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Cost to Develop an App like Jackpot City Casino

App Development
Jan 27, 2024
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cost to develop jackpot casino

Have you heard of the Jackpot City Casino App? If yes, have you wondered how much it costs to develop an app like Jackpot City in Brazil? If not, this blog will help you out! 

Casino games have been a famous mode of entertainment and wealth earners in different parts of the world including Brazil. Earlier people in Brazil used to rely only on offline casinos, where no doubt they used to get ample opportunities to win big rewards, but in exchange people also ought to lose their privacy and comfort of their houses. But with the technological advancements witnessed in the past 10 years, these casino games have drifted into the palm of their hands. 

The new generation of mobile devices and internet connectivity have enabled people to play their favorite casino games like Jackpot City, Jackpot Magic, and Jackpot World by just sitting at their homes to earn exciting rewards. However, the launch of the apps enabled not only the users to win big but also the entrepreneurs from around the globe to invest in this online casino game industry and gain huge profits. 

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Herein, we will be discussing the cost of developing apps similar to Jackpot City in Brazil and the factors that affect the cost of developing it.      

Cost to Develop an App Like Jackpot City Casino

The development process of an app similar to Jackpot City in Brazil goes through multiple stages, and it is also important to understand that the cost majorly depends on the level of the app, which includes small, mid, and high levels that will have an estimated cost of development of USD 15K-20K, USD 20K-30K, and USD 40K-50K respectively. Hence it becomes important to work on elements like the user interface and the features in the app, as they will increase the retention of the users on the application. 

To break down the cost of developing the app, we have made a table for you, to help you understand this important factor more easily. 

Factors Cost 
Features USD 2.5K – USD 3K
UI/UX Designing USD 2K – USD 4K
Testing and Quality Assurance USD 2.5K – USD 3K
Front-End Development USD 1K – USD 1.5K
Back-End Development USD 2K – USD 2.5K
Launching and Maintenance USD 3K – USD 4K

If you want to get the exact cost of your app development, you can contact us today and our team will provide you with the exact quotation. However, what remains important now is to learn about the factors affecting the cost of developing such apps, and for that, we have curated the following points for you.      

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Jackpot City Casino Development 

The most important aspect surrounding the process of app development is the cost and while developing the app, the elements that come in the way ultimately affect the development cost. Therefore, it is important to get every important detail about them, and for that, we have curated the following points for you.    

Hiring a Casino App Development Company 

Undoubtedly, the very first factor that will affect the cost of developing a Jackpot City Casino App is hiring the best possible app development company. Reviewing your budget at the initial stage of app development remains important and only after this, you should consider finding the one that suits you. 

There are many casino app development companies around the globe and in Brazil as well, but all of them don’t hold the same expertise and cost. Henceforth, you should look for such a company, that will not only provide your app with all the latest tech and features but will also come out as an affordable one. 

Location of the Developers

The next factor in the list is the location of the developers. As the name suggests, this factor will be responsible for affecting the cost of your app development, whether you choose an expensive location to hire developers from an expensive location or an affordable one. To elaborate, for instance, if you find experienced developers in a country similar to the USA, Australia, or even France, you will come to know that this will be a very expensive decision to make if you are limited in your capital.

However, if you seek a casino app development company from countries like India or the UK, you will realize that you are getting a similar set of skills at a much more affordable cost, saving the capital for future upgrades of the casino jackpot city app. 

Features Included 

An app cannot reach its full capacity until the required features are added to it. Likewise, while developing a similar app to Jackpot City Casino in Brazil, it remains important that necessary features are added to it to make it able to perform efficiently and at the same time attract users. Like other factors of development, at this stage as well you will have to look forward to equipping the app with features only after reviewing your capital.

Moreover, if you majorly seek features like user registration, profile, multiple payment methods, a wide range of game bonuses, and customer support, it might fall under your budget if you are low on it. On the other hand, if you are willing to add extra elements to your Jackpot Casino App by making the user interface more attractive, it will increase your expenses. 

UI/UX Designing

Once the application is equipped with features, now to make your app more alluring, it becomes important that the designers add significant UI and UX elements to the app to enhance the user experience. It is however estimated that going for basic UI/UX elements will cost you around USD 2k to USD 4k. Moreover, the cost of adding the mid-level or advanced UI/UX elements will cost you more depending on your budget and if it is adequate, you can go for high-end elements as well. Although casino apps are known to be filled with features, they decline the quality of the User Interface and User Experience, therefore it is advised to add the elements sufficiently. 

Testing and QA

Testing and quality assurance are important parts of the development process, therefore it becomes essential to manage your budget for this stage. Although there are three stages for testing as well, which include the basic, mid-level, and advanced, it remains important to know your budget and accordingly, you will have to choose from the three levels of testing. Moreover, it is obvious that if you choose the basic level testing it will cost you less and if your budget is high enough, you can conduct mid-level and advanced-level tests. However, it remains important to consider that the testing techniques you choose should be effective irrespective of your budget, or else your application might face negative outcomes.  


Why Choose BR Softech to Develop an App like Jackpot City in Brazil? 

Why Choose BR Softech to Develop an App like Jackpot City in Brazil? 

A renowned casino game development company in Brazil, BR Softech has been ruling the industry with the motive of providing the best possible services to its clients across the globe. The skilled developers in this renowned company have developed many renowned casino apps similar to Jackpot City Casino. Henceforth, if you wish to develop an online casino game app you can contact us, and our experienced developers will help you develop your app. Choose us to get outstanding benefits like: 

  • On-time Project Delivery 
  • Skilled App Developers 
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Latest Technology Integration  
  • Exceptional Post Deployment Maintenance Services
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1. Do you offer customized casino App development services?

Ans. Yes, we offer customized casino App development services. To get the in-depth details about the same you can contact us today.  

Q 2. What are the features of an App like Jackpot City Casino?

Ans. The features of an App similar to Jackpot Casino include the following:

  • Bonuses and Rewards
  • Easy Payment and Withdrawals 
  • Multilingual Customer Support 

Q 3. How long does it take to develop a casino game app?

Ans. Developing an app is a multi-level process, but to make an estimate it would take around 2 to 3 months to develop an app similar to Jackpot City Casino.  

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