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Virtual Reality App Development In Australia Is Cheapest or Not?

Aug 21, 2020
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Virtual Reality App Development

The new emerging technologies have changed the way of doing business and entertainment. Old screen gadgets are being replaced by the newly found technologies that instead of displaying content, immerses the user into the environment. Such is the potential of virtual reality app development

An expert virtual reality app development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. provides effective software solutions that are powered by virtual reality and enhances the user experience. A long list of applications and benefits of virtual reality makes it a rapidly growing technology. 

This article is written with an aim to educate the readers about the astonishing world of virtual reality that has the capability to immerse the user into a whole new world. Also, the list of applications and benefits associated is covered in this article, along with the cost incurred in the process of app development. 

Concept Of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is not just a technology but a whole concept that has become a driving force for many enterprises. Known for delivering a simulated experience to the user, virtual reality has the capability to immerse the user in a digitally created environment with the help of VR devices. 

There was a time when the technology was majorly used for entertainment purposes; however, over time, the new applications for other commercial purposes help to keep the technology high in demand. Virtual Reality has transformed the old methods of training staff, educating students, and the applications extend up to risk preparation and management. 

Virtual Reality allows the user to interact with the virtual objects that are projected in the virtual world displayed using the VR device. Various tasks can be accomplished with the technology that is discussed in the next section. 

Benefits Of Virtual Reality

A long list of benefits associated with the technology adds to making it popular, some of which are mentioned below. Make sure to read each point to gain a better understanding of the technology. 

  • Realistic Scenarios

The foremost benefit of using virtual reality is that it allows you to create realistic situations simulator that saves up the costs that otherwise would have incurred in the set-up. 

  • Little To No Risk

The virtual simulation projected via the VR device ensures that the user interacts with the digital objects or in realistic scenarios with safety as a priority.

  • Improves Retention 

As the user is immersed in a virtual environment that helps deliver a more indulging experience that eventually supports longer retention of the information.

  • Flexible Learning Style 

Over the period that the technology has covered, it has evolved, leading into a flexible approach that helps in accommodating different business needs. This makes virtual reality app development services versatile, allowing different enterprises to conduct training and teaching effectively.

  • Cost And Time Efficient

Conducting virtual reality training and teaching sessions are rightly said to be cost and time efficient because they eliminate the need for physical resources and can be remotely accessed via smart devices. 

Applications Of Virtual Reality

The varied applications of virtual reality make it a trending technology amongst small, medium and large scale enterprises. Scroll down to know about the important applications of virtual reality that have created all the hype about the technology.

VR In Military

VR simulations have found their implications in military training. Countries like the US and UK are using the technology to train the army, navy, air force and marine personnel. VR has the capability to virtually place the user in a variety of digitally created environments. Military personnel find an opportunity to sharpen their tactical skills without having to risk their lives. 

VR In Sports

Virtual Reality has a tremendous scope in sports. The coaches are using the technology to immerse the players in a digitally created situation where they can improve their skills where they lack. It is also helpful in screening athletes performance and analyzing techniques. The technology can also aid in providing room for training if in case the player is injured. Not only the players, but the audience is also benefited from technology. VR allows the broadcasters to stream live sports events from any part of the world.

VR In Mental Health

Virtual Reality is used for patients suffering from post-traumatic stress. VR exposure therapy is helpful in healing a patient to overcome an event of the past that has created trauma in the patient’s mind. Virtual Reality provides a platform for the patients to interact with the objects or events that they fear that are helpful in addressing their phobias, anxiety or depression.

VR In Medical Training

Yet another innovative application of the technology is in medical training. Medical students and doctors can receive training using virtual reality without actually risking human life. This way, it not only helps in delivering quality training but also reduces huge costs that are involved with it. 

VR In Fashion

Modern technology is capable enough of revolutionizing the fashion industry. Virtual Reality allows customers to experience products as they appear in real life with the help of smart devices. This allows the retail store owners to showcase their product line-up in an interactive way.  

Factors Affecting Cost Of Development

Factors Affecting Cost Of Development

There are various factors that are required to be taken into consideration as they directly manipulate the cost of app development. Technical, as well as management efficiency, is responsible for manipulating the cost required to be invested in the project. Scroll below to get a hint on how you can manage the cost to fit in your budget. 

Content And Software

Content forms a major element that soaks up a huge chunk of the budget. Apart from the content, the software is also equally and separately responsible for setting up the budget bar. The complexity of content is directly proportional to the technicality of software that is required to balance the scale for a balanced application. 

A perfect example of the above-said statement can be online stores. Online stores that offer a 3D and interactive experience of their products and services require a basic interface. It is important to collate the prices of individual aspects rather than ending up paying prices separately. 

Usually, the cost involved with the development of 3D models and user interface is comparatively low. The last thing that could be said with respect to content and software is that it greatly affects the cost of platform development.

Research And Development

The entire process until the optimal software is crafted under research and development. Researching for the best alternatives is a constant process in virtual reality app development services. The cost of app development is highly dependent on the quality of research.

The developer selects the ideal features and functions and codes them accordingly from memory. To get recognized in the market, it is mandatory for the developer to keep the features distinctive. No matter how complex the development might be, the end result should be conveniently accessed by users. Developing a VR app with cutting-edge capabilities is likely to undergo a series of trial and error; however, it is that route that leads to innovation of an advanced VR app. 

Platforms Involved

After doing the analytical job comes the turn of a technical aspect. The app development process is initiated after the R&D is taken care of. The cost of development varies with the platform for which the software is being developed. The platform directly affects the time and cost of app development, and hence a research-backed decision should be made at the time of selecting the platform. 

Inherent Features

Depending on the purpose of the VR application, the features of the app also varies. Thorough knowledge of the features and their impact on business operations will help you acquire a better understanding of the subject matter of your app development. The cost of development differs with every set of features that you choose for your virtual reality web app development. 

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Third-Party Integrations

Third-party plugins are effective options that have the ability to push the limits of VR software for a customized experience. Integration of plugins might cost a little extra; however, the modification is worthwhile as it can enhance the capabilities of your VR platform. 

Project Management

For a customer to enjoy the merits of the digital solution, the app development process needs to be transparent and flexible. It helps the developers in delivering a high-quality product that elevates the customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Effective management will not only reduce the cost associated with the development process but also eliminate wastage of time and efforts. 

All the factors that are mentioned above play a vital role in deciding the cost of development.

Cost Of Development

By this time, many VR devices have gained immense popularity in the market. VR projection devices like HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift are contributing their share to provide virtual reality experiences, Cross-platform engines are extensively used for developing VR apps that accommodate the technical needs of various platforms. 

Unity3D can be one such example of such an advanced tool with cross-platform abilities. These engines are flexible enough to provide customized solutions in a few hours by incorporating modifications. 

The project is initiated with the documentation rightly done in the pre-development phase. Then comes the role of a project manager who scrutinizes the development phase for perfection. 

The price of the project development depends on the virtual reality app development company. There can be two ways by which a software development company may impose a fee on your project. 

Some brands use a fix price model for the project, and others adopt a price-as-you-may-go model. Enterprises with a fixed budget are charged a fixed price; however, a business with no budget constraint requires more time as well as includes a higher cost.  

Western software development companies charge $50 to $250 per hour. Indian companies like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can provide the VR software at a much lower price. Indian developers charge from $5 to $50 per hour. The price of developing a VR application may start from $5000 and goes up to $100000 and even higher. However, the prices mentioned are just an estimate, and the actual price may vary with the business requirements.

Final words

Be it education, retailing, training your staff or medical purpose, virtual reality app development company has the perfect solution that caters to your business needs. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. with a team of more than 450 IT professionals excels with every aspect of software development. The technological innovations based on virtual Reality are expanding day by day hence making the investment worthwhile. 

Reach out to an expert software development company that will assist you with your project development.

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