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Top 10 Latest Cloud Computing Trends And Technologies

Aug 10, 2020
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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services is one of the most trending technologies amongst business operators in 2020. The technology is gaining popularity from the success of the cloud-based applications making it overwhelmingly necessary for the developers to research upon.

The technology having the potential to level up the business operations with the increasing competitiveness can be the reason behind investing in it. It has many applications, reading about which will help you gain a better understanding of it. Companies like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. excel in developing cloud computing management systems that are flexible enough to accommodate your business needs and that too at cost-efficient prices. 

This article is written to enlighten the readers about the cloud computing technology and the major trends in 2020 for a better clarity towards the technology helping in a sustainable implication in your business. 

The Concept Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the online services, mainly dealing with data storage and computer system resources without any active involvement of the user to manage the data and the information. Cloud computing services provide data centres for users to use over the internet. Large clouds might even have a nodal-structure with many small servers distributed at different locations that are bound by a central gserver. 

Clouds are bifurcated into two categories, private cloud and public cloud. However, the main purpose of cloud computing is to achieve internal consistency by providing a common (or say shared) resource.

The hype that the cloud services has created is all because the cost-effective alternatives it provides while setting up a business or reduces the cost of any ongoing business. 

The idea of having a fully functional and multi-cloud infrastructure is still far away however the increasing interest of business operators in the modern web services is likely to cover the gap that has been created with respect to the limited exploration of the same. 

Benefits Of Cloud Services

The wide range of benefits that are associated with cloud computing is the reason behind its increasing applications in business enterprises. The technology is not only effective but also helps in reducing operational and maintenance costs.  

One of the major benefits is that it reduces the cost of purchasing assets and spendings on infrastructure. The online solution helps the user to access the required information that is stored in the cloud server anytime, anywhere. 

Also, it helps streamline the functioning of many users that are connected to the network. Hence, the centralized server aids in achieving a threshold amongst the various nodes that are linked to the central server. The automatic update features contribute to make it a more efficient platform. 

Basically, cloud computing allows users to access information that is stored in a cloud server on their demand. There are a lot of services and infrastructure that needs to be invested in any start-up. Cloud services trends to replace the requirement of all these services and infrastructure eventually saving the cost on capital accumulation. 

10 Latest Cloud Computing Trends And Technologies

If you seek interest in the new-age technology that is actively used in redefining the ways of doing business, reading the top cloud computing trends will be helpful in shaping up your concept in the right direction. Make sure to go through each of them.

The Kubernetes Revolution

It has been 5 years since Google launched the advanced management tool in the market. Kubernetes is being rapidly adopted by enterprises that expect it to play a crucial role in manipulating the global economy. 

The solution is innovated to address the limitations that hold the true potential of the cloud services and hence creating the market dynamic. The Kubernetes revolution has opened new doors for the service seekers and motivated the investors to achieve accomplishments that seemed impossible a few years ago. 

Kubernetes Companions Create New Silos

An orchestrator plays a vital role in cloud management services, and the developers have got a fair idea and understanding of it now. Cross-cloud unity is one of the important aspects around which the curiosity of the developers revolves. 

The Cloud-Native Computing Foundation is taking the lead of the Kubernetes project. No doubt the Kubernetes and cloud work hand in hand, there are several other technologies on the same path as the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation’s blueprint.

Kubernetes to Establish Its Supremacy in A Broader Way

The competitive, driven market motivates the researchers to integrate Kubernetes with cloud services. Two mega tech companies Microsoft and NetApp, can be the prime examples who availed the Kubernete Toolkit services in the year 2017. The former acquired Deis while the latter had the possession of StackPointCloud. 

More Security Options 

The sensitive information associated with every business makes it mandatory to secure the cloud services from any unwanted tampering or data theft. Seeing exchanges referring to third-party solutions for security is also a common sight that is witnessed and will be trending in the year 2020. Security acquisition is one of the key areas of concern in the process of cloud computing services development. 

From Multi-Cloud To Omni-Cloud

The year 2020 was about multi-level cloud operations. Several enterprises were seen investing in various infrastructure as a service provider. However, with remote applications and data integration, an advanced version was displayed. There will be no surprise in witnessing cloud computing services shifting gradually towards Omni-cloud from multi-cloud processing. 

Incorporating Machine Learning

The hard efforts of developers have introduced the concept of machine learning to cloud computing. Certainly, advanced technology, i.e. artificial intelligence, can work in the favor of enhancing capabilities of cloud computing services and software solutions. It can also solve complex calculations and technical tasks that is another point in its favor.

Integrating machine learning practices into cloud computing can also help in achieving a smooth functioning. The technology can also help in simplifying tasks and ease up the workload.

High-Performance Computing Adopts Cloud

Several companies reflected uncertainty while shifting their high-performance computing processes to the cloud. Many enterprises questioned the safety aspect and the potential to enhance (or even maintain) efficiency. Initially, high-performance commuting lacked the attention of developers while innovating applications of cloud computing though the trend has improved with time. Many CSPs have recorded investment in HPC for cloud services that are likely to be seen later this year.  

Management Of SaaS

The range of cloud services does not limit as it used to in the past. Its domain is observed to be expanded from just the storage purpose to being 

The industry is achieving an efficient and streamlined operation, all thanks to the cloud-native characteristics that are inculcated in productivity software. 

Tech giants will be seen equipping their team with skilful IT professionals capable of meeting the requirement to handle the complexity of cloud-native solutions.

Cloud-Native Applications

The practice of focusing on cloud-native apps is likely to rise in the future. Developers felt the need to introduce productivity applications with cloud services. As the cloud service domain is ever increasing, a gradual shift of enterprises seeking interests into cloud-native applications development and maintenance is also noticed, that is likely to expand in upcoming years.

Private Cloud Topping The Charts

There used to be a time when the public cloud domain outweighed all the other functional aspects of cloud computing. However, the security concerns and the huge cost involved with time motivated a shift towards other operational domains of the technology. 

No doubt that the public cloud will remain to exist, a surge in the private cloud infrastructure will be seen in the future. Strong security and increased efficiency can be achieved with a significant private cloud and hence is a trending topic amongst the cloud service providers. 

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All the trending topics that are mentioned above are helpful in providing the reader with an insight into the upcoming waves of improvisation in cloud computing that justifies investing in the web-based services. 

Rising Revenue

With many companies investing in new-age technology, the revenue generated from the cloud services is likely to rise up in the year 2020. Experts published a report that estimates the market cap to reach up to a whopping $350 billion in the coming year. It accounts for an approximate of 18% rise as compared to the figures achieved in the year 2018. This trend is likely to increase even further with time as more and more companies decide to invest in these online solutions. 

Talking in a more comprehensive manner, amongst all the other technologies, cloud computing accounts for 70% of all the tech spending that contributes to its rising popularity. 

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Final words

The broadening scope of cloud services and the spreading awareness of its abilities spiked the demand for cloud computing management systems that the industry is witnessing. 

Selecting a technically sound and well-equipped software development company can become a tedious job. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. believes in paying attention to varied aspects of cloud computing and the team of experts that is trained to tackle any challenge that the development process throws.

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