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Truck Management Software Development Cost, Features and Requirements

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Feb 28, 2020
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Truck Management Software Development Cost

It is so tiresome and frustrating when it comes to shifting. Earlier it was a challenging task to arrange a shipment. To confirm a shipment, there was a requirement of lots of emails and calls. But shifting is not so difficult because of these online truck management systems.

Let Us Understand Truck Management System

A truck management software (TMS) is an app to track all the activity of the vehicle like fuel level, geographic location, route direction, speed, emergency, temperature and other vital details. To track these details, sensors are installed in the vehicle and all the data can be seen in real-time to the manager. The owner can quickly know where the vehicle is and how much it will take to reach a destination, also the condition of the vehicles. Some of the famous mover companies are Agarwal packer and mover, Shift Karade, The packer and mover and many more.

The best movers and packers app provides facilities to its users like setting the pickup and drop-off location, moving requests, and many other tasks related to shifting. To ensure the safety of the asset and goods, they make sure to use the best packaging material for packing and wrapping of goods like Thermocol boxes, paper waste material, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, shipping cartons etc.

Services that a mover and packer company offers include

  • Relocation services like office or home relocation
  • Storeroom services
  • Office shifting services
  • Vehicle shifting services
  • Warehousing services
  • Plants and pets shifting services

According to a study, there is 44% upsurge in online requests for Packers & Movers across India in the last one year. Pune has the highest growth rate in the country (85%) in the online search for Packers & Movers. The Car Carriers category has seen a growth of 29%, while Packers & Movers Within India has seen a growth of 26% across all cities surveyed. Packers & Movers Within City has seen a growth of 38% across all cities surveyed. (source)

Benefits of Truck Management software Development

Truck Management software development

  • Automate tasks
  • Streamline connected processes
  • Provides real-time understanding for better management of drivers and vehicles
  • Connected vehicles
  • Assures smart transportation
  • Improves driver safety
  • Guarantee steady truck performance
  • Decreased costs
  • 24*7 Customer support
  • Advance booking
  • Full load service with various truck sizes

Features of Truck Management Software

If you are willing to start a mover and packer business, then the below-listed features will help you to understand it clearly and will help to broaden your vision about mover and packer business.

  1. Better Business Maintenance

By installing a dump truck dispatch software, one can save a lot of money that was going to be spent on hiring staff. Also, employee management becomes easy with the help of this application. The application works on the internet; that is why it is easily accessible from any location in the world. Best truck management systems not only provide the tracking functionalities but also help in the best maintenance of the trucks.

  1. Employee Management Becomes Easy

A truck management app helps to monitor the driver’s behaviour. The app collects data from the driver’s driving style and sends it to the admin so that admin can easily have a look at the data like acceleration, braking, idling, and cornering. Also, the owner can set a driving speed for drivers, and whenever safe speed is crossed, the owner will be notified that will keep lives and roads safe.

  1. Emergency Service

The foremost priority of any business is the safety of every employee. The dump truck load app comes with an emergency SOS button. Whenever the driver is in an emergency, he can press the button and call for emergency services. Also, the app comes with sensors installed on the truck, and whenever a truck is met with an accident, the sensors detect the situation and send an alert to nearby emergency services.

  1. State, Interstate and International Shifting

Many dump truckload brokers offer their services limited to a single state, and some expand it by serving multiple states and some offer services for international shifting. They guarantee you perfect shifting with ease either it be in-country or overseas. All the legal permissions and other things are also managed by the company so that you can easily enjoy your home shifting.

  1. Order Tracking

Truck dispatch software allows customers and owners to see the current location of the driver. This feature helps to build trust between the company and customers and improve customer relations. Apart from this, it also helps to find out the loopholes in the system. So now the driver can not escape without completing the given task, and along with that, you will be able to know the exact delivery time.

truck dispatch software development

Requirements for Truck Management Software

Before starting to develop an application, one should be aware of the purpose and requirement of the app development. Here is a list of requirements of the truck management system (TMS).

  1. To Track Multimodel Consignment

In a mover business, there is a need to manage multiple transportation methods for shipments. And it is a very hectic task to manage them all. That is why there is a requirement for transportation dispatch software that can store all the details of shipments. A full-fledged truck management system can manage all the modes that you utilize, such as road, air, train and sea.

  1. To Track Performance

Managing a transportation business isn’t easy. It is difficult to track the exact location of the truck, loading and unloading time and many more details. But with the help of a trucking logistics app, it isn’t a hectic task any more. This can help you to get insights into your best and worst tasks that could be improved. The app gives better visibility in the movement of the load. Using courier delivery app, you can set the deadline for a shipment which will help you to get rid of unwanted late delivery issues.

  1. Billing Support

Precise billing helps to maintain a good relationship with your customers. If there is an app that can calculate the transportation cost for the transport company and customer, the same task can be completed by an online truck booking system.  This system automatically calculates the final bill using the rate database of the company.

  1. Reports

Reports play a significant role to understand a company’s profit and loss and also other essential things. With the help of different reporting tools, this app generates accurate reports and charts.

  1. Controversy Management

The app allows you to integrate all financial data of the company. Because there are chances of profit then also there will be chances of loss one day. The application covers the claims related to the shipment. It could be the loss of the asset or damage to the asset. It generates reports stating all the loss and profit, important data and trends to understand.

Cost to Develop a Truck Management Software

Truck Management Software (TMS) Development Cost

The truck management software development cost depends upon various factors such as

  • No of trucks/vehicles
  • The platform of the app(Android, iOS, Windows etc.)
  • Features of the application
  • Requirements that you want in-app
  • Truck booking app developers(Freelance or full time)

The following are the tasks that can be managed by the application.

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle inventory
  • Vehicle disposal
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Registration, licensing, taxes and MOT
  • Driver License Management
  • Cost management and analysis
  • Booking system for pool vehicles
  • Logging of penalty points

Truck management system software development cost varies between $10,000 to $30,000 depending upon the features mentioned above. A Basic app can cost between $10,000 to $20,000, and a full-fledged software can cost up to $30,000.

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As technology is rising, there is throat-cutting competition in every business. That is why every company is looking for new methods to produce more revenue. Also, companies are cutting their extra expenses to get a smart solution for their business. Keeping a smart solution for your business can profit your business in such terms that you haven’t imagined.

If you are a dump truckload broker and you want a white label trucking app solution for your business. Your search ends here. BR Softech is the best Truck management software development company that can provide you fantastic solutions for your requirements. We offer every single detail that you need in your TMS app.

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