creating a community of loyal customers. 

Source of Direct Marketing 

Gaming apps serve various functions such as providing information, the latest updates and new games, exciting contests, etc. Through a multi-gaming app, you can directly connect to your customers with push notifications and the latest gaming updates. 

Value to Customers 

Multigaming apps tend to provide higher value to customers. Through multi-gaming platforms, customers can enjoy different games on a single platform. Moreover, multi-gaming apps offer customers real cash rewards and prizes. 

Builds Brand Recognition 

Mobile applications can contribute to brand awareness. With a multi gaming application, you can take your business to the next level. Make sure to define your USP with innovative features and realistic graphics you are including in your game application, which is necessary for brand recognition. 

Improved Customer Engagement 

Multi Gaming apps can help you improve customer engagement with the inclusion of multiple games. With features like customer support and chat, you can directly communicate with your customers, helping you provide a seamless experience. 

Cultivates customer loyalty 

The reason why you should consider building your own multigaming business is customer loyalty. With advertisements, banners, coupons and rewards, you can promote your brand out there in the market, helping you attract more customers and augment customer loyalty. 

Final Words 

Being a billion-dollar revenue-generating industry, the gaming industry enticed investors, gamers, entrepreneurs, and advertisers to invest in game application development. Multigaming platforms are making a difference in the gaming industry and engaging a lot of users by offering multiple games like cards, casinos, boards and puzzles. 

If you are planning to start your own multigaming business, contact us. As a leading multigaming mobile app development company, we can guide you through every stage of multigaming platform development. 


How much does it cost to develop a multigaming business? 

Multigaming app development with basic features and functionalities will cost you around $50,000 to $60,000. However, if you want to develop a multigaming app like MPL with advanced features and support,  it will cost you around $100,000. Read More

What factors affect the cost of multigaming business?

There are multiple factors affecting the overall cost of multigaming business, including the complexity of features, level of expertise, type of games, graphics and other functionalities.

What are the features of a multigaming application?

Multigaming application includes various features for both players and admins. The most common features, which you must include in your multi-gaming apps are user interface, coin cash system, payment integration, live chat, and customer support.

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