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Do You Want to Develop the App for Food Delivery – So Here are Some Points on Which You Should Focus

App Development
Aug 27, 2018
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Do You Want to Develop the App for Food Delivery Like swiggy, Uber Eats

It has been seen that people are crazy for food in this century, restaurants and cafe are in high demand and why not? After all food is a basic need but why people has depend for it on the restaurants and cafe. Actually as time and era has changed and now priority of this 21st century is education and a best job, due to this people use to migrate from one place to other and they are in need of the good food.

In this modern century and hustle bustle lives everyone wish to have the services at their doorsteps and technology has made it easier also. Yes now, you can get your food also at doorstep and you can even find the best restaurants nearby and along with this, you can get the best offers and discount.

In this contemporary world, every restaurant has their app on the digital platform. Where as food ordering apps like swiggy and Zomato has also marked their presence and they offer the multiple restaurant services to the customers. Mobile applications are the best way to boost up and beneficial for the startups. Where as Zomato and swiggy also target multiple platforms like Android, IOS etc,

If you also want to open your restro so the best thing is you should go with the food delivery app.

Many reputed companies also has food delivery apps and after proper research you should make your site and here are the Comparison between Popular Food Ordering Apps

Popular and Reputed Food Delivery Apps Qualities:

GrubHub: This app is among one of the most popular and used food ordering services. It also provides the feature to you to search your favorite cuisine or you can also browse the list of the local restaurants which are nearby. It works like the nearby apps, along with this, it has a feature of google review where people can post their reviews.

Eat24: It works differently as compared to the other apps, on this platform you have to put your address and it will have a quick search, and show you all types of food and it will also showcase the different restaurants which are nearby. You can even browse on the cuisine type and simple type via ‘What’s good’ section and you can order on the spot or can save it for later. It helps you to track your food, via location.

Seamless: Apart from this, this app has a ability to find the order according to your desired price. You can order as per your preference.

On Points You have to Focus While Developing the Food Delivery App:

Develop the application is not at all an easy task, you have to develop it with full focus and after deciding the several points there are some points which have to take very seriously to get the best results.

Here are some points on which you should focus:

  • Research from the famous applications.

  • First test your concept locally.

  • Hire skilled and experienced app developers.

  • A good promotion and involve the potential customers.

  • Hire a good and healthy team who work for the flexible hours and in a best salary.

Let us tell you there are different types of applications which fulfil your requirements:

  1. There are some apps which cook themselves and provide their own service like ( Pizzahut)

  2. There are some apps which act a bridge between customers and restaurants like( Foodpanda and zomato )

  3. Some apps act as a grocery delivery service such as postmates etc.

  4. Some apps promote the cooked home food and promote the service like – plated, chef’d et

So, first decide the type of app which you want to develop for

your business.

You have to keep the several points in your mind and here are the points:

Market Research & Target Audience

First of all you should research according to the market that what is going on the market and people have interest for what, what your customer wants and decide a specific audience. Target the particular audience especially entrepreneur, students etc. or who like the food as what type of food you want to focus on as chinese, Indian, Italian etc.

Research about your competitors and what type of features they are including.

Technical Aspects

You should provide service which should be fast and best, whereas you should use the latest and modern technologies tos serve best to your users but then also it depends upon your budget and you can use the services from PHP to ruby. Other features such as creating an app from scratch, iOS or Android, native apps or hybrid ones, or using third-party tools such as APIs, app clones, and SDKs etc. In designing you can use UX and UI where as the main aim is to provide the best functionality.

Functions & Features

First of all functions should work best and your app should have an amazing features. The functionality should be best and always keep in mind that people use to prefer the easy application, which they can use easily and simply. In this hustle bustle lives everyone like to do fast and quick work so try to keep it very simple.

Some Features you should include in your food Delivery Apps:

  1. There should be a option of popular food and people like to have it. The option which people can quickly decide and order quickly.

  2. There should be detail about the restaurant, along with their complete menu and price. Pictures will add the more visibility of the restaurant.

  3. It is important where the restaurant is situated location is really essential for the users, so they can count the time and even can take the idea for the delivery charges even the restaurants doesn’t provide the facility of free delivery.

  4. Inbuilt tracker which can connect the user and restaurants and users can track their orders.

  5. Provide a online platform to your client as it is digital world and people use to keep the money in their wallets. So prefer the online platform to the clients.

  6. You have to focus on other things also like SMS Notification, alert notification that the order dispatched etc.

  7. There should be a custom search option with customers can find the restaurants by cuisine, location, availability etc should also be there.

  8. To make your platform unique you can also add the feature of scheduled delivery in which user can order their food and schedule it.

  9. Other than SMS tool you can go for the push tool. They work as a great rentation.

  10. Don’t forget to give the right to the user to give the ratings, review option etc.

Pricing & Budget Of Food Delivery Apps Like swiggy, Uber Eats

Price plays a very vital role in the business and whether you are a businessman or entrepreneur on this only your business decide the way. Before proceeding the things price is the major factor. That everyone should focus on. Hence first decide your budget then decide the functions.

Few things keep in mind while deciding your budget:

What features and functions you have to involve in your app.

On which platform you have to mark your presence – Android, IOS or web.

You are going with backhead development or third party integration. Server backup can make the budget expensive and during initial time you may avoid it but for long term purchase it later.

Social media integration, you want to go for social media and want to involve it in your app.

If you want to go with the cross develop app, so it would not be so expensive.

The team you hire plays the imperative role and there budget also.

Designing decides the main cost.

Complexity in the app increase the price.

Don’t forget that you have to maintain that app also Additional charges will be there.

Team plays the vital role as to develop the app you will be need the perfect team and here it is:

  • UI/UX designer

  • 2-4 Developers in total

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Backend Developer

  • Project Manager

  • Advanced Team

Team Manager/Project Manager

  • UI/UX designer

  • 3-4 developers for each platform

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

  • 2-3 backend developers

  • Admin panel developer

Final Words:

We also want to inform you that the prices vary to location to location, everyone’s prices will be different now it’s up to you and your requirements. Now, here also you have 2 option you can either hire the developers on the hourly basis as well as you can you can outsource the project.

In short note we want to tell you costs can be approximated at 5000-50000$ for app development and 15-30$ per hour with the time for development ranging around 1-3 months. Don’t take a chance with the application as it is an imperative part of your business and one time investment.


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