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How to begin with Android game development ?

written by Admin | Mar 01, 2017
How to begin with Android game development

It can be seen that the Android handset users are increasing rapidly and this calls for the app developers to keep updated about the recent app development trends for the Android. The game apps being the basic market segment by watching the current market trend. Android is fastest increasing platform among all the leading mobile application platform. Android brings the tough competition for the Apple’s ios if different features are concerned, such as the quality, performance and the best functionality of the apps. Gaming app development is turning out as the growing trend these days.

As we can see that there are various kinds of games apps on the Google PlayStore and these range from high-quality games to various others, and some of the games being Flappy, Bird, plus more of the complex games like Dead Trigger 2. Even the complete installations of the Grand Theft game is being considered Auto available for playing. There are some of the focal elements which leads to making these kinds of games popular on the Google PlayStore for the game lovers worldwide. But there are some factors to be kept in mind regarding game app development for the Android platform.

The class-apart tools:

Before you think about beginning with the game app development for Android then you must consider the best tools. Android Studio is the major tool for Android app development. Many times the app developers are totally unknown regarding the Android Studio then you might check out the Android Studio for beginners tutorial. Apart from the Android Studio, the programming language plays the major role for Android Studio and it is Java language which is being involved. For knowing about the game app development in context with using best programming language, then the best source is Java Tutorial for beginners. There are also other kinds of softwares such as the Corono SDK, GameMaker: Studio, Unity for 2D, etc. Android game development company have a team of dedicated developers who thoroughly understand the needs and requirement of the clients regarding the game app development project and then comes up with the best in class game app for th leading operating system, the Android.

You must also not surrender:

Well, as the app developer you must also never surrender yourself at any point of time. You give your 100% for the app development process and then you must not surrender. You must know about the different ways to master up the different problems. At the time when Android wear had been declared then watch faces had also been started. There comes different kinds of problems in the app development process and it might also take long to get through the problems but then you will eventually succeed when you constantly move towards the progress of game app development. When the game app development project will finally be completed when it will give you immense happiness.

Well, this might be very clear and there was also a complete swamp of Flappy Bird knock off which also entered the PlayStore at the time many people also came to know that how much of money can be made off this idea. The reason why the game turned out to be huge hit is because it had the best and simple user interface which is easy to grasp and also which gives best user experience. There are loads of games which have gained huge success on the Google Play Store like the Angry Birds. Rovio is also the leading game which is a movie based to a lot of extent. When you desire to move ahead with the game app development then you must see to it that you make something original which no one has developed till date as such and then proceed for releasing the same for the world and then see the magic. Similar apps like Pokemon go is also all the rage these days and the game app developers are looking forward to develop such kinds of games.

Simple goes well and it is easy to understand:

Watching the recent technological trend that hits the market regarding the Android segment, many of the game app developers. Many of the games available on the Google Playstore are the most simple kind of games. Some of the Android games are quite easy to grasp by the game app users. The tough to understand game apps distract the game app users to the core and they just can’t go ahead with the same. The complicated games are meant to be for the PC or the consoles. The complicated games cannot be seen on the smart phone just for few seconds by the game app users around the world. There are different kinds of exceptions like the GTA and Dead Trigger games which are quite successful on the Google Play Store. But if you are new to the game app development segment then you must start with the simple kind of games. And then later you can go with the best gaming experience and then go ahead with the complicated game apps after knowing about the basics of the game app development techniques.

Testing is important when you go with the game app development:

This is the major part for the game app development. The testing phase is the important one for game app development task. In this regard, you must consider the third party, say for instance a friend, family member who will test the app which you develop as such. You can also opt for developing the test cases in the app itself and this will also help you to get your app tested in context with the functionality of the app. This is possible by hard coding paths of that particular application and this is quite possible for the testing of your app as such.

The Final Word:

So, it can be concluded that Android game app development sector is flourishing at a rapid pace and it can be said that the developers around the world are looking forward for the game app trends that hit the market for making their game app development task easier to the core. There are various things to be considered for development of game apps and this includes the high-functionality, simplicity and the best user interface games that will provide quality-oriented user experience for the users. So, as the app developers if you are looking forward to start with the game app development project then do share your experiences in the comments section below about the success story of your first mobile app development project.


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