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How to Start a Laundry Business in India?

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Jul 28, 2021
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For many of us, seeing an empty basket is the biggest proud moment. It is an undeniable fact that doing laundry is an important household chore besides cooking and eating. Now, when people are busy with their hectic lifestyle, the quality time left to do laundry is shortened to a great extent. This is what went inside the inception of laundry app development. 

Generally, the laundry business enables individuals to wash their clothes with professionalism and comfort. Any business that satisfies the genuine need of people is bound to be successful, so does the laundry business. 

Many entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity to increase their profit numbers. If you are also influenced by the demand of the laundry business and willing to start a laundry business, then this blog post is intended to help you. 

Here in this blog post, I will explain to you how to start a laundry business in India from initial research to hitting the market. But before that, dig deep to understand why you need to have a laundry app to start a laundry business?


Why Do You Need to Have a Laundry App for Laundry Business?



The need for a laundry mobile app is inevitable for both business owners and potential customers. Let us highlight a few most essential benefits that the laundry app can bring to you.  

1. Increased Convenience

The ultimate goal of any mobile app is to bring convenience to both customers and businesses. The laundry mobile application can offer services such as cloth pick up and delivery alongside the washing at the fingertips to customers. This benefit will help people with hectic lifestyles to manage their laundry needs efficiently. While helping the businesses to increase their client base. 

2. Provide Safety

At the unprecedented time of Covid-19, people became more focused on following social distancing. The main reason behind this inclination is safety. The laundry mobile app helps people to get their laundry done without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

3. Better Management

The most popular laundry mobile apps like EasyClean help laundry businesses to precisely complete their orders. You can also add a tracking feature that will help the business and customer to track cloth pickup and delivery. 

4. Increase Revenue

The mobile app will make it easy for business owners to effectively target their customers. This way they can increase their number of clients, which will directly increase their commission.  

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Things You Need to Consider starting a Laundry Business in India



The immense demand for the laundry business gives birth to intense competition. You need to make extra effort to build your business into a successful affair. Below we have demonstrated all the steps involved in initiating laundry business. 

1. Understanding the Online Laundry Businesses

The first and foremost task you need to do before going deep into the business. In simple words, gather adequate information and understand the fundamentals of the laundry business

First, check the census data to know the population of the area in which you are going to set up your business and figure out if the demand for online laundry services is feasible enough to tap the market. Ask people in your acquaintance about their laundry habits. This way you will be able to learn about your potential customers and their expectations.

Also, try to know about your competitors like how they are doing the business, what marketing strategies they are opting for, etc. 

This information will eventually help you decide if there is any market for online laundry business in your targeted area. 

2. Be Familiar With the Required Skills

This is another aspect that needs to be dealt with while starting a dry cleaning business. Before starting your own business, it would be in your interest to work in the same field for a while. It is extremely essential to know the insight of the business and skills that are required to run a laundry business in India. 

3. Settle on Your Business Model

If you don’t have a business model in your mind, you might need to explore the available business models to choose the most suitable business model. You might like to build a laundry business that allows the customers to come and do their laundry using your washing machines, or you might opt for the idea of pickup-wash-fold-delivery.

You might also offer a wash and fold service where customers drop the washable clothes at your location and then pick them up once they are washed and dried.


You might also consider offering all of these services at once to your customer to give them better convenience. Besides these, you also have the option to buy the franchise of previously established laundry businesses. If this is your first business attempt, then it would be helpful to start with the previously established successful business model. 

Eventually, with so many options available to you need to take enough time and research before moving forward with a laundry business model. Take the reference of other laundry businesses operating in your area to see what business model they are working on and successful they become using that business model.

4. Give a Name to Your Laundry Business

This is one of the most fun parts of starting an online laundry business. You need to come up with the most memorable and catchy name for your laundry business. Also, make sure that your business name is easy to pronounce. Your chosen name should reflect the type of your business. 

5. Stay Informed With Your Finances

Before you make any move, you need to stay informed of your financial limits to prevent overspending. If you have a limited budget, then you can opt for the loan to strengthen your financial status. Along with this, it would be a smart move to predict further expenses, forecast profits so you are ready to deal with all finance-related challenges effectively. 

6. Get Proper License and Permits

Depending on your operational country, you might need some licenses and permits to run your laundry business. Some countries have certain laws to facilitate the laundry business in their territory.

Laundry app development

For example, if you are planning to offer pickup and delivery services to your customer, then you might need to seek permission from the transportation department. You may consult with a business consultant to know what license you might require to run your dry cleaning business legally. 

7. Hire the Right Team of Laundry App Developers

As you are going to start an online laundry business, it is inevitable to avoid the importance of laundry app developers. You need to choose app developers who hold hands-on experience in developing mobile and web applications from scratch using the latest and innovative technologies. If possible, choose a laundry app development company with a proven track record of developing laundry mobile applications.

8. Buy the Proper Equipment for Laundry Business

The next step you need to consider is buying the proper equipment to make your business operational. With equipment, our means is to buy washing and dryers. Along with these essentials, you also need to buy several other types of equipment as well such as laundry carts, soap dispensers, security cameras, and so on depending on your requirement.

This is your biggest investment in starting your laundry business. You should purchase laundry equipment from well-established brands only to ensure their long life and high work efficiency. 

9. Market Your Laundry Business

Now you have reached the end of the steps in learning how to start a laundry business in India. Once all the above steps are performed, you are ready to serve your customers.

A great way to draw the attention of the people promoting your business idea around your targeted customers or location. For example, if you are operating your business close to school, then make suitable marketing campaigns to motivate students to wash their dresses more often. 

Following best SEO practices is also inevitable to strengthen your online presence as nowadays, many people prefer looking for a business online. You need to ensure that your business is easy to find on search engines. 

Once you have to build a strong community of customers, you might focus on the different ways to retain customers to your business. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Laundry Business in India?

Starting a laundry business in India might cost you an extraordinary amount. However, being a savvy laundromat you can make the most out of your investment. Typically, on average the cost of starting a laundry business in India would be somewhere around $2,00,000 to $1,000,000. 

The cost includes things such as laundry equipment, laundry mobile app. Besides this, you also need to pay for the rent of the physical location, marketing, and maintenance of the laundry equipment. 

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Start Laundry Business in India With BR Softech

At the end of the day, the steps mentioned above are necessary to start your laundry business in India. There will, of course, be more steps beyond this 9, but these 9 steps are enough to launch your business and put your business in the right shape. 

If you want to ease down the process of starting a laundry business, then you can work with a highly experienced team of laundry mobile app developers like BR Softech.


I am the admin of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning Mobile game development company. My thesis is to work with hard-bit and get the best Exposure. I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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