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Looking for Blockchain consultancy services that can improve your business approach? You can count on BR Softech for tailor-made, technologically advanced Blockchain services. We optimise all the leading methods to deliver the best results.

As a well-established Blockchain consulting company, we provide you with Blockchain innovation techniques for enhancing your business. The Blockchain experts at our firm can help you protect, optimise, and grow your business by applying intelligence based on the latest Blockchain technology.

BR Softech is a Leader in Blockchain Consultancy

As a leader in blockchain technology, BR Softech's strategy and implementation skills allow organisations to develop Blockchain solutions that exceed their expectations. The top 1% of IT talent that we work with goes a long way toward reducing risks and improving the traceability and security of your business with the successful implementation of Blockchain technology.

We are a Blockchain consulting firm that accesses your business goals and evaluates how Blockchain technology can be adapted to make your business future-ready. In addition, we also assist our customers in the whole series of integrations and adaptations of Blockchain technologies by a large number of leading organisations.

  • Prepare Consulting and implementation methodology
  • Work on Enterprise Wide-Reporting
  • Improving Performance Management
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Predictive Analysis

Our Blockchain Consultancy Serving Areas

  • Blockchain Application Development
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Legal Consulting
  • Investors Introduction

What is Blockchain Consulting?

As part of our Blockchain consulting services, we research, analyse, develop, and test Blockchain applications across a variety of industry verticals.

In simple words, Blockchain consulting entails translating business goals into Blockchain-based technological solutions that businesses can implement in order to achieve their goals.

As part of their consultancy service, a Blockchain consultant produces a proof of concept (POC) that illustrates how Blockchain technology can be used in real-world situations for the company. The document also addresses the risks associated with Blockchain technology and what can be done by a Blockchain consulting company to minimise those risks.

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Custom Enterprise Blockchain Consulting Solutions

Custom Enterprise Blockchain Consulting Solutions

Our enterprise Blockchain consulting services are designed to align with your current business process.

Our custom Blockchain app development solutions provide businesses with innovative solutions to transform their ideas into reality. Our Blockchain solutions are designed to meet your deployment time and budget requirements while maintaining high usability, performance, and product quality.

We offer enterprise Blockchain consulting solutions based on in-depth knowledge of the business context and goals. The optimal Blockchain development strategy we recommend will be beneficial to you and expedite your digital journey. The use of Agile software development methodologies helps your organisation maximise revenue.

Blockchain Consulting Services We Deliver

As mentioned, Blockchain consultancy reviews your business case and helps you understand the Blockchain protocol that is ideal to integrate with your business model. At BR Softech, we offer Blockchain consulting services for startups and large corporations.

  • Strategy Workshop & Training

    Blockchain consultants organise workshops and live webinars to help you become more familiar with Blockchain technology. With case studies and real-world examples, we help businesses understand how Blockchain technology can transform their businesses.

  • Blockchain Integration Consultancy

    We examine your existing business case to determine where it is lacking. Find ways in which Blockchain technology can be incorporated into existing solutions while overcoming their shortcomings. Provide your business with the right technology to lead it towards success.

  • Quick PoC

    As part of our Blockchain technology consultancy services, we create a Proof of Concept (PoC) to help you understand the feasibility of your Blockchain project in the real-world environment. Clients will get a complete overview of how Blockchain works.

  • Blockchain Development

    In the event that you have an in-depth understanding of the blockchain use case in your business scenario. Your Blockchain development project will go from consultancy to the development phase. BR Softech can provide you with Blockchain-driven solutions that are feasible and innovative.

Our Blockchain Consulting Process

Find out how our Blockchain consultancy firm can elevate your business from a position of obscurity to one where everyone admires it.


In working with our clients, our Blockchain consultants identify strategies and approaches that could help the client achieve their business goals and streamline the workflow of their business.


An assessment of your existing business case takes place to help us discover how we can implement Blockchain technology into your existing system to streamline your workflow.

Define Technical Components

In accordance with your business requirements, our team of Blockchain consultants will recommend the right Blockchain platform for you that will bring the expected benefits for you.

PoC (Proof of Concept)

The Proof of Concept includes the entire roadmap of development, as well as the features we will implement in your solution. This will give you a complete idea of how the solution is going to work out for you.

Integrating Blockchain

Now our team of Blockchain development consultants will proceed towards the integration of Blockchain technology into your existing system. This integration will bring efficiency to your existing business system.


If the integration of Blockchain technology into your existing system is not possible. Our team of Blockchain development experts will help you build the Blockchain product from scratch.

How Our Blockchain Consulting Services Can Help You?

  • System Appraisal

    We will survey your objectives, evaluate the impact of blockchain on your business, and help you accurately describe and alter your operations as needed.

  • Assisted With Preparation and Quick Prototyping

    Work with specialists in quick blockchain improvement conditions and hold innovation control workshops to upskill your team.

  • Arrangement Plan

    Comprehensive arrangement configuration incorporates individuals, selective measures, operating models, and leading innovations to boost your business reach.

  • Assemble and Practice

    Our complex use of executives, outsider participation, and custom coding ensures that every arrangement is flexible enough to meet future requirements.

  • Resources and Arrangements

    Control and customization are provided by restricting the programming of additional items, redactions, key administration, and equipment security modules.

  • Manageable System of the Board

    We will take care of the new blockchain standards and conditions for you while you remain focused on the actual requirements of your business.

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Leading Industries Serves by BR Softech

We offer blockchain consulting services across a wide range of industries including.

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Why Choose BR Softech as Your Blockchain Consulting Company?

To transform your business into a professional and modern one, BR Softech offers highly interactive and custom blockchain consulting services. To deliver the most exceptional user experience, our team of industry experts delivers quintessential blockchain development services using the latest technologies.

Our blockchain experts cover all the factors from start to finish, from advanced solutions to an endless list of awe-inspiring features. Our blockchain consulting company ensures clients get top-notch results with the latest trends in mind, so hire us today for impeccable results. We are also known for our originality and creativity.

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What does a Blockchain consultant do?

A Blockchain consultant is a person who helps businesses to identify the need for Blockchain technology in their business use case. Also, a consultant is responsible for suggesting feasible Blockchain solutions that can be integrated into your existing business.

How can I hire a Blockchain consultant from BR Softech?

BR Softech has made it simple to hire a Blockchain consultant. All you have to do is share your requirements with us, and then one of our consultants will contact you to carry out the decision.

How much will it cost me to hire a Blockchain consultant?

On average hiring a Blockchain consultant is a costly process as it may involve the need of analysing your existing business solutions. On average, it will cost you somewhere around $7,000 to $28,000.

Can you provide me with the Blockchain development consulting services you provide?

Here at BR Softech, we offer a diverse range of Blockchain development services as mentioned below.

  • Blockchain AI development
  • DAPP development
  • Blockchain P2P lending platform development
  • Blockchain MLM software development
  • Smart contract development
  • Hyperledger Blockchain development

Do you have a dedicated team of Blockchain consultants?

At BR Softech, we have dedicated Blockchain consultants who have a diverse knowledge of Blockchain technology. Hence you can expect the best possible answer to all your questions.

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