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The Good The Bad: The Future of Artificial Intelligence Robotics

written by Harshita Khangarot | Dec 02, 2019
Future of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Artificial Intelligence has been witnessing a significant improvement in the past few years. Several kinds of Artificial Intelligence have been around us for a long time and are making our life easier. Due to the fast development of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, these effects transform our daily life, artificial intelligence is an innovative factor in production. It has the ability to introduce new origins of growth, from changing the style of work to reinforcing the role of individuals. These benefits of Robotics Process automation are grabbing the attention of millions.

Technologies like voice recognition and text transcription were introduced long ago, but the use of these technologies is making our life much more convenient. The artificial intelligence development company is providing Artificial Intelligence Services due to a considerable increase in the demand for AI. The sudden rise of robots and machine are progressive the technology that could be a treat to watch in upcoming days.

A survey by Pew Research Internet finds Americans are roughly twice as likely to express worry (72%) than enthusiasm (33%) about a future in which robots and computers are capable of doing many jobs that are currently done by humans. A survey was conducted where it showed that 46 countries and 800 working environments found that the number of people forced out of jobs by machines could near the one billion mark by 2030.

Many people do not want to work unnecessarily and wish to drive their passion for life. But work must be done with proper skills and improvements that sometimes sound weird. Still, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions have changed the perspective of the whole digital world. Let’s have a look at the Good and Bad of Future Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the future.

Future Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Advantages of Future Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Reduce Errors

The decision of machines is based on previous records data. The chances of errors are reduced with algorithms. This is an achievement because it requires challenging calculations to solve complex problems that can be done without any error. Business organizations use digital assistants to interact with their users, which helps them save time.

24*7 Customer Support

Most of the report suggests that an average human can work 8-9 hours daily, excluding weekends, human soon get tired and need some refreshing time to charge their drain batteries. And sometimes they are facing hurdles due to their personal life or health issues their work might also hamper. But robots can work 24*7 without any break they do’ not need holiday breaks or even they never get distracted.

Digital Assistance 

Some of the highly advanced companies are using digital assistants to communicate with users, avoiding human resource needs. These digital assistants work in such a manner that gives real modulation to work. Many chatbots are designed to make it difficult to determine whether we’re speaking to a chatbot or a human being.

Improve Search Experience

AI has improved the user experience while searching for objects related to the user. During the quest, new features are introduced to recommend to the user. Mobile machine learning and artificial intelligence applications brought next-level user experience. After the introduction of voice recognition technology, modern market trends have been established.

Disadvantages of Future Artificial Intelligence

Job losses

There is always a doubt in our mind that hits us hard, Robots have taken place is a job, and it keeps on increasing gradually and extending to new levels. Artificial Intelligence has reached the core where most of the work is done by robots, just like driverless cars, that simply displace the needs of many drivers, in the same way, employees lose their jobs because of machines that work more effectively. This expansion has to lead to damage and disruption in the overall dimensions of humans and left a significant risk in human’s life.

High Costs

Yeah, AI comes with high prices, and there are no such things that come free. These costs involve huge costs due to heavy machinery and high maintenance costs. The software needs to upgrade more frequently, which caters to the needs of changing the environment.

No Human Replication

No matter what but machine always remains machine, they might work effectively, but they don’t have any values or judgment skills that can be implemented if required. The machine only works on orders which are given by humans only. They only do those things that they are told to do, and sometimes it may be risky too, and might also encounter those situations that can give us heavy losses.

Sometimes Irritating

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics can be a burdensome task, as we need to give the same task, again and again, they will not perform any action if no command is given, which can lead to a game of wear and tear. But this the time when we can cope up with these drawbacks and provide those solutions that can give a positive direction and can also use different human Intelligence.

It’s Questionable

It is somewhere morally distract us every time we have human robots or having an artificial intelligence machine that is given birth by a human. There is no doubt that humans cannot be replaced; they can simplify our work but cannot make a connection with them or neither develop a bond with humans.

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Considering This

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will be used in all sectors of society to change the lives of humankind greatly. However, if it comes to playing an important role in decision-making organizations of the core society, it may be a repetition of a rather tedious history for humankind. Artificial Intelligence can destroy us if it is in the wrong hands or even create a better technological world.

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