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How Much Does it Cost to Build an Ecommerce App & Website Similar to Amazon?

written by Admin | May 26, 2021

Ecommerce will always be seen as the fastest growing industry across the world, all credit goes to Amazon. Amazon comes into existence in the year 1994 and initially sells books. But now as you can see on Amazon you can buy a variety of products ranging from baby toys to car accessories, mobile phones to computers, women’s jewellery to men’s fashion and many others. 


According to the report of Statista, the revenue from online shopping was calculated around $2.3 trillion in the year 2017. Now, when the technology becomes advanced and people are more inclined towards online shopping, the revenue from the eCommerce marketplace is expected to hit the mark of $4.5 trillion by the end of the year 2021. 

A large part of the eCommerce market is captured by Amazon, which shows how profitable the Amazon business model is. If you are also willing to join this farsighted lucrative marketplace, then this post will bring the best help to you. 

Here in this post, we will talk about the several factors that influence the cost of building a website and eCommerce app like Amazon

How Much It Cost to Build an eCommerce App Like Amazon?

The following are some of the important factors that play a vital role in defining the cost of developing an eCommerce app like Amazon. 

App Development Platform 

There are two operating systems, i.e. Android and iOS, that are dominating the world of smartphones. Though you need to choose which operating system will benefit you most, or you can choose a native-platform application that will work on both Android and iOS. 

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Many people believe that developing an application for Android OS is much cheaper than iOS. However, in reality, Android app development is much higher than iOS as it requires to be tested against hundreds of Android devices compared to limited iOS devices. 

Application Design

The simple and user-interactive design of Amazon is another factor that drives growth to Amazon. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to the application design. The more engaging and attractive the application design is, the more you have to pay as it requires more time and resources.

Application size

Application size is meant to refer to the total number of features and functionalities you want to add to your eCommerce app like Amazon. The more features you desire to add, the more development cost will be. The app development cost can be reduced to a great extent by identifying the important features. For this purpose, a reputable eCommerce marketplace app development like BR Softech can help you a lot. 


App Developers

The eCommerce app development cost also depends on the geographical location of the app developers. If you want to reduce the development cost, then we would recommend you hire app developers from India. Indian app developers are the most preferred eCommerce, mobile app developers, across the world. 

Application Testing and Deployment Cost

To ensure that your eCommerce app similar to Amazon works perfectly on multiple devices with no hiccups, then your app needs to go through multiple tests. This tests designing in such a way as to find out all the application glitches to ensure the stability and usability of the application. 

The application testing and deployment would not be a big concern if you are developing an application for limited users. However, if you are developing an application for a large user base, then performance management and advanced analytics management should be your key focus. An app development company needs to spend at least 500 hours testing this application to make it free from glitches. 

BR Softech is one such company that has its separate team of testers, that wiles a mile with the application to accomplish all your client’s goals. 

Update & Maintenance

Once your eCommerce app similar to Amazon hit the market, it requires constant updates and maintenance to keep upgrading the app performance and usability. Therefore, you need to have a dedicated team who can take care of such things for you. It is approx that around 20% of the total app development budget spent on app maintenance and constant updates. 

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Note; Depending on the above factors, the total budget you might need to launch your own business like Amazon would be somewhere around $40,000 to $70,000. This is just an estimated cost, the total cost of developing an eCommerce app similar to Amazon can go up and down depending on the above factors.

Factors that Can Effect  the Cost of Developing a Website Similar to the Amazon

There are several parts of the website which have their own cost. So let’s dig deep into the post to learn how much a website similar to Amazon can cost you.

Website Theme

A website theme meant to refer to the overall design of the website like how the website will look, what functionalities the website will have and many more. The advancement in technology has given birth to a great number of eCommerce platforms, such as OpenCart, Magento, Shopify, and so many others. 

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The cost of eCommerce website development will rely on the platform you choose to develop your website. The overall cost of website theme development would be somewhere around $250 to $400. The cost can go up depending on the customization that you need to make with your website. 

Virtual Store Development

The virtual store can be defined as the database of all the products listed on the Amazon marketplace. To make the site experience memorable, the design and communication of the website should be simple and user-friendly. 

The cost of virtual store development would be somewhere around $18,000 to $25,000. 

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway is one of the essential features of a Website like Amazon. The payment gateway allows the customers to pay for the products they purchase from your application. You need to add multiple payment gateway options to your website similar to Amazon to offer your customers more convenience over the payment.

Content Development and SEO

Once the initial design and development of the website are finished, the next thing you have to do is fill the website with the content. The content is essential as it improves the visibility of the website on the search engine and drives more traffic to the website. 


Besides the regular content update on the website, you need to opt for SEO services as well to gain the attention of online shoppers.

Maintenance and Security

To maintain the security and performance of your website, you need constant updates, an SSL certificate, fully encrypted data servers and a secure payment system. This way your customers will feel more confident while making a transaction on your application. 


Note: On average, the cost of developing a fully functional eCommerce website similar to Amazon will cost you somewhere between $ 30,000 to $60,000. 


As you can see, building an eCommerce website and app from scratch is quite expansive. Thereby you need to choose an eCommerce app development company that can justify the app and website development cost and can cater to all your requirements. 


BR Softech is one of the highly experienced mobile app and website development companies that are driven by a bunch of quality-focused developers. Now, I hope after reading this post; you have got the answer to your question about how much it costs to build an eCommerce app.


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