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Google is Rolling Out ‘Hey Google’ Google Assistant’s Enhanced Voice Match Setup Process & Sensitivity Controls

May 07, 2020
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Google Assistant App Development

As we all know, there is an official update from Google that Google assistant will now be able to examine a speaker’s voice more accurately than before. As Google has amplified the feature of voice match of the AI by expanding and adjusting the setup process to need complete sentences from a user. Through this Google assistant App development, Google has introduced more unique methods of voice match.

Google assistant will prompt you to say complete phrases rather than stir the word ‘Hey Google’. For instance- voice match set up will tell you to say full phrases like ‘Hey Google, play my customized playlist so that it can examine the person more accurately.

You can attach six people at a time to a single Google Assistant-powered device with a voice match so that you can get altered results while using the device. Various factors of voice app development like- percentage of noise in the environment can have an impact on the responsiveness of the Google Assistant to the stir words and can be the reason for its activation by hearing something alike to ‘Hey Google’ accidentally.

To define this, Google said that it is progressing out a new feature that will enable you to adjust the sensitivity of smart speakers and displays to stir words. You can also make Google assistant more sensitive if you want it to be more responsive or make it less sensitive to mitigate unintentional activation.

Google Assistant App development has the settings through which you are allowed to choose a voice match and teach the assistant to identify your voice for receiving customized results such as- favorite playlists or calendar reminders or sharing the device with others. In the coming time, there will be many options for adjusting the sensitivity of Google’s assistant through the Google Home App. These settings can be altered at any time and can also fine-tune the preferences for every single device. This feature will be available in English followed by various languages- as stated by the company.

Official Update by Google

Enhanced voice match setup process and sensitivity controls of Google Assistant are officially announced by Google. In this new update, when you will go through the setup process of voice match, you will be asked to say complete phrases like- instead of just saying ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’. This complete phrase will allow Google Assistant to recognize the user’s voice more accurately.

Google Assistant App development also made changes in the Google Home app as it will enable the adjustment of hot word detection’s sensitivity. If you have any smart display or speaker that activates too easily, then you can turn off the sensitivity or if the speaker is too loud, then turn on the sensitivity.    

These Google Assistant-enabled smart displays and smart speakers can be really useful for easy tasks like checking the weather, setting an alarm, or controlling the smart home devices, etc. but still they have many things to do when it comes to fixing the speech recognition. 

Many users are there who have faced this problem of recognizing your voice from time to time and then you have to yell multiple times ‘Hey Google’ to start a voice command. This can be annoying sometimes, so this thing should be fixed ASAP. Often, we have to face problems with smart speakers too, when it starts to listen even when you didn’t say the hot word. That is why Google is finally announced to roll out the sensitivity controls of ‘Hey Google’.  

Google also announced some additional privacy-centric features for Google Assistant, back in September. One of the most thrilling features they announced is this new sensitivity control for voice command. Google Assistant App development has touched new heights through it but still, Google didn’t announce that, by what time this feature will go live. But in the latest version of the Google Home app (version, we saw the new sensitivity option under the device settings and after the tapping option, it opens the Google app with the option of controlling the hot word sensitivity. In this, users can pick among the ‘lease sensitive’, ‘by default’, and ‘most sensitive’. Here, only the primary account can change this setting for a specific smart display or smart speaker.

A Google spokesperson stated that the rolling out of this ‘Hey Google’ hot word sensitive feature will arrive as a server-side update for many users. If you want to experience this update now, then you can download the updated version of Google home from the Google play store.

How to Use the Google Voice Commands?

Google Voice Commands

As we know, Google has announced its new feature but do you know how to enable the Google voice command on your Android? Google Assistant App development is touching the new heights, so you should keep yourself about these latest features. To help you, here we will give all the answers of your queries.

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You can control your device by giving it oral commands with the help of the Google Voice App that is meant for Android phones. Through your voice, you can open any app, can navigate and perform the device’s function, and can edit text hands-free, etc. This voice app included different languages like Spanish, English, Italian, German, or French. Here are the steps that how you can start the Google Voice commands App on Android-

Check the Version and Settings on Your Phone

To make yourself able to use these Google Voice Commands, you are required to have a 5.0 Android phone. You can check it by going to ‘settings’ and then to ‘About Phone’. After that, you also must have the updated version of Google App or you can go to Google Play and can download the voice access or can update it too.

Start the Google Voice Access App 

  • Open Settings on your device and click on ‘App Settings’.
  • Select Accessibility and tap on ‘Voice Access’.
  • After that, you will see the on/off button on the top.
  • Turn on the voice access.
  • If you see the button on, then say ‘OK Google’.
  • But if you found a button off, then tap on the notification shade and click ‘Touch to start’ voice access notification.
  • After that, give it a command like ‘Open Gallery’.
  • Now you have enabled the Google voice assistant.

Google Assistant’s Better Version with Enhanced Setup Process

Google Assistant

Google Assistant will now be able to analyze a speaker more correctly because of their enhanced setup process and sensitivity controls. Here are some more reasons why it is better-

Google Recognizes You

Google Assistant App development has advanced the voice match that is now creating a type of audio log-in for Google Assistant that makes the AI able to differentiate between various household members. This voice assistant can operate various accounts through a central household account and customize its responses to calendar reminders, music requests, and other particular details to that person. Also, Google’s assistant has involved the feature of voice match for some time, but the update made profile creation more intricate.

Now with the updated feature, by setting voice match, Google Assistant will direct you to say complete phrases instead of saying ‘Hey Google’. Through using these longer, multiple phrases as a baseline, Google Assistant will include a more vigorous database to examine the user when they speak. Google Assistant can also recognize six-voice profiles for each device.

Sensitive Speaker

While announcing these new features, Google also confirmed that it is also bringing a ‘hot word sensitivity’ control for Google Assistant. This has brought about mitigating accidental awakening of the voice assistant through correcting how alerted the AI to potential stir words. As the voice of around 2 to 3 voice assistant users have awakened a voice assistant accidentally over a month, this sensitivity control can become very popular.

With these both updates, there can be solved an issue that is a privacy concern. Most people don’t like that they are being overheard and they also have suspicions about their recordings. It is the same with the update of voice ID accuracy. People have a fear that someone can steal vocal identification that is connected to slower adoption of the concept of deep fake voice fraud. Through these updates, it might make people feel better regarding signing up to a voice assistant.

Final words

So, now you have all the details about the latest updates provided by Google Assistant, even with these small developments in vocal security hot word sensitivity and enhanced setup processes of voice match will make people a little tension free about their security and login access. By the Google assistant App development, this provided updates will enable us to control the sensitivity and get accurate results.

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