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Build Your Own Video Streaming Website like Netflix, Twitch, Hotstar, Hulu, Twitch.TV or Periscope

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Apr 09, 2018
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Build Your Own Video Streaming Website like Netflix

What is Video Streaming

If we are talking about streaming video features that in the early days of streaming media, listening to the video in 1990 and monitoring to music online was not always interesting. On that time if you had a slow computer or a dial-up Internet connection, So you used to spend a lot of time reading or listening to the word “buffering” on the status bar rather than watching videos or listening to the video because on that time, everything was irregular, unusual and difficult to watch on TV .

These type of application and services has made the world “Go Solo” with their best services. It is Convenient for both Android and iOS users, it grew the first of its classes on a various platform that measured more than a million in downloads within a bearing of this development. We’d like to suggest you an opinion of cost estimating for developing a video streaming website like Netflix, Hotstar or Twitch that of the front runners.

Usually, the cost to create a VOD program like Netflix, Hotstar, Twitch, Hulu often exceeds USD $1,000 to $5,000. You can hire our BR Softech company best developer to build this type of service.

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Perfect and technically reliable VOD program at a meaningless construction value is what everyone seeks for irrespective of the nation they are viewing at to handover the development project. The fact is the value to develop a VOD platform changes globally. But we will make a critical effort to decode the cost estimating method to find the expected figure to the accurate development cost of these type Netflix like VOD platform you are dreaming of.

Building Blocks of VOD Platform

Though frequently movements of the developers manage the cost of developed website services, there are many other circumstances to be used into attention while developing a website comparable to Netflix, Hulu, Periscope, Hotstar & Twitch. So Let’s have a glance at those parts that determine the final value price of the software.

1. App and Website Development Team

The project demands focus and based on this, the web development team will have to be established. Our BR Softech, mobile app development company would comprise a UI/UX website designer, experienced developers, and best testing team. For the web variant of a movie streaming website like Netflix Hotstar & Twitch, you’ll be requiring best web developers and UI / UX designer as well.

Furthermore, you will more be demanding a backend development supporting team to manage the services in your app and website. You can hire our best developer on $15 – $20 per/hour.

2. Live Streaming

The technical complexities involve the extension of various third-party structures to negotiate key functionalities. For example, your strength needs a live video streaming supporter. For this, you will be requiring third-party assistance provider that support like Wowza media who intercede live streaming for your website and, of course, the payment alliances to Recommendation returns, in-app payments, and much stronger monetization services.

3. Video Player

The production quality of your streaming video player determines the exposure computation of users. If you select to go for cost-free streaming video players, Video JS would be a great choice but since it is an apparent source player so that support cannot be expected.

4. Hosting

A Web Hosting demands for a developing a website alike to Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar & Twitch on a cloud base like Amazon should combine services like:

  • CDN
  • Amazon EC2
  • Elastic Transcoder
  • Amazon S3 bucket
  • RDS

5. Device Fragmentations

Device fragmentation poses hardware difficulties which you’ll continue to overcome like screen size, hardware specification, screen resolutions, OS version compatibility and more.

6. Design

Website Design conceptualization is the section which users create use of to communicate with VOD platform. A fully customized UI is of high importance to provide convenience and brand experience.


We have seen a few repercussions show up with respect to Video Spilling. Film specialists fear gatherings of people might turn “stage rationalist” expanding content notwithstanding the extent of the screen or the picture quality. Regardless, gatherings of people have demonstrated they will come back to silver screens if the film is justified regardless of the cost of confirmation. In any case, content wealth has made gatherings of people “socially extremely introverted”.

Continuously associated with a gadget and some way or another constantly detached from others. Evidently, gatherings of people are eager to penances social encounters “disconnected” for customized content. Netflix, Twitch, Hotstar, Hulu, Twitch.TV or PeriscopeInc. is outstanding amongst other illustrations with respect to business applications for Video Spilling. With millions buying into the administration everywhere throughout the world, the organization has figured out how to underwrite it administrations utilizing its title stock and outsourced foundation.

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