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Best Bike Booking App Development

App Development
Mar 20, 2024
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Bike Booking App Development

Do you want to develop a bike taxi app for your bike booking business? If yes, this blog is for you! Here you will learn the various aspects of bike taxi app development that will help you make wise decisions for your bike taxi business.

The bike taxi industry is continuously growing all across the world. The rising population has led to an increase in demand for bike riding services not only in metropolitan cities and tier-II cities but even in small cities. Due to this, a wide range of business opportunities have opened for several bike booking app development companies. Also, new investors are finding this as a lucrative business to invest in. If you are looking to start your own bike riding business or want to create a bike riding app for your business, this blog will help you for the same.

Let’s dive deeper into the core of this blog and learn about the features of the bike taxi booking app, the development process, and more.

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What is a Bike Booking App?

A bike booking app is a software application that allows a passenger to book a bike (two-wheeler taxi) online with an active internet connection and a user interface.

Features of Bike Taxi App

The features decide the success or fate of any application. A bike riding app has a varied range of features for both passengers and operators. As a leading bike taxi app development company, we develop booking bike riding app that adheres to the demand of the two wheeler riding industry. To make things easier for you, we have differentiated the features for the user and admin.

User Panel:

Here are the bike taxi app features for users:

Rating SystemUsers have the option to rate their ride and driver which helps other customers as well.
Live Chat with DriverDirectly chat with the driver to tell them the accurate location and discuss other things about their rides within the bike booking app.
Emergency AlertThe emergency or SOS alert is a safety feature specially designed for women travellers and teens. With this feature, their live location will be sent to the nearest police station and senior management of the bike riding app company.
Live TrackingUsers can track their driver’s location before the ride and bike route during the ride. 
Multiple Language SupportWe develop a riding app for bikes that supports a wide range of global languages so that people from various parts of the world can understand the bike app’s functionality in their native language.
Discount/Coupon SystemTo attract daily commuters, our bike booking app provides various coupons and discounts to the users that give exciting cashback, and on the other hand, reduces the ride cost.
Fare SummaryBefore booking a bike ride, the user is displayed a fare summary so that the user can understand the total fee breakup.
Wallet SystemUsers can top-up their wallet by adding money without the hassle of paying through other payment modes. Also, any cashback or refund can be credited to this wallet instantly.
Multiple Payment MethodsIt is a boon for riders as they have a range of payment options inside the booking app to pay from like UPI, credit/debit card, net banking, pay later schemes, cash, and wallet.
Payment TrackerAny pending payments can be tracked with the payment tracking system, which shows the live status of payments.

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Admin Panel:

Here are the features of the bike booking app for admin:

Admin DashboardThis dashboard provides extensive accessibility to the admin in one place.
Driver ManagementIn the driver portal, the admin can track and control all the drivers, their rides, total earnings through the bike riding app, and other various information.
Multi-layered SecurityThe robust security protection system ensures the highest level security of for the bike booking app as well as the user’s sensitive information.
Anti-Theft SystemThis feature ensures live tracking and safety of the bike fleet. This system works with the anti-theft device installed on every bike. Any suspiciousness detected by the device will send a live notification to the operator as well as the nearest police station.
Bike Location TrackerWhen a user is taking a ride, the location of the bike is tracked and recorded in case any assistance is needed.
Review ManagementAdmin can view and control the reviews given by the users regarding their bike rides and can take relevant action to resolve any issues.
Advance Data AnalyticsThis feature is helpful in analysing the bike booking business operations to improve business workflow and overall enhance the business operations.
Customer Management24-hour customer support team is available to handle, answer and resolve the queries and questions of the customers regarding bike taxi and its other services.
Bike InformationThis portal includes essential information on the bikes including chassis number, engine number, RC number, insurance details, and more. This information is helpful in case a vehicle gets stolen.
Discount ControlAdmins can control the discount and coupon operation within the app to allow various promotional discounts to the customers to retain the existing customers and attract a new user base.

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Bike Booking App Development Process

Just like any other taxi app development, the bike booking app is also developed in a similar fashion. The process is not an overnight task and involves various steps. Let’s explore the bike riding app development process and get to know what is packed inside each and every step that will help you in case you want to develop a booking app for bike riding.

1. Market & Audience Analysis

The first thing before developing an app for a bike riding business is to research your target market and audience. Doing this will help you in analysing the real requirements of your project like the demand for the app in the market, customer needs, competitors in the market and their offerings.

2. App Documentation

After you have analysed the market, the next step is to create a documentation/blueprint. This documentation helps the developer team build a robust bike taxi app. It includes essential information like project budget, features and functionality of the app, technology stack type, and more.

3. App Design & Development

In this step, the developer team processes a design for the interface for your bike booking app. The first thing a user notices or interacts with the app is its user interface. So it is always good to make a simple interface with the least complexity. The more the simple UI, the easier the user can navigate through the app. When the UI design is completed, the application is built by the developer team using an advanced technology stack and high-level programming language as per the requirement of the project. Also, features and functionality are integrated into the application framework to make a unique bike riding tracking app.

4. App Testing

The next step in the development process is the testing of the newly developed bike taxi app. This step is useful in finding any bugs or errors in the bike app where the developer team leverages modern testing techniques for identifying the minuscule bug. Additionally, the performance of the bike riding application is tested and any changes required are implemented to ensure a high performance. After testing the app it is to be launched on the respective platform.

5. Launch

In the final step, your bike riding app bike is launched on the respective platform by the bike booking app development company. In addition to this, your booking app is promoted using various promotional strategies like digital content marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising, and more in order to increase the reach of your bike riding app to a larger audience.

6. Maintenance & Support

The award-winning bike booking app development company provides continuous support and maintenance services to clients even after the development of the project is completed. We ensure to update and upgrade the app as per requirements and the latest trends and keep the bike app up-to-date with the latest app and security features. Apart from this, our customer support team is always available for the clients to help them out with anything regarding the bike taxi app.

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Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Your Own Bike Taxi App?

Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Bike Booking App
Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Bike Booking App

As a leading bike taxi booking app development company, BR Softech aims to develop bike taxi apps for various bike booking businesses across the globe. Our in-house bike booking developers are skilled in working with the latest technologies, advanced tech stack and high-level programming languages to develop robust and reliable bike riding apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

If you are looking to develop your own bike taxi app then look no further than BR Softech. Get in touch with us and take your bike hailing business to the next level. Choose us to get the following benefits:

  • Seamless customer support
  • Affordable Bike booking app development
  • Highly customised app development solutions
  • Integration of the latest technology stack
  • Multi-platform & cross-platform development services
  • Top-notch features & functions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of developing a bike riding app?

Ans. The average cost to develop a bike riding tracking app ranges between $ 2500 and $5000 with optimum features and functionality. You must take note that the development cost of the bike booking app can be lower or higher than this range. Share your project details with us to get an actual cost estimation.

Q. How much time does it take to develop a bike booking app?

Ans. It takes around 1.5 to 3 months to develop a bike booking app for Android or iOS platforms. Also, the time depends on the type and complexity involved in the project.

Q. Which Rider app is best?

Ans. As per us, Uber is the best bike rider app that has its services in more than 50 countries.

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