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Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Implementation

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Oct 25, 2019
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Big Data Analytics

Data is a valuable asset in today’s world and can be considered as the key to success. Big data is drastically transforming the way people work together in an organization. It is creating a culture where the collaboration of IT leaders and businesses results in realizing values from all generated data. Data economics is based on the idea that by using analytics, a data value can be extracted.

Although Big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence development ompanies are still in their initial growth stage, their importance cannot be undervalued. As big data starts to expand and grow, the importance of big data analytics will continue to grow in everyday lives, both personal and business. In addition, the size and volume of data are increasing every single day, making it essential to address how big data is addressed every day.

In 2019, annual revenue from the global big data market is expected to reach 49 billion U.S. dollars, with predictions suggesting this would further grow within the following years.

What is Big Data Analytics Service?

The Big Data Analytics service works on the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling data, etc. with the goal of discovering useful information for the entities. Hence, it helps to simplify the data and execute it in a profitable way, as well as reduce the cost and time of the employees. For the most sensitive process, companies can’t rely on human power. In that case, tech experts were forced to introduce a big data analytics solution, and it works according to customer desire, market trends, and other useful demands.

Big Data Analytics Service

Therefore, it enabled to manage the large set of data of the companies for the fruitful result. It helps to reach business goals.

Importance of Big-Data Analytics

Data should be managed well and in the best way, and nowadays, entities are not able to handle the massive data, and sometimes the useful data gets mixed or lost, and losing the valuable data results in a high-loss. In this digital world, experts came up with a better data management service as the tech world introduced Big Data Analytics for the companies. These big data solutions help in providing the meaning analysis of a large set of data. Business intelligence services companies are also helping in delivering accurate reports by extracting information directly from the data source.

Types of Big Data Analytics

This big data analytics service provider is useful for both small organizations, and big and small companies as it can bring into the scheme and enabling organizations to make efficient use of enormous data. There are different types of big data analytics solutions that include.

1) Prescriptive Analytics: The big data tools help to enhance future productivity; it eliminates guesswork and brings the best decision making. It is related to both descriptive and predictive analytics.

2) Predictive Analytics: The future data is dependent on the aims to identify future outcomes data mining and machine learning solutions based on historical data. It forecast the future livelihood, It cannot predict the future and all mid-sized to large enterprises are becoming attracted to this big data tool.

3) Descriptive Analytics: It is the simplest and most basic tool. It helps to find out the reasons behind failure and how the working impact on the future. This is for the initial stage of data analysis.

Implementation Sector for Big Data

In various industries, big data technology has been implemented, which leads to growth and expansion in the industry. It is analyzing the enormous amount of data that makes business decisions lead to more efficient operation and higher productivity.

1. Retail: The customers who are buying the product manage all the selling details and helps to make the data accurate. The retailers purchase the data according to the customer’s demand and plan the marketing strategy. In that case, a big data service makes the service easier and simpler.

2. Health care: The Hadoop application helps experts to offer the best clinical support and helps with data pouring and in real-time for various sources such as payroll, electronic health records. Big data analytics in the health care sector offers the best clinical support. By collecting data, the use of Big Data Analytics shows significant improvements in patient experience and quality care. This slowly adapts to the latest technologies and lets people make better choices. This encourages patients to be happier when it comes to managing their wellbeing.

3. Insurance: Big data analytics helps to understand the customer’s behavior and offer relevant products in the right way.

4. Government Sector: Big data technology has turned India into digital India. Modi government is sorting all the economic battles via big data technology as data plays an imperative role, and to manage it effectively is essential. In India, now information is collectively collected from the different government departments from the panchayat to the state level. Big data helps the government to design, plan, implement, manage, and govern programs.

In future government is planning to work on an open data policy that will encourage sharing information between departments and across ministries. With this technology, it keeps all records of the residents in terms of transaction identity, etc. The huge data flow is analyzed, and then the common concern drives to the correct policy decisions.

In various industries, big data technology has been implemented, which leads to growth and expansion in the industry. It is analyzing the enormous amount of data that makes business decisions lead to more efficient operation and higher productivity.

Challenges Faced by Big Data Analytics

Big data has a lot of challenges because a lot of data is risky and can easily get out of control. It is not easy for any company to address big data without proper research. But some companies offer as a service big data analysis with proper security and privacy controls.

Big Data Analytics Challenges

Uncertainty in Data Management Landscape

Big data continues to expand; new businesses and inventions are being created on a daily basis. A major challenge for companies is to figure out which technology works best for them without new threats or issues being implemented.

The Big Data Talent Gap

Big Data is a growing field; in this area, there are very few experts. Big data is a complex field, and there are far fewer and intermediate people who understand the difficulty and complex existence of this field. The talent gap in the industry is another major challenge for the sector.

Securing Big Data

Safety remains one of the most critical issues in Big Data Implementation. Big data stores contain confidential and important information that may attract hackers. Additional security measures such as identity and access control, information segmentation, and authentication are used by many organizations.

Miscellaneous Challenges

Other challenges may occur while integrating big data. Some of the challenges include data convergence, availability of expertise, data size, and data validity. The ability to combine, at a reasonable cost and in time, information that is not identical in origin or structure. Processing a large amount of data at a reasonable speed is also a challenge so that information is available to data users when they need it. Validation of the data set is also fulfilled while transferring data from one source to another or to consumers as well.

Benefits of Big Data

There are various advantages of big data analysis in 2020 as they explore new opportunities and bring the best outcome and improve the in-depth results.

1) Reduce Cost: It reduces cost in every way as the human employs salary saves as well as you need huge storage to store the data; in that case, big data analytics solutions do both things.

2) Faster: It consumes less time as a human does the work with their speed and machine gives result in a second. The work could take years for Big Data Analytics software can sort out in a few seconds.

3) Correct work: At one-shot, the work used to be relevant; it doesn’t need changes again and again. With proper utilization of technological advancement, it offers a wide range of solutions and reduces wastage of time.

4) Future Strategy: It helps to build the future strategy, and users can plan the strategy according to the effective results. It empowers entities to build new products.


Big data solution is imperative for modern entities, and it brings the best results in terms of productivity, and big data tools perform a different role for the working, With the help of Artificial Intelligence it simplifies the work and executes data in the right direction. The business world has attracted this technology, and there is a high demand for the development of this technology, and entities are looking for Big Data Analytics service provider across all over the world. Many experts are bringing the best outcome.

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