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Key Features for On-Demand Food Ordering App and how does Food Delivery App Works?

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Jun 25, 2019
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Key Features for On-Demand Food Ordering App and how does Food Delivery App Works?

This is the era of the digitalization; everyone wants to grow their business technically and manually. A mobile solution helps entrepreneurs in the achievement of their business growth. Everyone has to have an app for their businesses. In mobile solutions; On Demand Mobile Apps are specifically for the highest demands.

Every individual, especially women’s goes through this hard part of life on a daily basis where they have to think about what to cook, what should they drink, and how to do it?

Evolution of Food Industry

The food industry is intensely the most competitive, and cutthroat industry, and approximately all big players of the industry include McDonald’s, Burger King, Dominos, etc. Have a custom-made mobile app, and a delivery choice on their websites. So to make it easy for the customers, and generating revenue easily On Demand Mobile Apps have been developed.

Emerging of Online Services

On-demand, food delivery App is used to save the time and cost of the customer and to provide easiness for ordering food. Today the customers are totally dependent on the online platforms to fulfill their basic or daily needs whether it relates to clothing, housing décor, traveling, technical accessories or food.

Statistics Shows

  • Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$7,092m in 2019.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 9.9%, resulting in a market volume of US$10,363m by 2023.
  • The market’s largest segment is Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery with a market volume of US$5,825m in 2019.(source)

Here are the Features of an On Demand Food Delivery App that helps to make it Successful

For the Customers

Food Ordering App For the Customers

Customer Registration

Customers can register themselves on the app by filling the simple information’s that includes- their name, number, email id, and after that, they can simply start using their mobile ordering apps.

Selection of Restaurant

Customer can select the restaurant, according to their preferred locations, favorite cuisines, and timings from the list mentioned on the app.

Order Tracking Status

Customers easily track their orders and get the notifications that keep them informed about their order and the delivery person’s status.

Categories of Restaurants

Let the customers select the restaurants from the categories, based on review and ratings food offerings and other factors.

Multiple Payment Options

Provide ease to customers in terms of payment by using multiple payment options that include net banking, credit card, and debit card, cash on delivery and with a variety of promo codes that will attract the customers more.

Reordering Food

For reordering the same food customers can use their order history and make the same order, without filling the same pieces of information again.

Schedule Delivery

Provide freedom to the customers in choosing their delivery time based upon their own schedule or convenience.

Pick Up Option

The customer has the choice to order food and make payment online and take or pick up their food from the restaurants on their own.

Discounts and Offers

A variety of discounts and offers are made for the customers to get the best deals. Restaurants provide Number of promo codes to attract the customer towards their business.

Manage or Handle Profile

Manage profiles includes options like addresses, payment details, notification settings for a better experience. The customer can edit these settings anytime according to their preference.

Reviews and Rating

Customers can give their feedback for the restaurants on app based on their services, their pricing, food quality, and other factors.

Help & Support

Customers are familiar with that chat support system is always available to assist them anytime anywhere if they required.

For Restaurants

Food Ordering App For the Restaurants

Log in/Sign Up Register

The restaurants that are associated with the platform can log in to access and serve customers through this platform.

And the restaurants who want to be a partner on the platform can register themselves by adding the information of their business required by the platform.

Control or Manage Business Info

The app is having all the data on the screen of the user so that they can manage their info anytime and make informed decisions.

Manage Menu

The restaurants that are listed on the platform can easily edit their food menus and add or delete the items or make changes in pricing and quantities of the food.

Order Alerts

When a customer placed an order, the restaurant will get a notification within seconds to acquire into its accomplishment.

Manage Order

Restaurants can view them all the orders and their status that which order is incoming, which one is under process and which one is dispatched to the delivery. They get the notification of their order completion.

Tracking of Payment

For maintaining better account information, the Restaurant manager can have access to viewing all the pending and successful payments over the platform.

Respond to Customer

Restaurants can directly reply to their customers, if they faced any difficulty with the food items, through this, they easily make loyalty with their customers, and take the chance to become skilled in their business.

Details of Customers

Provide all the relevant information about the customers to restaurants so that they know their customers better.


Allow restaurants to offer great deals and promotions to serve more customers and attract customers towards their business.

Help & Support

Restaurants get well-versed on issues and places they require to get better in the lead to stay forward.

For Admin

Food Ordering App For Admin

Manage Products & Services

Categorize and manage an updated list of food items to run the platform efficiently.

Managing of The Restaurant

Always keep the mobile app of the restaurant updated by adding or editing the listings of the restaurant.

Menu Management

Get the menus from the restaurants and present them uniquely to get the best response for ordering.

Category Management

Categories the restaurants on the basis of their cuisine, their price, and delivery areas and offers to optimize their business.

Manage Orders and Customers

Find the actionable analytics for every order placed and processed, and stay on top of the system. Gain knowledge of details of customers, the food and restaurants they prefer and the orders they place.

Payment Handling & Manage Notifications

Get, and categorize the payments made for orders processed by the restaurants. Be in touch with customers and restaurants with text messages, emails, and app notifications.

Payment & Commissions

Manage commission rates with restaurants and effect payments as scheduled.


With the help of comprehensive reports keeps up to date and data-backed decisions that will help in the growth of the business


For a Delivery Person

Manage Profile

Manage profile of the delivery person that requires the necessary information includes significant information, availability, their valid documents, payment information, and others.

Live Tracking Path

By means of GPS tracking and Google maps, one can observe actual-time of the delivery person that where the motor vehicle is on the total route.

Delivery Status

Drivers can update their latest delivery status as, “Waiting for food”, “On my way” “Order Completed” and so on for every delivery.

Other features-

Customer Support

Connect and chat with the customer through messaging on a platform for their live feedback about the orders.

How do Food Delivery App Works?


Ordering food online is a process in which the customer order food from the local restaurants of the city, through the web page or the app. The customers can easily search their favorite restaurant, and apply filters such as for their favorite food available in the list or by selecting the delivery and take away options. Payment can be made with the restaurants by credit, debit cards, cash, or through the net banking that returns a certain percentage of the online food company.

Following are the steps which show that how a customer can order food from the online platform through the websites or the apps-

Website or Mobile App Log In by Customers

Customer can order food easily through a login, or Sign up the mobile app or they can make an order through the website platform.

Select Favorite Dish

All the restaurants are listed with their menus on the app and on the website as well. Customer can easily select his/her favorite dish from the list and make the order. Some restaurants also provide the delivery time slot so that the customer can select the preferred delivery time according to their convenience.

Add Items to Cart

After selecting the dishes, the next process is to add the items in the cart, after selecting the final items; the cart page shows the detailed summary of the order that includes the order Id, Food items included, and the price of the total order. Users have access to add more items or remove items from the cart. This helps the user to get the food items in their available budget.

Online Ordering and Payment

After adding items into the cart, it requires the delivery address and payment of the food that the user is going to purchase. User can make payments through the different mode of payment that includes- Net banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash on delivery.

After the completion of the payment, the user gets the notification of the order placed, and the restaurants will get the notification of receiving an order.

Food Preparing and Delivery System

When the order gets placed, the customer will receive notifications through text message and e-mail for their order placed, and information about the new order, and delivery time. Then they receive the notifications of all the activities that food is being prepared by the restaurant, they will notify when the food is prepared, or which delivery valet is assigned for their order. Customers can simply track their orders at any time by the help of the food delivery system.

Final Thought

The present age totally depends upon digitalization, people are more reliable in performing their works, or activities through mobile apps. The mobile application saves time, and cost of the users, they will get their products, or services through the app easily.

In addition, the customers always look for personalized services, so if a business person is in online Food Business, On-demand Food Delivery App is not only an option but essential, doing speculate, making the food easily available to the Customers, and fulfilling the necessity of food industry. 


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