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10 Best Apps Built Using Flutter Framework

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Aug 03, 2019
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Flutter App Development

Craft high-quality native interface on iOS and Android using Flutter. Flutter is a powerful, extensible and revolutionary framework, which helps in developing innovative apps in no time.

It works on operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux efficiently and allows developers to provide customers with a splendid experience. 

BR Softech with a team of expert developers and skilled professionals help you develop the next-Gen app using a cross-platform framework Flutter with fully customizable widgets and flexible UI. It has a great community with an extensive collection of widgets. 

Let’s dive deeper into Flutter and know everything about this advance open-source mobile application development framework using these top-rated Flutter apps.

Top 10 Apps Made with Flutter

Best Apps Built Using Flutter Framework

Google Ads:

Google Ads are a widely used app for the campaign with various lucrative features.  It’s a popular online advertising platform developed by Google where advertisers pay to display brief advertisement, video content, product listing and a lot more.

About 97% of Google’s total revenues come from advertising.  (Google Investor Relations) 

It was first launched in October – 2000 with 350 advertisers, and since then this groundbreaking platform is getting immense popularity and helping businesses to grow and improve for a better return on investment. 

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Reflectly: –

This lifestyle app powered by AI technology is developed using Flutter incorporated innovative technologies. It enables users to be thoughtful about their daily life and provides with insightful detailed personal statistics.   It helps users to create stories and maintain a personal journal. 

Harvard Study Concludes 22.8% better performance from employees, keeping a work journal.   

Alibaba: –

This is one of the largest e-commerce platforms with Flutter’s capabilities. It supports global transactions in its wholesale market. It facilitates large scale e-commerce transactions by allowing users to buy products from suppliers around the world. Its top competitors are Amazon, Walmart, and Flipkart. 

Alibaba revenue is 37,684.4 crores CNY (US$56.152 billion, 2019)

Birch Finance:-

Use this flutter powered app to help users manage their expenses and maximize the reward points. It helps you arrange your finances effortlessly while optimizing existing cards and benefiting with reward points. The birch finance app offers different ways to earn and redeem rewards. 

Birch finance estimated revenue is $< 1 Million.  – Source

Hamilton Musical: –

This Flutter mobile app helps organizers to upload daily news and videos, update tour location, and organize a daily trivia. You can get the official entry in Hamilton lotteries in New York, Chicago, London, and Tour Locations. It allows you to drop some knowledge or record and share videos of yourself singing along to Hamilton songs. 

Approx 365 million times Hamilton songs have been played on music streaming services. 

Coach Yourself Meditation App: –

Use this Flutter’s innovative health and fitness app that helps users to improve their health. This advance app allows users to meditate by giving up their non-useful habits. Not just that, it also strengthens your personal development while increasing the efficiency of mindfulness. 

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Hookle Social App: –

Use this fun app and manage your social media posts while monitoring activities using a single dashboard. This fun app built using flutter allows its users to share posts, monitor social activity and manage multiple social media accounts in one place.  This app facilitates to compose and publishing your posts to multiple social media channels and help you monitor activities across all the channels. 

Within just one month, it has been downloaded 10 000 times, with users from the USA, Canada, Finland, and several other countries. 

Watermaniac: –

Set your daily water consumption goal using Watermaniac Flutter’s app and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. This app helps you preserve adequate mental and physical functions. This amazing app enables its users to set a daily goal of water while helping you customize notifications to remind users about drinking water.  

Track your water intake using Watermaniac and download the app.

Cryptograph: –

Make use of this Flutter based app to track market movements associated with global cryptocurrencies like  Bitcoin, Ripple and a lot more. This advance Flutter app provides the latest data and figures for more than 1600 cryptocurrencies. Using this app you can add your favorites currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherreum, and a lot more.  

Cryptograph! Using CoinPaprika’s API, this handy app provides users on-time data on more than 2,500 cryptocurrencies.

SG Bus Tracker: –

Commute using SG bus Tracker in Singapur and get real-time bus updates and estimated arrival time. This navigation app is the best to provide all updates and estimated arrival time of buses running in the city. This bus empowers users while helping them know the bus schedule from different service providers and check the seat availability right within the app. 

Bus transport forms a significant part of public transport in Singapore, with over 4.0 million rides taken per day on average as of 2018. 

BR Softech is one of the leading Flutter App Development company. With each passing day, this revolutionary framework grabbing the attention of millions and providing with fast and customizable development with hot reload features. This framework helps us provide users with a faster, engaging, and appealing user interface while creating a customized app and developing an outstanding Flutter application.

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