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How to Make a Service Provider App that can Make your Home Safe and Clean

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Jun 12, 2021
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Need for Service Provider App Development

A tremendous increase in smartphone users can be seen in the past decade. What keeps these smartphone users engaged is the ever-increasing smart apps for dedicated platforms. From gaming to navigation, watching movies to education, almost every work or job can be made easy with the interference or say aid of the smartphone and the applications.

It is when the security and cleaning service industry realized the need for an application to play their stakes using the technology and boost their business. The service provider app development company is what you seek to launch your own service provider application.

BR Softech, a leading IT and software solution company with its expertise will help you launch your own home service provider app with the best in the class user interface.

Need for Service Provider App Development

In the world where everyone is rushing to complete their daily task (commercial or academic), it becomes tedious for some to keep up with the house chores or to look into the safety of their house.

It is for those people that these applications come to the rescue. For helping you stay organized and complete your routine work, these applications help the customers with busy schedules, set reminders and book real-time helpers to do the job for which they are assigned.

Home service app providers let you select the work you need help in and book a helper accordingly.

Concept of service provider app

There are many apps for home services in the market. Almost each of them shares a similar idea base. Be it UrbanClap, TaskRabbit or other handyman applications, the customer gets the freedom of scrolling down the service they are looking for and schedule an appointment for the required work. They also get to see the ratings and experience of the serviceman.

Suiting their budget, the customer can schedule a helper and get the work done at the comfort of their home. Some apps also provide the customer with the freedom of negotiation leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Service provider clone script and its advantage

Advantage of service provider app

There are many well established on-demand home services applications out in the market. Developers use the clone script of these applications, which reduces the costing of the stakeholder or the business person that is looking to launch a service provider app.

Clone script of house cleaning business apps lets developers develop an app like taskrabbit or similar to the patent application that has been already launched in the market with your branding. 

There are many advantages related to the clone script. The cost incurs for the research and development is saved. Further, using a tried and tested platform ensures that a smooth operation will be provided to the customers. 

Also, the developer gets an already laid frame to work on, and it gets easy to improvise the application according to the clients’ needs.

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Home Service Apps: Some home services applications have changed the way investors used to look at these projects like a venture. Urbanclap, Taskrabbit and other handyman applications are giving the right platform to the service providers to serve the customers and earn profits for them as well as the application owner.

You can use UrbanClap clone script as a frame of your service provider application. Also, there are some other clone scripts available in the market.

Taskrabbit clone is another platform for entrepreneurs to put stakes on as services provided via these applications are being used by many, proving the technology to be bang on!

Example of service provider apps

Example of service provider apps

There are many service provider applications in the market. Knowing about their concept and success may give you the required push and make you familiar with what your competitors are offering. Few of the applications have been mentioned below-

UrbanClap: The brand is one of the leading service provider apps in the country. With more than 50,000 professionals working as partners, you can get most of the services from home cleaning to beauty services. The application promises to deliver more than 80 types of services.  

HouseJoy: HouseJoy provides services related to civil work, i.e. construction and renovation. From interior designing to laying foundation and building structure over it, all types of technical assistance related to construction can be booked by using this application.


Zimmber: The app provides services related to plumbing and electrical. You can easily book a professional to fix the leaking sink or fit the newly brought air conditioner at the comfort of your home.

UrbanPro: A dedicated mobile app to find you a tutor, learning process for your child has been simplified by this app. More than 3.8 lacs tutor have registered (approx) on the app and taken the initiative to provide education at home.

Helpr: This application deals with providing many services. From plumbing to electrical, cleaning or pest control, carpentry, etc., the variety of services that the app offers makes it a showstopper.

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S Bricks: The app assures to provide quality home cleaning and repair services at your doorstep. A Hyderabad based company led by the team of techno experts had recently made the news when they acquired Home Cues at the expense of more than a million dollars.

Mr. Right: The home service app with more than 20000 professionals specializes in providing home services at cost-effective prices. From car wash to home cleaning, book the right professionals for what your requirements are.

Timesaverz: With its headquarters based in Mumbai, the famous home service providing company is led by a group of angel investors. The company headed by Neville Taraporewalla and Rajesh Sawhney is a one-stop solution catering to all your needs at the comfort of your home. The company has recently transferred the ownership to Paytm and will be re-launching with its innovative idea plan after the panic created by the COVID-19 cools down.

Cheep: The customer-centric approach of the company makes it popular. With reasonable rates and quick solutions provided by the team of professionals, Cheep is doing well in the market of home service aggregators.

There are many companies serving customers with their skilled workers; however, each having their unique approach. What matters the most is customer-oriented policies, skilled workers, attractive offers and a flawless application to keep all at sync.

Final Words

Since the time when the concept of providing services at home came into execution, it has simplified the life of many. Many working professionals and others with their tight and hectic schedules are relieved from the duty of doing their home chores.


After knowing the concept of these apps and examples of some leading companies, you must have got a fair idea on how to launch a service provider application and provide the customers with the right platform to get their work done at cost-effective prices.

The booming business of on-demand home services is catching a stronghold in the market. Investing in such a business which is high on demand can earn you great profits and give you a gateway to success.

A team of experts dealing in software solutions like BR Softech can help you in developing a flawless app to provide customers services at their doorstep.

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