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Get Self-registered for COVID-19 Vaccine by Downloading Free Mobile App “Co-Win”!

written by Saloni Agrawal | Dec 09, 2020

Cases related to Coronavirus are spreading with striking speed day-by-day. So, to help the people, the Union Health ministry has built a digital platform, called “Co-Win” to provide all the details about the delivery of COVID-19 vaccine.  

It was announced earlier that COVID-19 vaccine is ready to cure people and soon will be available to the public. But none of us knew anything about its delivery as there were no healthcare apps that could provide us with the details.

So, the “Co-Win” is specially designed for this purpose only so that people can know the details that when, where, how, and whom, this vaccine will be provided?

What is “CO-Win”?

Co-Win App


A digital app for real-time observation of COVID-19 vaccine. All the people can self-registered themselves into Co-WIN for covid-19 vaccine delivery.

It is a free mobile app that will record the vaccine data of the needy user via registration. The app and its dashboard will analyze the whole vaccination procedure. 

Working Process of Co-Win Platform

There are five modules consisted of the app that are- 


Co-WIN for covid-19 vaccine delivery


  • Administrator module
  • Registration module
  • Vaccination module
  • Beneficiary acknowledgement module
  • Report module

To know the work procedure and included modules in the app, you will get all the information below-   

Administrator Module– This module will help you to create sessions, and after creating it, the module will notify the respective manager or vaccinator. It will be accountable for conducting the vaccination sessions.

Registration Module– People can use this module to get self-registered for COVID-19 vaccine. Bulk data will be uploaded by it on comorbidity issued by surveyors or local authorities. 

Vaccination Module- This module will verify all the beneficiary details to update the status of vaccination.

Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module– This is used for sending SMS to beneficiaries and to create matrix barcode (QR code) based certificates after a person gets vaccinated.

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Report Module– It will prepare all the reports regarding the number of conducted vaccine sessions, the number of people who attended that session, and the number of dropped out people from the session via the dashboard. 

Apart from these, this mobile app will also send real-time information about the temperature of the cold-storage services to the main servers.

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that “People will have to be prepared to accept a few adverse impacts of the vaccine”.

This app will also fetch and record the vaccine data from the database of various sources like health care or pharmacy apps. And then, the essential data for the vaccine delivery will be uploaded on this mobile platform.  

In the end, 

Through this post, we hope you have got at least some knowledge about the coming soon digital platform “Co-WIN for covid-19 vaccine delivery”.

However, this app is not available for smartphone users till now as the vaccine would be given to healthcare sector related people firstly and then to other people. So, wait to get the vaccine till it is available for everyone!    

Saloni Agrawal

I am a passionate and full-time writer with experience in academic writing and blogs related to the IT sector, High-tech, and lifestyle. I’ve grown my skills of content writing with the time and have keen interest in learning and exploring new things.

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