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How much it costs for creating educational apps for kids ?

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Jan 31, 2017
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How much it costs for creating educational apps for kids

Best free educational apps for kids helps the kids in learning something new in easy ways and simple way. With each passing day, best educational apps for toddlers are gaining importance an these fully-functional apps are being developed by lot of schools. The parents and teachers desire to make their kids learn through the digital platforms. This is growing trend in this digital world of technological advancement.

We can see various directions which are being breaking-open to take these educational apps for kids in the conventional way of learning advantages. This is turning out to be the growing trend in mobile app development sector in today’s date.

Is every app educational as it gets declared?

Well, these educational apps are not just the kid’s mobile games that includes immense fun and learning, but the app developers who are into development of educational apps for kids knows that the major element must be there in the app that will make kids learn with fun too. The main purpose of this app must not be unknown by the overflow of the non-educational stuffs as such which goes into these app. The perfect app for the kids must be the best blend of fun involved with education.

The major objective of educational apps must be to contribute in every area of the development of child which includes creative, physical, analytical, emotional and social development of child. Each and every phase must be included in the app development. Hire dedicated developers who will help you to get the best educational app developed after taking advice from experts like child psychologist, a child interaction specialist, teacher, creative designer, etc as and when required. Multifarious app elements must be designed after keeping in mind about the psychology about the way kids learn about anything in detail with fun through the best learning apps for preschoolers.

8 Smashing features of the best educational app:

Here is the list of 8 samashing features to be included while developing the best educational app:

  • Awe-inspiring and simple to learn apps.
  • These apps must not include interference or the disturbances like the ads, pop-ups, links, social media, etc in the educational mobile app.
  • The educational apps must also include adult controls/ locked menus and the settings also.
  • Speech feature must be included to help the kids who don’t have good reading skills yet.
  • Music feature in the app with the mute button too.
  • Less number of buttons for decreasing intentional actions.
  • These apps must include the advancement for development of kids. These apps must not have the need for kids in jumping to and fro between pages else this might lose the focus of kids.
  • Proper feedback must also be given in the app as such. Immense motivation for the wrong answers should be essential as the positive feedbacks are required for these kind of achievements.

Significance of UX in the kid’s app:

If the development of best educational apps for kids is concerned, then it is not just the focal point on the graphics, story and the sound factor but much more needs to be considered. The app developer must design the kid-friendly user interface which will give the best user experience to the kids. There must be very few buttons included in the educational app for kids, such as social plugin, different banners must be certainly avoided. Kids have the habit of touching at various parts of the screen on the app and so the approaching of buttons which are not making a part of the app can be restricted to adults alone on the kids learning apps for android free or best free educational apps for kids iPad as such. Game apps development company Boston will help you in developing the feature-rich mobile apps and best educational apps for kids.

Cost factor in developing the educational apps for kids:

How much does it cost to develop an app is the phrase which is mostly researched on the google for any kind of business because these apps help the businesses in reaching new heights. The cost of developing the mobile app is quite similar as developing for the web. Many of the basic apps with the standard UI elements and the customized graphics like the calculator or small utility app will cost you around $1k to 10k in general amnd it also depends on the number of features included in the app whih will increase the cost of developing these educational app for kids. Even the time and efforts of developers involved in developing the mobile app determines the cost of developing the app. If you want these educational apps to have more functionality with class apart designs, cloud services and personalization features, then the cost will definitely get increased further to around $2k to $25k. This implies that the more features the app will have, the more heavy will be the investment in development of the app.

3 Important aspects that will effect the cost of app development:

#1 Which platform you want to develop the educational app for kids:

Well, development of the educational apps for kids on the ios platform will always be higher than development of educational apps on different platforms. It will surely cost you higher around $5000 extra to develop a fully functional app with the complex references on the ios leading platform as compared to the Android or other different platforms as such.

#2 Mobile app development company you choose:

The cost of developing the app also depends on the mobile app development company you choose or the developer you hire for your app development tasks. There are various factors which will be involved in cost of development of mobile app, such as company’s credibility, portfolio, policies of the company, level of expertise, years of experience, app development strategy of the company.

#3 Location of the company also matters:

The geographical location of the company also plays an important role in determining the cost of mobile apps. There are different currency in different countries. The developers who hails from Europe and Asia offers the services at relatively low rates than the ones who hails from UAE or the Scandinavian countries.

So the prices involved in developing the educational apps for kids will turn out to be around $40000 if the app is being developed in USA as such. And higher the features in the app higher will the cost involved in development of the educational apps.

The Final Word:

So, it can be said that the cost of developing the educational apps for kids depends on the features included in the app . The more the features to be included in the app then higher will be the cost of mobile app development. If you are also looking forward to develop the educational app for kids then you can contact us and our team will assist you further in whole process of mobile app development. You can submit the form and we will revert you.

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