Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Implementation

Big Data Analytics_ Challenges and Implementation

Data is important for every organization, as it is considered as a key to success. You can get a useful information via it and while proper execution, it can lead to the best results. Data should be managed well and in a best way, and nowadays entities are not able to handle the massive data and sometime the useful data get mixed or lost and losing of the valuable data results in a high loss. In this digital world, experts came up with a better data management service as tech world introduced Big Data Analytics for the companies and this big data solution helps in providing the meaning analysis of a large set of data.

What is Big Data Analytics Service ?

The Big Data Analytics service works on a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling data etc. with the goal of discovering useful information for the entities. Hence, it helps to simplify the data and execute it in a profitable way, as well as it reduce the cost and time of the employees. For the most sensitive process companies can’t rely on the human power, in that case tech experts were forced to introduce big data Analytics solution and it works according to the customer desire, market trends and other useful demands.

Therefore, it enabled to manage the large set of data of the companies for the fruitful result. It helps to reach to the business goals.

Benefits Of Big Data

There are various advantages of big data analysis as it explore new opportunities and bring the best outcome and improve the indepth results.

1)Reduce Cost: It reduce cost in every way as the human employ salary saves as well as you need a huge storage to store the data in that case big data analytics solutions does both the things.

2) Faster: It consume less time as human does the work with their speed and machine gives result in a second. The work which can take years that Big Data Analytics software can sorted out in few seconds.

3) Correct work: At one shot the work use to be relevant, it doesn’t need changes again and again.

4) Future strategy: It helps to build the future strategy and users can plan the strategy according to the effective results. It empower entities to build new products.

Types of Big Data Analytics

There are different types of big data analytics solutions

1) Prescriptive Analytics: The big data tools helps to enhance the future productivity, it eliminate guesswork and bring the best decision making. It is related to both descriptive and predictive analytics.

2) Predictive Analytics: The future data is depend on the aims to identify the future outcomes based on historical data. It forecast the future livelihood, It cannot predict the future and all the mid-sized to large enterprises are getting attracted to this big data tool.

3) Descriptive Analytics: It is the most simplest and most basic tool. It helps to find out the reasons behind failure and how the working impact on future. It is for the initial stage of data analysing,

Implementation Sector of Big Data

In various industries big data technology has been implemented:

1. Retail: The customers who are buying the product, it manage all the selling details and helps to make the data accurate. The retails purchase the data according to the customers demand and plan the marketing strategy. IN that case big data service makes the service easy and simpler.

2. Health care: The Hadoop applications helps experts to offer the best clinical support and helps to data pouring and in real time for various sources such as payroll, electronic health records etc. Big data analytics services offer the best clinical support.

3. Insurance: Big data analytics helps to understand the customers behaviour and offer relevant products in a right way.

4. Government Sector: The big data technology turned India into the digital India. Modi government is sorting all the economic battles via big data technology as data plays an imperative role and to manage it effectively is essential. In India, now information is collectively collected from the different government departments from the panchayat to the state level.Big data helps government to design, plan, implement, manage and govern programmes. Via Big data technology, India enabled to gathered the largest complex of data on digital platform and which is essential for the security purpose like IDs, passports and payment of subsidies, pan cards. In future government is planning to work on the open data policy, it will encourage sharing information between departments and across ministries. By this technology it keeps the whole records of the residents in terms of transaction identity etc. The huge data flow is analyzed and then the common concern drives to the correct policy decisions.


Big data solution is imperative for modern entities and it bring the best results in terms of productivity and big data tools perform different role for the working, It simplify the work and execute data in the right direction. The business world has attracted towards this technology and there is high demand of the development of this technology and entities are looking for the Big Data Analytics Company at all over the world. There are many experts who are bring the best outcome.'
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