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Complete Cost Analysis of Instagram Clone App Development

App Development
Apr 09, 2021
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cost of instagram clone

Instagram, one of the household names in the social media sector. This photo sharing app is taking the world by storm with its thrilling features that grab the eyeballs of users in the blink of an eye. One of the best advantages of using instagram clone script is that it can also be used as a promotion platform for promoting wide-ranging things.

This social networking platform is loved by many people around the globe. It enables people to share amazing photographs, stories or any other important posts regarding business, to promote with ease. It offers the wonderful advantage of messaging your friends in just a few clicks. Moreover, a user can search about different things by using the right hashtags. 

It would not be wrong to say that insta users are mushrooming at the speed of light with each passing day. The best part of instagram is that there are multifarious filters available for the users to apply while uploading the photos. People can follow different accounts they desire to follow and in this way instagram followers are increased. 

Cost of creating an app like instagram:

When it comes to development of an application like instagram, there are different factors that play an important role in deriving the total expense for developing instagram clone. Let’s check the factors here: 

1. Creating the MVP (Minimum Viable Product):

Well, there are numerous applications available on Google Play for the users. But, instagram is more popular among different people. Initially, there is a requirement of MVP. Once it is created, user’s reviews on it are much needed. In this way, you will be able to save much time.

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Moreover, it also allows you to check your incredible idea’s practicality. It is also essential to note that since you are creating instagram like app but you must not forget to make it unique. The marvelous features it offers is also the plus point why it has increasing user-base with each passing day.

You must also plan to include some of the very different features out of those which are already there in instagram application.  

 2. Account authorizing also plays an important role: 

One of the essential factors is the proper authorization of the account so that users can start using the application in no time. You can opt for 2 different ways of account authorization methods. Either it can be the creation of a new account or just linking with any other social media account without any hassle.

Sometimes, there also occurs a moment when people forget their password. In this case, there must be an easy procedure to create a new password in different ways such as SMS or with the help of any other social media account. This entire procedure requires not more than 60 to 70 hours approximately.

3. Procedure of profile creation and editing: 

Another important part in the development of instagram clone script is profile making and also editing the information. This must also be completed faster which later allows the user to start sharing the photos.

Moreover, from time to time, people also prefer to change their bio details, profile pic, etc. The application developer needs to streamline the contact between server and client so as to plan the efficient functioning of this part in the application. This process requires 40 to 50 hours approximately. 

4. Including message feature in the app like instagram: 

This is yet another essential factor to include while developing the flicker clone. This particular feature helps users to easily interact with other people worldwide. This functionality must work smoothly for all the users so that it saves their time.

The vital part to involve in this feature is notification so that it will notify the users whenever they get any new message from different people. It is essential to note that keeping the server safe from loads of messages is much required.

You can opt for using top-notch techniques like HTTP with the Restful API. Furthermore, if notifications are the crucial factor then you can streamline the same with iOS or Android server which can be carried out smoothly. APN is quite helpful in this regard. 

5. Photo and video adding is an important part while developing this type of application: 

Here, in this phase of app development, you need to add the feature of video and photo uploading in simple steps. In this part, you need to give 2 alternatives to the users.

Either they can select from photos present in other applications or just add a new one available from the current photos. In this way, the user can easily operate this feature of the application by sitting anywhere. 

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Well, you must note that this feature has to be added differently in both the ios and Android platforms. When it comes to Google, you have to check the Camera API and SurfaceView too. While creating this feature for Apple devices, it is essential to go with UImagePickerController. Total time required for developing this feature is around 70 to 250 hours approximately. 

6. Photo editing or personalization feature is also vital: 

Another important feature to include while developing an instagram clone app is that the user must be able to edit the photos with ease. The attractive filters entice them a lot.

The photos shared by any user must also be easy to personalize faster. When it comes to the developer’s task, there must be 2 alternatives for the same.

Either any kind of particular file can be used or some kind of own file can also be made in simple steps. This procedure involves approximately 60 to 65 hours in total. 

7. Linking the application with social media is also an important part: 

Another essential role is to streamline the instagram clone script with other social media accounts faster. This process also enables the user to log in this photo sharing app in the blink of an eye.

These platforms are used a lot worldwide because people are able to share different things over the photo sharing application. Users are also able to interact among each other with the help of these thrilling platforms. In this regard, you need to give a link to other users so that they can get in touch with you in no time.

Now, from the developer’s side, they have to link the application account ID through their social media ID and this process can be carried out in plain-sailing steps. The total time required for this process is approximately 8-9 hours. 

8. It is crucial to add geolocation functionality: 

Another essential feature to include in instagram clone app is adding geo-location features. This wonderful built-in functionality allows the user to add the exact location while sharing video or photos. The developer has to use the APIs for integrating such functionalities in the application. MapView class or android.location is of great help to developers for adding this functionality. 

9. Searching option must be there in the application: 

While developing an app like instagram, you must also include the search option. With this, the user is able to find numerous people and also follow them through this application. They can also search their friends or other relatives and get in touch with them.

Moreover, people can also search for different things by using the right hashtags and in this way, it enables them to find different interesting topics and know more about the same. This entire process takes approximately 50-65 hours in total.

10. Application design plays an important role in attracting the customers: 

The most important thing to keep in mind is the gripping design which keeps the users hooked to this kind of application. You must make use of the right colors while creating the design of such apps. The impressive user interface enthralls the user instantly. It has a direct connection to better user experience and user satisfaction. Apart from design, the application name must also be quite catchy. The time involved for adding this feature is approximately 50-60 hours. 

Now, let’s check about the costing that comes for adding all these features: 

When it comes to development of any application, developers charge mostly on the hourly basis. So, looking at the total approx time required for adding every feature in the application, it can be said the total approx costing involved is around $45000 to $55000. 

Tips for creating an app like instagram: 

Now, let’s discuss about the things to consider while creating instagram like app

1. You must know about the main purpose: 

Well, it is true that instagram clone script is much more than just sharing of photos and videos. This platform is also widely used for the marketing of eCommerce products by different organizations. Moreover, the business owners make use of this app to market their business efficiently. This platform is also a wonderful platform for the influencers in order to reach out to masses in no time. So, it is crucial to understand your goal when it comes to finding the main aim of creating this application. 

2. It is essential to carry out the thorough research before starting with the development procedure: 

Another essential factor to keep in mind is that you need to carry out the complete market research before you plan to create this thrilling photo sharing app. There is a huge competition involved in this particular sector of app development.

You can also check about your competitors so as to know about their strategy behind creating these types of apps for users. You must check the features included in the app created by your competitors and accordingly plan to add some different and unique features in your app. 

Once you download the applications created by your competitors, you will know all this and then you can opt for choosing some remarkable functionality in your application.

This will help you to come up with a thrilling photo sharing app that grabs the eyeballs of users in the blink of an eye. Moreover, it will help you to stay ahead in the competitive world. You need to make sure that you meet the expectation of your users while creating such an application.

Another essential factor to consider is the platform for which you need to build an instagram clone app, Android and ios. Because, accordingly you will have to study about the same.  

3. You need to know about attractive functionalities to be added in MVP: 

Once you are clear with your goals and purpose behind creating such an amazing photo sharing app, you can move to the next process. You can check the work of your competitors and this will give you the idea of coming up with trendy features for your app like instagram.

The main goal must be to increase the number of downloads with each passing day. Though you will go through a lot of alterations during the process of creating the application, before launching the final app, you should take expert’s advice too.

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They will guide you the best in reaching success with this alluring photo sharing application. 

4. Selecting the commendable developers: 

The vital factor to consider is selecting the dedicated developers for creating such an amazing photo sharing application for numerous platforms. You need to do the market research before selecting the right developers for your app development project.

You will require numerous people in your app development team such as mobile application developers, quality analysts, to name a few. You must check their past work records before hiring them.

Make sure that the developers you select must be available 24*7 so that you can easily contact them for making any changes to the app as and when required. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Well, now you know the factors to consider and costing involved in development of a photo sharing app like instagram. This stunning app enables the user to show their creativity in different ways.

If you looking forward to developing the stunning photo sharing app then feel free to contact BR Softech, having great years of affluent experience in creating mesmerizing apps that give good customer satisfaction with each passing day.

The developers, programmers and engineers have wonderful experience in designing the striking app for different clients worldwide. 

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