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How to find the best high-paying freelance clients ?

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Jan 30, 2017
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How to find the best high-paying freelance clients

Freelancing can be just like job-hunting in general as such. But there are different rules to be followed for the same. The resume must be completely updated and must be impressive too. There are some ways to draw to the attention of high-paying freelance clients and also ignoring the violent famine-feast cycle too.

Factors for finding high-paying freelance clients:

Here are the list of important factors for finding the high-paying freelance clients

#1 You must have good strategy for reaching to the clients:

There are various ways by which you can reach out to wider clients and get good payment by geting good freelance clients. Here is the lists of tasks to be performed:

  • If you already have a small project portfolio:

This might include anything which you already dif for your friends by the case studies on this blog on your particular website as such.

  • Know about your target audience:

Various small business owners and different categories of freelancers, multifarious solopreneurs, startups or the agencies and there are lot more. There are various way to find out the target audience and you must not waste your time in doing so because as soon as you list down your target audience then you will work on next step.

  • Creation of database:

This will require well-versed research through the internet but it will also help you to save lot of time for future. You might also think about making the purchases access for the current leads database and for saving your precious time also. Other than these information, you can also collect extra important details of the personal information about any person you’ll reach out to throygh Rapportive -which is a handy Gmail add-on, that extracts the extra information for your contacts e.g. LinkedIn profile summary, different social media profiles, Skype, etc. Other freelance clone will help you to find the better freelance clients who will pay you well.

Even the cold emails will help you in creating the early relationship with your clients. They must be customized to a lot of extent

#2 You must have good connecting skills:

There are some people who are good at networking and making new friends easily enen at the time of standing in grocery line itself. Many people believe that the better sales come from the relationships making with new people and this will lead to generate higher business and good sales leads.

You don’t have to fret if you are a person being shy and introvert in nature. There are below listed strategies which you can try your hands on:

  •  Network through the facebook group:

If you have knack in good writing skills then you can join different social groups, especially the freelance skills because these have the hiring threads and different freelancers and the business owners often search for the advices and assistance there directly.

  • You must have your powerful LinkedIn profile:

You must have the strong LinkedIn profile too and mention your recent works and samples of projects on your profile. You can also ask the former colleagues to give the testimonial and endorsements on your profile. Then you need to begin connecting with different prospects and start with selling your services.

Closing Thoughts:

So, the above listed are the measures to be takes into consideration if your need to get the freelance clients who pay high. These above mentioned factors are must for increasing your sales leads and increasing higher revenues too. Mobile apps development company Boston will also help you in development of the mobile apps which will help you in increasing your customer-base with each passing day.


I am the admin of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning Mobile game development company. My thesis is to work with hard-bit and get the best Exposure. I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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