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How Much Does It Cost To Develop Fantasy Celebrity League Software?

Fantasy Sports
Apr 07, 2021
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cost of fantasy celebrity league software

It is a well-known thing that after the lockdown period, everybody has developed an interest in game playing. Among all the games, fantasy sports are getting special attention from users particularly from celebrities. Due to this increasing interest, fantasy celebrity league software development also got a hike.

The main reason behind the popularity of fantasy sports apps and the increased development of apps like Dream11 is the beginning of the latest season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. That is why all the fantasy sports app development companies have buckled up to provide the best fantasy sports app like Myteam11 or Dream11. 

Why There Is a Need to Build Fantasy Celebrity League Software?

The growing Market of Fantasy Sports

Below points are perfect to describe the current market growth of fantasy sports trends, take a look-

  • The global fantasy sports market size is forecasted to evolve from USD 1.9 billion in 2019 to USD 5.2 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 22.0% during its prediction period. 
  • The increased investments for fantasy sports software development will enhance the availability of the sports analytics market because of huge fan engagement and increasing sports numbers for different sports. 
  • Performance analytics is forecasted to grow at the highest CAGR among the mobile app segment at the time of the forecasting period. It is due to the enhanced use of AI and ML technologies that provide statistical data regarding player’s performance. 



The Interest of Investors in The Fantasy Sports 

Various sports apps are created by fantasy celebrity league software development companies and these are attracting investors to invest their money in the market. Fantasy celebrity league software developers create sports apps that attract audiences in local languages to boost engagement.


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It is the reason why most of the leading gaming companies like Tencent and Nazara are also involved in fantasy sports gaming. So, just enter the fantasy sports industry with a robust product and investors will get to you with funds. 

The rise in Online Fantasy Sports 

The online fantasy sports segment is getting a huge rise and popularity among the users. People are always interested in celebrities’ activities and this on-demand fantasy celebrity league software is providing them a chance to connect with the sports too. It is the main reason why online fantasy sports are generating huge revenue year by year.

How to Develop A Robust Fantasy Celebrity League Software?

To create a fantasy celebrity league software, you can consult a fantasy celebrity league software expert as it will guide you through the essential aspects of software development. You need to be aware while hiring fantasy celebrity league software development company, consider these below aspects for this-

  • Required marketing time
  • Who & how to hire the company?
  • Software development’s cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Needed features 

Here are the steps to be taken for fantasy celebrity league mobile app development-

Integrating the Power of Mobile and Web

Make a powerful strategy and have the power of both web and mobile to introduce a new idea, app, or product to users. Websites that have easy and fast login methods have an adrenaline rush of forecasting and winning and it leads to millions of users in the future.

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The Monetization Model

When the fantasy sports software is in its initial phase of development, discuss with your hired fantasy celebrity league software providers about its monetization strategy and what can you provide into the app for better monetization techniques? Here are some of the common monetization approaches that are used by the leading market players-

  • Freemium model will offer users free to download services but some of the in-app purchases as well.
  • Tournament entry fees will provide the highest profits to owners and earnings and prizes will encourage users to take part in more leagues.
  • E-commerce apps play the main role in the income of fantasy celebrity league platforms by purchasing their favorite merch by users.

What Are the Different Steps to Create Fantasy Celebrity League Software?

Fantasy Celebrity League Software Framing

It is necessary to discuss the app concept, and different strategies to build it with the hired development team so that they can provide you sufficient documentation of the planned app development.

Planning of Fantasy Celebrity League Software Framework

It is an important step that includes sketches to build prototypes for varied screens. The data architecture is displayed along with the app to have a user flow.

Fantasy Celebrity League Software UI Design

The designing process of fantasy celebrity league software will be done in this step that includes font size, color tones, impressive front-end, attractive graphics, mobile identity, and other things.

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Fantasy Software Coding

In this phase, programmers have to write simple code for the smooth functioning of the app for both the server and the client’s side.

Fantasy Software Testing

After the coding phase, it is essential to test the efficiency and quality of the app through various QA tests to find out and fix the errors or bugs before app deployment.   

Essential Features to Add Into the Software

When you are planning to build custom or Whitelabel fantasy league software, it is necessary to have impressive and ultra-modern features in it. Check out these useful features-

  • Fast User Login– It provides users to quickly fill out their information like name, email id, number, etc. without hassle.
  • League arena– It is used for engaging the fans through the current championships. You can also motivate them via different types of celebrity leagues.
  • Landing Screen– It will navigate the users to all the subsequent app screens including important tools and visual aspects.
  • Live match scores– Participants and users can get highlights, live match scores, and short clips of the game to stay updated anytime.
  • Chatbot– This technology of fantasy celebrity league software will help users to address their issues related to the game and collecting their game patterns and information. 
  • In-app chat– It will help users to connect with their friends during the game and also exchange their lie scores, results, and other activities.
  • AI or ML integration– This integration in our fantasy celebrity league software provides benefits to admin by game improvement with different probabilities and opportunities.
  • Achievement Badges- It is like an attribute to the user attached to their account and it will help to promote the fantasy celebrity league software without any ad or marketing. 
  • Refer & earn– It will help users to invite their acquaintances to install the app and play with them. Users can get rewards and special offers through this refer & earn feature.
  • Withdraw Earnings– Users can track their money in just a few seconds and they can also withdraw it anytime with the preferred payment mode.

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What is the Required Technology Stack to Build a Fantasy Celebrity League Software?

For fantasy celebrity league game app development and to implement these above features into the app, these below-mentioned technologies will help you by fulfilling all your needs.

  • iOS app development- Swift, Laravel
  • Android app development- Kotlin, Java, NodeJS
  • Database- Cassandra, SQL, MongoDB
  • Notifications- Apple push notification and Google cloud messaging 
  • Cloud- Azure or AWS
  • Back-end development- Node.js
  • Real-time analytics- Azure stream analytics 
  • Chatbot-
  • Sports API-, SportsMonks
  • Secure Payment Gateways– Stripe, PayPal, Mangopay, Braintree

Now, you will also need a professional team who knows of all these technologies and can execute them into the app.

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Android and iOS developers
  • Front/Back-end developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineers

What are the Different Types of Fantasy Celebrity League Software?

Hire a fantasy celebrity league software developer who can provide you different kinds of below fantasy celebrity league software-

Fantasy Reality Tv Leagues

This fantasy sports-style game motivates the audiences to watch the fantasy league including the giant names of the TV industry.

Fantasy Movie Star Leagues

Be an audience and enjoy the game while analyzing which motion pictures will make a record and which movie star will win the heart by playing amazing. 

Fantasy Award Leagues

Create a fantasy league through post-credits groups based on the most motivational on-screen characters or academy awards or oscar for leap forward exhibitions.

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Fantasy Economists Leagues

Even the economists are not left behind to use the fantasy league software. This software is used to trade economists and select one of them to activate the roster.  

The Estimated Cost of Fantasy Celebrity League Software

When you are going to develop fantasy software, you have to consider the budget along with the benefits of fantasy celebrity league software. Do you know how much it costs to develop an app like Dream11? If not, then firstly get the proper idea about it. Here are the charges for the process of fantasy celebrity league software development-

  • Small-scale companies- $15-$30 per hour
  • Intermediate-scale companies- $40-$80 per hour
  • Large-scale companies- $80-$150 per hour

fantasy sports call to action

Hence, the overall development cost of fantasy celebrity league software will be up to $8000 to $10,000 for a single platform, whether it is iOS or Android with core functionality. If you are interested in developing an advanced featured app like MyTeam11 with smooth functions, then it would cost you higher.    

Which is the Best Company for Building a Fantasy Celebrity League Software?

This question has only one suitable answer and that is BR Softech, a leading mobile game app development firm. We have a robust and professional technical team that understands the client’s requirement of fantasy celebrity league software and creates an app according to that! 

Developing an app like Myteam11 would take approximately ten weeks, and our team will assist you happily during the period at every phase. To know more, get connected to our support team. 

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