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Which Game is Better Terraria or Minecraft?

Game Development
Mar 07, 2022
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Which Game is Better Terraria or Minecraft?

Introduction: How Terraria is different from Minecraft?

When it comes to the number of players, Terraria is far behind Minecraft. According to statistical data, almost 31 million people will have purchased Terraria by 2020. Minecraft and Terraria are both parts of the sandbox genre, so people think they are similar games, but that’s not true. In multiple aspects, both games are different from one another. 

Minecraft is a sandbox building game with RPG elements, such as survival, exploration, and batting. On the other hand, Terraria is an RPG with sandbox building elements. Minecraft item content is more centralised on crafting and building, whereas Terraria’s item content is focused more on exploring and battling. 

Gamers sometimes debate which Game is better, Terrain or Minecraft, but choosing one winner depends on many factors like the Game’s performance, graphics, tools, etc. You could have doubts in mind like, are terraria better than Minecraft, etc. These answers can get maximum efficiency only when you have good points to prove. 

Minecraft: What is it? 

what is minecraft?

Mojang Studios publish Minecraft, and it is a survival-based game. It first came into the market in 2011. After that, an alpha version was released for people’s use in 2009. Minecraft is in the limelight and is influenced by gameplay, completely changing the sandbox genre. If you are interested in video game development, start exploring popular games like Minecraft. 

The Minecraft Game is in trend due to its feature, allowing users to enjoy building anything they want in their world. Users in the Game can collect supplies while evading enemies; you can use these supplies to build various things from weapons, tools, decorations, and more. Unreal game development like Minecraft needs a solid team of developers. 

Minecraft offers a wide range of modes for players to enjoy the Game to its fullest. Also, many fan-made servers have their use and rules. You also get a feature of building your server and using it to play with friends or any random players online. In other words, you can define Minecraft as a video game that provides players leverage to play the game with fun and excellent accessibility. 

What is Terraria? 

Terraria was developed by Re-Logic games and published by 505 in action-adventure games. Firstly it was released for Microsoft Windows in 2011. However, it was released later for a wide variety of operating systems, like consoles, smartphones, and other PC operating systems. It would help if you had a keen interest in game development to make a game like Terraria, which rules the world of gaming. 

Terraria provides multiple mechanics that are used to provide a unique experience. The Game is moulded to different genres. However, the main focus of the game is exploring and adventure. Terraria also features a 2D perspective of the game rather than a 3D one. Its aesthetic experience makes it more unique than other modern games of this genre. 

Terraria provides good combat as well as a crafting mechanism. All the players have different styles while playing the Game as it welcomes both strategic and aggressive playing styles. Users can choose to fight with monsters and other enemies head-on and plan an approach while conserving the items in their inventory. 

Vilhelm is the 3D terraria game launched in the market in 2021. This 3D terraria game is transforming the brand to another level. 

The Difference between Minecraft Vs Terraria

According to many gamers, Minecraft and Terraria are similar due to their sandbox genre. In multiple aspects, both games are different from one another. Here are some of the critical differences between Minecraft and Terraria. 

  • Gameplay:

    One of the main differences is that Minecraft features a 3D perspective, whereas Terraria has a 2D game perspective. From a different perspective, Terraria puts a much greater emphasis on combat and exploration features. It seems like it is an action-adventure game without any useless mechanics, which is why it is so popular. 
  • Minecraft inspires terraria:

    Many people think that terraria are a copy of Minecraft, which is wrong. Minecraft was first introduced in the market, and then terraria came. Developers of Terraria were inspired by the software architecture of the Minecraft game and developed a game which is its solid competitor. 
  • Active Players:

    Terraria is way behind Minecraft regarding the number of players that play the game. Almost 31 million people have purchased Terraria as of 2020. Nearly 200 million people are playing Minecraft, and a vast majority of these people are active to date on the Game. Minecraft is the most played game in the entire world, and the number is increasing with time. 
  • Gameplay Modes:
    There are six modes that users have in Terraria. Classic regular RPG mode is one of the modes on Terraria. The remaining five modules are different in terms of rules and some mechanics. These modes help the Game from not repeating and give players several different experiences. You can learn AI game development with us to learn how these big games work. 
  • Armour and weapons:

    There is a major difference between armours and weapons of Terraria and Minecraft games. Minecraft has more weapon options. Many of these weapons are unique in themselves and serve a unique purpose. 
  • NCPs:

    In Minecraft you only have villagers to interact with, these villagers are useful and they allow players to buy trade items in the game. However, the NCPs in Terraria are divers and allow players to interact with them in a plethora. 
  • 2D vs 3D:

    The graphic designs of Minecraft and Terraria are having the main difference. Minecraft is a 3D blocky game while Terraria is a 2D side scroller game. This difference makes Minecraft more popular than Terraria. 

How is the Terraria Development Process Different from Minecraft?

Terraria is one of the most popular indie games. Developers of terraria have recently denied the fact regarding the development of Google Stadia. Developers first launched Minecraft in the market after terraria were introduced. Terraria is developed to relax and have a good time. Terraria is an action game, whereas Minecraft is a survival game. 

Developers of terraria were inspired by the software architecture of Minecraft and were well aware of the popularity of Minecraft. They have developed the game so that they do not compare with Minecraft. Instead, they provide a better gaming experience to Minecraft. 

If you compare both the games, terraria have more than 5000 items, including 500+ weapons, 100 armors, etc. Terraria is not able to arrive at the experience that Minecraft is providing. Terraria were not able to provide a playing experience like Minecraft to the users. 

The community of Minecraft is much stronger than that of Terraria. The terraria developers focus more on developing a two-dimensional game that provides a different experience to the users. In contrast, the developers of Minecraft are focusing more on developing a more interactive and user-friendly game.  

Minecraft is better than Terraria in terms of the primary development process. 

Why is Minecraft Better than Terraria?

Minecraft usage better graphics look, more heavy server, and interactive console to make the experience of the users the best experience. The following are reasons why Minecraft is better than terraria. 

  • Better graphics:

    Minecraft has better graphics than terraria, as you have a better experience of playing the game and feel like the Game is interactive live with you. Despite the graphics, there are many other reasons why Minecraft is better than terraria
  • Bigger Worlds:

    When it comes to the virtual world or environment the Game provides, it is limited to a few villages in Terrain. In Minecraft, you get more extensive access to virtual worlds, and you can explore as many areas as you want. The graphics and interface of Minecraft is better than Terraria due to which it is preferred more by gamers. 
  • Better Characters:

    The NCPs of Minecraft’s villagers with horrible trades look accurate and interactive. In Terraria, you get limited access to the character and can modify them according to your needs. Unity game development provides better options to choose multiple characters.  
  • Minecraft is in 3D, and Terraria is in 2D:

    With the 3D experience, you can interact more with the Game and enjoy your free time in a better way. In Terraria, you have access to a two-dimensional world, which feels boring sometimes.

There are a number of reasons to prove that Minecraft is better than Terraria. It is a combination of developers’ hardwork and creativity which is making this game stand apart from its competitors. The 3D experience keeps you interacting with the game consistently and you can’t resist playing the game. 

Final Thoughts

There are many debates in the gaming industry regarding Minecraft vs terraria. Both the games have their unique features and are separated by many factors. Minecraft came into the market before Terraria, but both are running simultaneously from their launch. However, Minecraft is better than Terraria in many ways, like attractive graphics, interactive characters, customization accessibility, etc. 

Minecraft’s gaming community is much stronger than Terraria, due to which Minecraft is much more popular than terraria. Minecraft is better than Terraria due to its ability to hold the gamer’s attention and keep them engaged in the game. 


Q1. Was Terraria Made Before Minecraft?

Ans: Terraria was released eight months before Launched Microsoft in March 2011. This game felt like a competitor to Minecraft when Minecraft was ruling. 

Q2. Is Terraria a Copy of Minecraft?

Ans: No, terraria were inspired by Minecraft, but you can claim that the idea of Minecraft copied it. There is a significant difference between the games, which makes them unique in themselves.

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