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12 Amazing Highly Effective Modules for Your School Management

May 07, 2020
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12 Amazing Highly Effective Modules for Your School Management

The methods of studies have been changed from then to now and constantly changing from now to then. In this digital world, it is very easy to carry out the management of schools through online platforms. It can be said that the growing number of schools has led to development of efficient modules that makes functioning of school operations hassle-free. The tech sector has designed the gripping school management software to help school staff in managing schools efficiently.

In today’s date, organizing the taxing tasks of the whole school has become as easy as pie with the help of feature-rich software used for the same. These modules are designed to save the time of school staff and they can formulate new strategies for the betterment of students. Well, if you are running a school, it is more than essential to opt for a feature-rich software that enables you to manage the school in just a few clicks on the smartphone. 

12 best modules for your school management

Best modules for your school management

 Let’s check out the best modules here: 

1. LanSchool Lite: 

This feature-rich school management module is easy to operate and offers amazing functionalities to the user. It is an open-source platform that offers immense learning for the students through a digital environment. It is designed to help teachers keep a track on different students in order to check their studies progress constantly. Moreover, it also allows ease of interaction among the students and teachers without any hassle. This software involves a screen that is used by teachers for effortless teaching through digitized methods. Teachers can also control the instrument of the student with the particular screen. It also makes it easy to allow teachers to lock the screen of any student. This helps in preventing the student from any type of disturbance. 

2. School Diary: 

This is yet another best in class module which eases the interaction between students and teachers. This is developed to track the school buses without any hassle. The cherry on cake is that it is also designed to ensure full safety of the child because this is the major concern for parents. Apart from this, it also enables ease of paying school fees. The parents are also able to check important information by sitting anywhere, through this high-functionality module. It functions smoothly on any type of device. 

3. I-Genius: 

This is designed to keep in mind about making school operations easier. This is also developed to make the admission procedures like a piece of cake. The school management software also aims at helping students to select the course books by library included in it. Parents are able to check the admission enquiry without any hassle. This software providers homework reminders to the students through online mode of communication. There is a systematic method of carrying out examinations of students. 

4. eSkooly: 

This school management module is free to use by the school staff. It is designed to function smoothly for different types of schools, and other academic institutes. The students are able to check various parts such as about their attendance, exam results, admission enquiry, etc. It has a function-rich admin portal that eventually enables the staff to control different operations of a particular school. It has a separate student and teacher portal wherein various information can be received in no time such as exam results, time table, etc. 

5. OpenEduCat: 

Another top-rated school management module which aims at offering myriad services such as student enrolment, checking of reports, etc. The main advantage of this module is that it is available in numerous languages so that schools of different countries can make use of it with ease. It streamlines the procedure of controlling school activities through the online platform in no time. School management is able to know about different faculties in no time.

6. Jackprodigy: 

This software is highly admired because of its amazing user-interface which can easily be operated from any device. Developed with cloud computing, the data of different teachers and students is stored on the internet and there are no problems of data getting misplaced. The data can be easily accessed from anywhere in very less time. This software helps keep the entire data confidential. One of the attractive features of this software is that it also offers an easy method of parents’ login. 

7. OpenSIS: 

It is a high-functionality school management software that is developed to operate the school digitally around the globe. The school management can easily keep the data from admission to graduation, safe, on this platform. Various schools are able to personalize this digital platform as per their requirement. Through this particular module, it is easy to make interaction among different teachers and students. Teachers can also easily communicate with the parents about the progress of their child. 

8. Insight: 

This is the promising classroom management module which is easy to use by the teachers to carry out different activities for children through a digital platform. Teachers can enhance the learning among the children with this particular software effectively. This module allows hassle-free creation of the class list by teachers, displaying the teacher’s method of teaching on screen so that students can learn by sitting anywhere. Teachers can also effortlessly show the screen of one student to another so that others will get inspired to get good marks. 

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9. Smart Pathshala: 

This is a thrilling online platform that is created to help the school carry out different tasks with ease. The staff can keep the records of fees, managing the library online and also the student’s progress report card. Teachers are also able to provide information to each child’s parents so that they will know about their child’s studies. Managing the time-tabe for exams is also simplified with this module. It keeps the records of each student safe without any risk of data theft. 

10. TeacherEase: 

Easy to operate, this thrilling digital platform also offers myriad advantages for efficient functioning of schools through online mode. It is designed to provide better digital learning so that students can study as per their convenience by sitting at home. Teachers can make the students learn various lessons online in easy steps. In this way, students enjoy learning and completing the syllabus. They can get to know about the upcoming exams and results for the same. 

11. MyClassBoard: 

This school management software lets the school staff carry out various tasks such as academic, fees payment, grading of students, displaying the reports of students and exam oriented information, etc. Teachers are able to interact with students as well as their parents so as to keep a track of student’s activities. Furthermore, parents can know about the transport facility by school in order to know if their children are going safely to school and reach home safely. 

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12. School Time: 

This stunning module is basically for operating schools with a lesser number of students such as nursery, preliminary schools, etc. The best part is that it is free to use and installing the same is a piece of cake. Teachers can easily check the attendance of students in just a few clicks by using this software. The transportation for students can also be easily managed by this module. Parents can also know about their child’s performance through this online platform. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Well, now you might know that managing school activities online is so simple with the software developed using good functionalities. School management has never been so easy before development of aforementioned modules. They are aimed at making the lives of school staff easy by providing a feature-rich online platform which can be accessed  by using different devices. 

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