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Benefits of Robotic Process Automation ?

written by Admin | May 29, 2017
Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

The Automation allows a person to work with the systems and the presentation layer to perform a special task. This is possible only when automation aim to use a robot or a computer to manipulate existing software application. The BPO, enterprises and shared services use large scale, high-volume human labor with an intrinsic exigency for productivity and cost efficiency. In such cases Robotic Process Automation Development adds impetus to business innovation and profitability.

Let me be bring to you some benefits of Robotic Process Automation

1. Cost Reduction

We are planning to take over some manually intensive work from people so we need to compare the cost of people as compared to the cost of robots.

People cost

The cost of an FTE in BPO industry varies significantly between countries according to outsourcing consultancy Aldridge. The lowest cost countries are:

  1. India: with $15.9K per annum in Tier 1 city and $12.9K per annum in Tier 2 city
  2. Philippines: with $19K per annum

The cost in other countries is higher. For example in Brazil reaching $64K per annum.
This cost covers 8h per day work.
Robot costs

Robots certainly don’t come free. The discussion in detail on cost of Robotics and it’s various components deserves it’s own post. One of the Big 4 organization has estimated that cost of a robot is one-third of that on an off-shore employee. This is keeping in mind that robots can function 24/7 (vs human 8/5).

2. Accuracy and Quality

Robotic Process Automation is specially suitable where the processes has high human error. Here we have additional business case of avoiding re-work. The robots would follow the rule as feeded and in turn would produce 100% accuracy. This in turn would lead to drastic improvement in process quality output.A 20% re-work rate done by 10 FTE could add additional 2 FTE savings to your Business Case.

3. Cycle Time and Cash Flow

Depending on technology and the underlying IT environment, robots can perform significantly faster than human. Reduction in your processing can reach up to 90% which 30%-50% that can be achieved for an average process. It all depends on the existing state of your underlying applications. Opening up a web form can take milliseconds for a robot against few minutes by a person. However, then wait time for the form to be submitted or loaded would be same.

Robotizing a process is a part of Quote-to-Cash cycle that may lead to direct cash flow impact. It is all about applying robotics because you can reduce your Q2C cycle by 1 day for $1M annual revenue thus you are generating additional 2 / 365 * $1M = $5.5K cash flow for your Balance Sheet.

4. Better Customer Experience and Increased Revenue

Two essentials lead automatically to improved customer experience and they are shorter cycle times and increased quality. This results in more sales from existing satisfied customers and to more new customers. This is another way how Robotics Process Automation can indirectly impact your top line. This is very hard to quantify but still this aspect is certainly worth keeping in mind.

5. Technology and IT Independence

Robotic solutions can be implemented with limited assistance from IT. Although IT department interlock is recommended, deep technical skills are usually not required. It all depends on the technology as a process can be automated by a technically expert or an IT student/graduate.

Robotic software can work with the below mentioned application and the interaction occurs through the user interface. Whether your underlying application is:

  • SAP
  • Java based
  • .Net based
  • Web based
  • Citrix based
  • Mainframe based

your robot would be able to access it. This in turn implies that RPA can be an alternative for expensive and long integration projects as it can enable all your applications that may be not very well integrated today to interact (though their user interface).

6. Simplicity and Quick Time to Benefit

The development of an RPA solution has hardly any requirement infact very limited and no coding. A combination of screen recording and process map drawing, depending on the platform is included in a process. The process includes UIPath quote that a 100 step process can be automated in as little as 2 weeks analysis to deployment using their software. This way ahead of a typical IT project that runs for few months and needs to be planned and scheduled way in advance.

7. Scalability and Flexibility

A work given to robots is much easier to manage than one performed by people. How do you handle today a process with picks and valleys of volume? You probably have lot of headache with temporary work force hiring. All of this pain is gone with RPA. A work given to robots can be increased or decreased relatively easily without hiring, training, getting fully up-to-speed that is need in a typical BPO scenario.

8. Insight and Analytics

Although Robotic Process Automation platforms on the market today are not very strong in terms of analytical capability, the robots can help generate data that can be then analyzed using other tools. You can build each step of the process into every robot. This in turn will generate information in abundance and that has probably not been available ever before and that will allow you to optimize your process even further.

Robotic Process Automation Conclusion:

I hope you have understood the Robotic Process Automation and i strongly feel that BR Softech is one of the reputed organization that can help someone to automate rule-based processes without the need for constant human supervision. Also if you are looking forward to a game development company then again one of the best option is BR Softech.


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