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How is Adobe Experience Manager Better than WordPress and Other CMS?

written by Saloni Agrawal | Dec 10, 2020
aem vs other cms

Currently, the most preferred thing in an online business is its online presence for users. It is the main revenue source for businesses and also known as a great approach to fetch new customers, retain old ones, and also keep the business running. Many leading ventures are taking help from AEM Development Services.  So, we are describing aem vs other cms analysis

Grasping the sources for digital content such as images, documents, videos, infographics, and apps is an amazing idea to provide information to customers and maintain a connection with them. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some factors to make you understand why AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is preferred the most by various leading businesses than WordPress or any other content management system (CMS).  

Before that, let’s have a quick look at some details of the Adobe Experience Manager to know it better-

Introduction to AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)

AEM is a great content management system provided by content management suites that are popular globally. AEM development is much better than WordPress Development as it enables dynamic and easy digital asset management along with solutions for document management, community connection portals, social engagement portals, and refers to handling user-generated content. 

Ventures can use Adobe Experience Manager as a central workstation to display the work proceeded smoothly. It permits teams to work simultaneously in harmony from numerous locations and provide attractive and lucrative media to users from varied channels. 

AEM- An Essential Tool for the Digital World!

AEM Development Companies provide the biggest perk that AEM is helpful to streamline the management and dispatch of the website’s content. It comes with its five modules- Assets, Sites, Forms, Mobile, and Community. These all together make a leading CMS platform to develop and transport high-traffic websites, mobile apps, and forms. These are some modules-

Asset Management

AEM permits you to develop custom variations of the assets that can be used along with the creative cloud to make the best workflows. Further, it permits asset management from the cloud and provides customized experience and assigns tags and metadata automatically for all assets.


Develop and manage all the sites that have a reactive design from a solo platform. Handle numerous websites in varied languages at the time of working from a centralized location. 

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Optimization of shopping carts and provide a virtual experience on various devices with the extra option of handling and launching great marketing campaigns from a solo location. 


You can use the mono-code base to develop applications that can be available on various platforms by AEM Development Company. Also, in-built analytics permits fast analysis of app performance and permits you to recheck the metrics and modify the content from an only dashboard.


It permits you to communicate with the customers and developers both on a common platform. It makes the optimized engagement able through content suggestions in the communities. 


It provides easy to access forms that offer the best customer involvement depending on the device and location. It permits a more communicative way for completion of the form. You can also include automated workflows into it to mix the data with the available system. Adobe Analytics offers insights to get user experience and identify the impact of targeted campaigns.

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All these modules make Adobe Experience Manager a top-notch CMS for business consumers and include it as per their requirements. Firms can use AEM Development Services via integrating digital marketing and content management on a single platform.

Key Features Provided by AEM Development Company

In this modern digital environment, customer experience is the topmost thing for enterprises. To get it, there is now a faster and smarter version of AEM that is Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 available from April 2019. It includes advanced features and stronger infrastructure to deliver better customer experience. Here are those features-

  • Experience cloud and Magento Integration to develop custom microservices.
  • Capabilities of new SPA (single page application) consisting server-side performing of the client-side framework.
  • Integration of advanced Fluid Experiences guarantees the fast-flowing of content across the paid and earned media channels.   
  • Autoscaling services and smart crop by advanced integration of the Adobe sensei to the experience manager 6.5.
  • Highly optimized and streamlined contents by AEM Development Company with Adobe creative cloud integration.
  • Remote assets and staying in sync with the connected assets.
  • Advanced security and large customer base with the cloud scale.
  • Management of creative, marketing and IT operations simultaneously and collaboration of modern technologies of front-end developers.
  • A personalized experience for users via smart layouts powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Seamless and smooth upgrade of Adobe to AEM 6.5.

Top Reasons Why Adobe Experience Manager is Better than Other CMS



We have already described the versatility of AEM Development Services in the above features and modules. Now here take a look at some major reasons why AEM is better-

Creative Cloud Integration

The appropriate way to bridge the digital asset management (DAM) sides and marketing of your enterprise is cloud integration. You will get streamlined workflows and can provide high-quality and good content that is in link with the identity of your company. 

Built-in Digital Asset Management

These will permit you to collect your information and handle your visual assets on the cloud and makes the teams able to access the project files from various locations. This centralized storage revamps the work efficiency to a great level that is not founded in WordPress Development.

Better Task Management

AEM provides separate workspaces for varied projects and remains the dashboard free from disarrangement. Each member has an assigned role in the entire structure, and they can work in consonance among many groups. Features like annotations and comments help in giving feedback and providing a better workflow.

Improved Findings

AEM makes you able to include tags and metadata to the files stored in the cloud to permit an easy approach to media. Due to this, you spend less time searching for the exact media, and it makes the searches faster for the future and also improves the efficiency of the team. 

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Effective Video Management 

You can AEM Development Services to display your products, including various videos on varied screens. It leads to engagement, improves the loyalty of the brand, and leverages the user experiences.

Call to Action

It is possible only because of the analytics and insights offered by the tool, and you can understand the behaviour of the visitor & handle the content accordingly.

Visual Media Conversion

This tool changes your files into various formats to interact with the audiences automatically across varied channels and platforms. 

Customized Content

Adobe Experience Manager offers you a platform to provide media content that emits the personality of your brand. You can also provide custom-made solutions to your users and supply a continuous brand experience. 

How is Adobe Experience Manager Considered Better than Other CMS?

The biggest advantage of AEM is its capability to develop a custom digital experience that is customized to the individual user that makes AEM development better than WordPress Development or any other CMS development. It offers extra in-class features like digital asset management (DAM), content workflows, and social & multi-channel collaboration. 

AEM also permits users to handle digital content effectively and easily. Except for basic website management, AEM offers a wonderful solution to handle mobile apps, eCommerce, mobile websites, and marketing campaign management. Integrating with the other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, it offers a way forward for digital marketing. 

Capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager



Have a look at below points-

  • Building and handling mobile sites and their responsive designs from an only platform, developing a unified smooth digital experience from varied devices like tablet, desktop, or a smartphone. 
  • Developing personalized with tools for optimizing shopping carts, creating pages from catalogue information, linking product data from other systems like an eCommerce platform or ERP directory, and you have the ability to customize the online experiences for more engagement.

  • AEM Development Services also manage sites across various languages and regions and control each aspect from one central location. This location can launch and manage the marketing campaigns by permitting you to collect the marketing assets at one place for the access of future campaigns.
  • You can create countless customized variations of the site consisting of delivery ways, format, styles, and more without working on numerous asset sets.
  • Bridge the marketing and creating workflows by applying AEM and integrating it with the Adobe Creative Cloud to develop and alter assets.

Why Are So Many Enterprises Prefer Adobe Experience Managers?

From the above article and by seeing current developments, we can say that AEM is doing a terrific job as a CMS better than anyone else. By offering such advantages like arrangement and delivery of site content, it is preferred by various ventures.

For having AEM Development Services, you can contact the top-notch AEM web development company, BR Softech. We here will provide you with an experienced professional with high knowledge. To get knowledge and proper guidance, connect with us now! 

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