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Fantasy App Clone Script Analysis By- Development, Technology, Types, Cost & Features

written by Nitin Garg | Jun 24, 2021

By today, people’s dependence on smartphones and other electronic gadgets is so much that no one could imagine their one single moment of life without them. 

Now in the year 2022, the Internet has shown a serious impact on every aspect of human lives. Many business-minded people saw this as an opportunity and started their business with the fantasy app idea of delivering the things they desired. Be it an app like Dream11, all of them work on the basic concept of allowing people to do things directly from their mobile phones. 

Fantasy app development solutions allow people to get the update of sports matches as well as allow them to make money. Soon after the release, fantasy sports applications like dream11 gained so much fame among sports enthusiasts. Sports lovers around the world find it an interesting way to play fantasy sports apps and get a chance to make money online. 

If you are willing to invest in fantasy sports app development  then this is the right blog, you need to follow. Here in this informative post, we will talk about fantasy sports development, technology, types, features, and fantasy cricket app development cost. So keep reading this post to learn these things.

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What Are Different Types of Fantasy Sports App?

A dream11 sports app is considered as the game of skills where players need to choose their team for upcoming real-world matches and if their selected players perform well then, they win real-world cash. 

In the earlier days, the fantasy sports app was limited to cricket, but now it covers all sports including hockey, football, basketball, kabaddi, and so many others to name. 

Before planning to develop your fantasy sports app like dream11, you need to know the vivid types of fantasy sports apps. Later you can plan your app development accordingly to include the right kind of app like dream11.

  • Daily & Weekly
  • League-based
  • Draft-based
  • Scoring-based

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How to Develop Your Fantasy Sports App?

The following things need to be taken care of while developing a fantasy sports app. 

1. Hire Fantasy Sports App Development Company

This is the first thing you need to consider. Hire a fantasy sports app development company like BR Softech who holds years of experience in developing fantasy sports apps. 

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 2. Choose Right Features 

Once you have settled on the app development company, the next significant thing you need to do is choose the right features for your application. A reputable app development company might help you in doing so.

3. Choose Technology Stack

Deciding the right technology stack for your fantasy sports application is a must. You are supposed to compete with the industry giants like Dream11, therefore you must need to do some research to choose a distinct tech stack for your app. 

4. Development Process

Once you have finalized the tech stack for your website, the development team comes into operation. The actual app development will take place during this process. 

5. Testing

Before the app deployment team of testers tested the application on different parameters to ensure it worked smoothly on multiple devices. Your fantasy cricket  app development should be bug-free and offer support to multiple devices.  

6. Deployment

Once the testing stage of the application is completed, it will be time to release your application on the Google Play Store or App Store. 

Crucial Features For Fantasy App Clone Script

There is so much going on when we talk about the dream11 app clone script features. Here we have outlined a few of the crucial features that are required to build a app like dream11 clone script. 

User Panel Features


When users install the fantasy app for the first time, the first thing they need to do is register themselves on the application. The user can register using the mobile number, email address, or social media accounts. 

Log in

Once the registration process is accomplished, users can log into the application and start placing a bet on their favourite sport. 


After login, the user will be landed on the homepage of the dream11 clone app, where they will navigate through all the functionalities of the application. 

On the homepage, users will also be able to see the live states of the ongoing matches and the schedule of upcoming matches. 

Search League

The users have the functionality to search for the preferred league they want to join. 

Join League

Once users find the league they are interested in, they can join the league instantly by clicking on it. 

Draft Team

After joining the league, users will be asked to draft a team by choosing the player who they think will do best in the upcoming match. 

Payment Gateway

Once the user has drafted the team, the next thing they need to do is pay the entry fee to join the league. For this reason, it is a must to incorporate the secure payment gateway with your dream11 app clone script. 

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Profile Management

This feature will allow the users to effectively manage their profiles. Users can view and edit their profiles anytime they want. 

Create Own League

If users want, they can create their own league and invite their known ones to join the league. 


This feature comes in handy for the users to withdraw their winning amount. 

Admin Panel Features


The admin can log into the application using the login credentials.


The dashboard feature of the website allows the admin to monitor all the features of the application. Also, the admin can perform multiple operations on the application to ensure its smooth running and integrity.

User Management System

Having a user management system will allow the admin to effectively manage all the users registered on the application. The admin has full freedom to view, add or remove the users.

Match Management System

This feature comes in aid to allow the admin to manage all the currently running matches along with the upcoming matches.  

Earning & Revenue Management

This feature helps the admin to view and manage everything related to the earning and revenue. In addition to this, the admin will also be able to see which dream11 source code  is generating the higher revenue. So admin can focus on that particular source to generate better revenue. 

Payment Request Management

This feature will allow the admin to effectively withdraw and deposit made on the dream11 app clone script. 

Technology Stack of the Dream11 App Clone Script

Below we have some of the different technologies that are used to build a fantasy clone app script

  • Sports API: GoalServe, Cricket API,, sportsmonks, EntityMonks, Cricinfo
  • Real-Time Analytics: BigData, Hadoop, Spark, Cisco, IBM, Apache Flink
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, BrainTree, Stripe, E-banking, PayUMoney
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, HBase, Cassandra, PostGres, MailChimp Integration
  • iOS App Development: Swift
  • Android App Development: Java or Kotlin
  • Front End: JQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS, HTML5 Bootstrap
  • Back End: PHP, NODEJS
  • Cloud-Environment: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, CloudFoundry
  • Push Notification: Push.IO, Amazon SNS, Urban Airship, MAP, ADPush, Twilio 

Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

How Much Does it Cost To Develop a Dream11 App Clone Script?

There are a few factors that go a long way in determining the cricket app development cost. Let’s scroll down to look at the price-determining factors. 

Fantasy Cricket App Developer

The first thing you know is how a fantasy sports app development company charges. Usually, the app development companies charge in the two following ways.

First, a fantasy cricket app developer might charge you an estimated amount for the entire app development project. This approach is best suited for clients who are already aware of the features and functionalities of the fantasy clone app script. 

Second, if you are not sure of the features and functionalities of the app then you can opt for the hourly rates for fantasy app developers. This way, developers will charge you based on the hours he/she spent on completing your app development.

The Application Type

The development cost will also depend on the type of application you want to build. Whether you want to build a hybrid application or the native application. The cost of fantasy app development for android & iOS is much cheaper than the cost of developing a native application. 

Location of Fantasy Cricket App Development Company

The location of the fantasy cricket app development company also plays a vital role in deciding the app development cost. Let’s go through the following price chart to understand the app development cost.

  • USA based company: $200 to $250 per hour
  • Europe based company: $150 to $200 per hour
  • India-based company: $50 to $100 per hour

By taking into consideration all the features we have mentioned above, the overall cost of a fantasy clone app script would be somewhere between $20,000 to $50,000. 

call to action fantasy sports app

The Key Takeaway!

No matter what kind of dream11 clone app script you are looking for, BR Softech might help you to kick start your business. BR Softech works with an expert team of developers who hold years of experience in developing the dream11 app clone script. 

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