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How to Integrate Machine Learning Kit in Flutter? Step by Step Guide

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Feb 29, 2020
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Machine learning in Flutter

Nowadays a lot of applications are building with the help of a flutter platform. It is an open-source software development kit. Flutter was developed by Google and released at the end of 2018. Flutter is a flexible and cross-platform software development kit used by application developers to develop applications for modern platforms like Android, Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows, and Google Fuchsia.

Most machine learning development company is offering rich enchanting features that make most business ventures work more profound and smoother.

Flutter ranks top among the list with 75.4% among the most loved Framework. Flutter is the newbie in the field of the best software development solutions in India but has gained a lot of attention in the Google I/O conference in 2017.

Highlights of Machine Learning Kit

Here are some highlights of the machine learning kit that are beneficial in flutter web development.

1. Ready to Use Libraries

Machine learning kit comes with some ready to use application programming interface (APIs). Using the libraries one is able to get all the information they want. Examples of ready to use APIs are face detection, Image recognition, Image labelling, Text recognition, Land identification, language identification, and barcode scanning.

2. Custom Model Importation

On any custom model, firebase acts as an API. It allows users to import their custom models and keep them safe by taking care of them. The user just needs to upload the models and rest will be taken care.

3. On Device or Cloud

It does not matter if someone wants to use it on a device or on the cloud. It works securely, efficiently and smoothly everywhere. The APIs work on the device or on the cloud system even if there is a network issue.

Some Applications, Developed with Flutter

Here are some examples of the amazing applications which are made with flutter software development kit and machine learning services.

1. Google Ads

The application helps to keep an eye on Google Ads campaign running. Check whether it is running smoothly or is there any issue. Other features like real-time notifications, suggestions to improve the campaign, allows calling Google expert and remove/add/edit keywords and much more.

2. Alibaba

Evaluated as the world’s biggest online commerce company. with 50M+ downloads on Android and iOS device working all over the world. It allows customers to buy products from the supplier.

3. Cryptograph

For more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies, it provides the latest data and figures. Examples of the cryptocurrencies are Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), Etherum (ETH) and many more.

4. Hookie

Hookie is a social media application where users can monitor social activity, share posts, connect with friends, can manage multiple social media account at one place, and many more.

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Integrating Machine Learning Kit in Flutter

Integrate Ml kit in to flutter

After having a look at machine learning kit and examples of the applications developed with Flutter. Now, here we will learn to integrate the machine learning kit in a flutter.

1. SDK Integration

SDK is a software development kit which is required to work on certain platforms. SDKs are often used on the place of APIs. SDKs are docs, code sample and helper libraries.

2. Installing Plugins

Installing flutter Plugins

There are some basic general requirements to install plugins. Install a plugin according to your requirements like Dart, Grade, Editor Config, Git Integration, Bytecodeviewer etc.

3. Apply ML Model to The Data

ML Model

One can generate a wide spectrum of insights by using the ML model. These insights can be implemented to power features in applications like automatic metadata generation, photo embellishment etc.

Wrap Up

Machine learning is here from quite long and open to use for everyone. Now it is fun to make an application for smartphones with a futuristic cross-platform. ML is a smarter way to build an app. If you are looking to develop an application like above mentioned, hire flutter developer that can help you to get the best possible result at affordable prices.

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