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Big Data Trends 2020: Future, Conference, Technologies Analyst

Nov 07, 2019
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Big Data Trends 2020

Big Data has been under limelight from last few years, as it is penetrated almost every sector due to its dominant force behind the success of each sector. Industries around the world enthusiastically accept the power of data analytics as it works like a miracle for public and private enterprises. Big Data is remarkable changes in revenue generated and decision making aspect and are in a great mood to shapes tomorrow’s technological world.

Big Data trends in 2020 are making a significant impact on every aspect of humankind. Big data is a complicated set of data and thus helps to keep data faster and more efficient. Data and analysis are transforming industries and organisations. There has been a massive shift in the field of data analytics where people adopt the new ways of analytics that fits the need of the requirements.

In 2020, at a CAGR of 10%, it will leap beyond $76 billion. While IDC is far more optimistic, it projects that revenues from big data and business analytics will surpass $210 billion at a CAGR of 11.9% in two years. Hence, according to Grand View Research, the big data market will boast a size of $123.2 billion by 2025.

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Future of big data 2020

Industries around the world are heading for a fundamental shift with Big Data’s evolution. Organizations can now track and analyze real-time business information volumes and make appropriate changes to their business processes. The future of big data in 2020 can help you increase business revenue and enable the organisations to work smoothly.

Future of big data in 2020


To know more about it read Big-Data Analytics can Increase Business Revenue

Here are the Futuristic Trends of Big Data 2020.

  • Data Analysis Automation

Data Analysis Automation is gradually turning out to be a highly impressive and widely accepted technology that enhances almost every business prospect. Automation will also help business leaders to look forward more effectively and provide the right analytics decisions to run more smoothly.

  • Smart City Development

The Internet of Things is evolving the shape of BigData by providing new data and analytics services. Nowadays, smart cities are providing robotics and intelligent machines that will leverage a simple good experience to its users.

  • New Substances to Business Growth

Digital Transformation is pushing market growth all over the world. Much work is done and work still to do leaves a trail of data, the volume of which is pretty much unheard of in human history. Big data are spewing out of the large data centres from operating systems to store and project insight.

  • Device Development

With mobile consumer interaction, one must enhance the experience of contextualised and hyperpersonal that showcases the possibility and real-time mobile behaviour. As mobile devices are used in a variety of settings and new products such as IoT, wearables and immersive technologies such as virtual reality are being developed.

Top Big Data Technologies

Technology is increasing at immersive rates, and the big data is facing wide challenges while collecting data due to the large databases and complexity. BigData Technologies still expands and grows due to the increasing needs of big data in personnel and businesses lives.

  • Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is a software that effectively stores a large amount of data. This framework helps in effectively storing a large amount of data in a cluster that usually possess data. This software often splits bigdata and distributes it too may nodes and replicates the high-availability.

  • Spark

Apache Spark is the most commonly used projects for fast Big Data cluster options. This achieves advanced data streaming capabilities in real-time, machine learning, graph processing, and much more. It supports multiple languages with quite fast adaptability,

  • Data Lakes

Most of the people are using data lakes to access vast stories. With huge data depositories, it collects data and in an entirely natural way. It collects data and structure for storage of water and lakes in an entirely fair and accurate way. A lot of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) can fit into that category, and the IoT trend is playing into data lake development.

  • Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a subset of big data analytics that attempts to forecast future events or behaviour based on historical data. It predicts the future possibility in data mining, such as fraud detection, credit scoring and business analysis purposes. Many companies are offering predictive analytics solutions for excellent outcomes.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is a database technology that underlines Bitcoin Currency. A blockchain database’s unique feature is that after the fact has been written, it cannot be deleted or changed. It is also highly secure, making it an excellent choice for big data applications in major industries such as banking, healthcare, and many others.

Process of How Big Data Solution Works

How Big Data Solution Works

Many industries are facing challenges in large scale Big Data processing from the last few years. With the help of a suitable process and Big Data software, the analyst can help in processing and generating a large amount of database. Let’s know more about the process of Big Data solutions.

  • Setting up the Goal- The primary task for any big data analyst is to set up the goal for the company that can be proven beneficial in future.
  • Collection of Data- On the basis of the goal, the data need to be collected with the help of BigData Software.
  • Processing of Data– After successfully collecting the data, the data need to be processed according to the requirement of data.
  • Data Analysis- After processing the next step would be properly analyzing the software and filter the data according to the work.
  • Execution of Data- Properly execution of data with the help of best Big-Data Analytics tool would be the last step of BigData process.

Big Data Conferences 2020

Big Data Conferences is a member of the SCA ( Services Conference Federation). The programme consists of two tracks, one is regular, and the other is a short paper track. This BigData largely works on theoretical and experimental research. World-leading companies at BigData Conference 2020 are approaching towards data management.

With the new emerging technologies, the Big data analytics and other business groups are joining and celebrating the new trends, where the bigdata and technologies are going simultaneously.

When is it Held?

Amsterdam will host the leading Big Data Conference & Exhibition event on July 1 and July 2, 2020. It is an opportunity to showcase emerging technologies and strategies in the world of Big data trends. It helps to discover and implement new drivers for successful business growth in 2020 and beyond.

Key Highlights

  • Emerging Attendance
  • Experienced Speakers
  • Impressive Solutions
  • Grand Programmes
  • Boot Camps

Big Data Technologies Analyst

Big data analytics technology is a perfect blend of multiple techniques and processing methods. To get a better result, most organisations start adopting these technologies like Apache Hadoop, Predictive Analytics, Blockchain, Data Integration, Data Visualisation and many more. These Big Data Technologies analyst can help the company to fulfil the customer’s needs in order to achieve a better result.

Big Data Technologies Analyst

We all agree that BigData analyst wears multiple hats, that requires versatility and necessary skills while conducting research and providing solutions. To become a skilled Big Data analyst some significant skills are required which includes- MultiProgramming core skills, Data Visualisation, Quantitative Analytics, Data Handling, along with problem-solving approach. With the right technological experience and skills, one can change the whole perspective of the business.

>>>Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Implementation<<<

Let’s have a look at Gartner Views on BigData Market

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500. They are a trusted advisor in more than 15,000 organizations and currently working in more than 100 countries —in almost all major functions, in almost every industry. Big data market size Gartner investments and production has continued to rise in recent years, and the latest BI and analytics systems have evolved to meet new organizational needs.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. The survey revealed that 48 percent of companies invested in big data in 2016, up 3 percent from 2015. However, those who plan to invest in big data within the next two years fell from 31 percent to 25 percent in 2016.

Gartner believes that the following dynamics rapidly evolving modern BI and analytics market:

  • Modern Business Intelligence enhances new buying
  • New Innovation Derives New Ideas
  • Supports Real-time Events
  • Increases Cloud Deployment
  • Create New Opportunities



BigData is one of the most convenient options for the business world. On the professional front, the world is facing challenges to manage a large amount of data due to ever-increasing growth in data generation. Big Data in 2020 played a significant role and analytics solution for every business as it was the perfect medium to gather information.

Big Data is not new to the market; it is one of the most hyped and most searched terms in the professional sector. It is used by both well known and large production companies to secure their data information. Companies who wish to develop a big data solution can hire a big data certified developer that can provide innovation and certainly improve the business process and result in the best performance.

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